Navigant: Smart Meter Sector Has “Plateaued”

Carl Weinschenk

The smart meter business in North American is leveling off, according to Navigant Research.

Demand Energy, EnerSys Complete Storage Project

Carl Weinschenk

Demand Energy and EnerSys have completed the first of five storage projects that will be enrolled in Con Edison’s Demand Management Program, according to Demand Energy.

White House Just Gave Energy Storage a Big Push

Ken Silverstein

President Obama is determined that one of his lasting legacies become the expansion of the New Energy Economy, which includes renewables, microgrids and energy storage. To that end, last week, he launched a new series of executive orders to achieve such measures — with this set focused on energy storage.

Electric Vehicles are an Opportunity for Both Utilities and Companies

Ken Silverstein

The Natural Resources Defense Council says that utilities can help facilitate the rollout of all-electric vehicles by deploying rapid charging stations and by creating campaigns to increase public awareness.

Smart Meters Come to La Grange, IL

Carl Weinschenk

The Chicago Tribune reports that Commonwealth Edison next month will begin installing smart meters in businesses and homes in La Grange, IL.

NY REV needs California-style energy storage mandates, industry stakeholders say

Sudipta Lahiri

New York has stated goals of 50 percent electricity generation from renewables by 2030 and 80 percent GHG reduction (from 1990’s levels) by 2050. To do this, they’ll need widespread renewable generation, particularly intermittent wind and solar resources, which presently generate only 3.3 percent and 0.5 percent of the state’s energy needs.

Demand Response Company Enernoc Says the C-Suite Needs to Get More Involved in Energy Decisions

Ken Silverstein

Ever the entrepreneur, Tim Healy of Boston-based Enernoc has joined forces with PwC to convince the corporate suite that energy management is a financial issue that deserves high-level thinking — not something to be relegated to the technical folks a few floors down. Enernoc is a demand response company. In the past, the company has   …Continue Reading

Energy Department Gives Plug-In Electric Vehicles a New Shot of Electricity

Ken Silverstein

The US Department of Energy, which said today that it would spend $22 million to support research, development and demonstration of innovative plug-in electric vehicles and direct injection propane engine technologies.

Microgrids Going Macro. North America Leads but Latin America and Asia Pacific Right Behind

Ken Silverstein

Navigant Research says as of the second quarter of 2016 there were 1,568 microgrid projects representing 1,500 megawatts of capacity with most in the U.S. and then Latin America and the Asia Pacific.

MIT Develops Promising New Battery Storage Technology

Ken Silverstein

MIT has a new way to design batteries to store energy: Liquid flow devices whereby the positive and negative electrodes are liquid and separated from the membrane — something only those scientists and engineers really understand.