Federal Regulators Want to Try and Advance Energy Storage Resources

Ken Silverstein

The federal agency that tries to ensure equal access to the nation’s grid is holding a technical conference to see how energy storage can weave itself more efficiently into generation, transmission and distribution. It will be November 9.

Multiple Drivers Accelerating Storage Growth

Carl Weinschenk

A number of trends are pushing the sector, including government mandates that the technology must be implemented.

Tesla’s Battery Storage Device Put to Use. Time to Exhale?

Ken Silverstein

When Tesla previously unveiled its Gigafactory to produce battery storage devices, a lot of folks held their breath. Now that the company’s products have been put to use in the United Kingdom, it may be time to exhale. Indeed, Camborne Energy Storage is using Tesla’s “Powerpack” to prevents the lights from flickering out for the National Grid there.

Massachusetts Aims for Critical Care Resiliency

Carl Weinschenk

Massachusetts is offering $14 million in grants for energy resiliency projects aimed at critical care facilities. The grants are part of the $40 million Community Clean Energy Resiliency Initiative (CCERI). The overall goal of CCERI is to protect participating entities from service interruption due to severe weather conditions. This is the initiative’s third round of   …Continue Reading

Nanogrids and Microgrids are Keys to Decentralizing the Energy Infrastructure

Carl Weinschenk

Today, a look at the vital topics of nanogrids and microgrids.

The Next Generation: How Microgrids Are Changing the Business Landscape

Ken Silverstein

College campuses are the epitome of free thinking and where innovation often gets its roots. Burning greener fuel and improving energy management are two sprouting concepts there — ideas that are being facilitated by micro-grids.

A Smart Grid is Only as Smart as the Information it Gathers and Distributes

Ken Silverstein

A smart grid can’t be smart unless the data it works with is relevant, timely and accurate.

NM Food Bank Choose Sharp Storage System

Carl Weinschenk

Sharp Electronics’ Energy System and Services Group has sold its SmartStorage system to the Roadrunner Food Bank in Albuquerque, NM. The installation is being made by Affordable Solar Installation and is the first for Sharp in the New Mexico market. The project features two Sharp 30 kilowatt (kW) SmartStorage systems and will work with the   …Continue Reading

Submissions Now Accepted for Energy Manager Today Awards

Jennifer Hermes

Energy Manager Today has opened its submission period for the 2016 Energy Manager Today Awards. Products that help companies improve energy management are eligible for a Product of the Year Award. Companies that implement projects that successfully improve energy management metrics can submit the project for a Project of the Year Award.   As companies know, the   …Continue Reading

Tesla’s Success Would Mean Success for Many in the Battery Storage Business

Ken Silverstein

Everyone already knows the big news this week was that Tesla Motors will buy SolarCity Corp. for $2.6 billion — a move that helps Tesla improve its economies of scale when it comes to manufacturing battery storage for both cars and energy. It’s a move that, generally, has positive implications for the development of battery storage across the board.