Siemens Unveils Microgrid-as-a-Service Platform

Carl Weinschenk

Siemens’ new microgrid software-as-a-service platform is aimed at small power operators such as campuses and industrial and commercial sites. The company says that the Spectrum Power Microgrid Management System (MGMS) is a remotely hosted platform that enables dynamic management and control of distributed energy resources. It includes integrated weather and load forecasting. The benefits of   …Continue Reading

Battery Storage Giving Businesses a Break

Ken Silverstein

Battery storage is helping utilities do their jobs. And by extension, it will — in time — help energy managers. Just off the lot: a 8.75 megawatt project that captures and reuses energy created by braking subway cars along two subway lines. It’s now one of the nation’s largest customer-sited battery storage networks that will   …Continue Reading

Supreme Court Overturns DC Circuit, OKs FERC Order 745

Carl Weinschenk

Overlapping constituencies – including industrial and commercial energy buyers, aggregated groups of consumers and the advanced energy distribution ecosystem — scored a big win yesterday as the Supreme Court ruled that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) had acted within its powers in setting the rules for demand response programs. The court also approved the specific   …Continue Reading

SEPTA to Use Battery Storage Network

Carl Weinschenk

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) will use a battery storage network funded, owned and operated by Constellation. The press release says that the 8.75 MW network will operate at seven SEPTA substations. Constellation is a subsidiary of Exelon Corp. The release says that Virdity also is working on the project. The idea is to   …Continue Reading

Maintaining EV Charging Stations Uses Relatively Little Energy

Indy Ratnathicam

The push to cut carbon emissions and make states greener is a top priority for environmental advocates. An important part of the plan to cut carbon emissions is encouraging the spread of electric vehicles (EVs). Consumers today are increasingly looking toward EVs to increase their green efforts, take advantage of government incentives and save some   …Continue Reading

Battery and Storage Sectors Keep Pace with Energy Decentralization

Carl Weinschenk

The decentralized generation of energy is a great thing. Bringing generation into the network, however, is not easy. It has many technical ramifications and complications. It also is costly. One of the most important issues is the nature of the batteries and related systems that store the energy that is being produced. It obviously is an   …Continue Reading

Long Beach, CA, Deploying Smart Meters

Carl Weinschenk

Long Beach, CA, is deploying smart gas meters throughout Long Beach and Signal Hill. The goal is to make natural gas usage more efficient and eliminate monthly visits to homes and businesses by meter readers. The meters will increase the accuracy of data that is collected. The meters also will send notifications of leaks or other   …Continue Reading

10 Things Companies Should Know about the Changing Electric Grid

Liz Delaney

How the Low-Carbon Electricity Revolution Affects the Grid’s Biggest Customers The electricity grid of the United States is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Coal-fired and nuclear power plants are closing their doors, renewable energy from wind and solar energy is gaining market share and natural gas has become the dominant source of grid electricity in many   …Continue Reading

Energy Storage Facility Online in the U.K.

Carl Weinschenk

The United Kingdom’s largest battery array is now online, according to Business Green. AES UK & Ireland said that its Kilroot Advancion Energy Storage Array in Northern Ireland is now available for Harmonised Ancillary Services provision, the story said. The capacity of the facility is 10 MW. The plan is to eventually offer 100 MW   …Continue Reading

Data Center Energy Demand: Is the Grid Overmatched?

Carl Weinschenk

A report from Northbridge Energy Partners examines the increasing demands of data centers and the limitations of power grids. The report, which was written by Peter Kelly-Detwiler, says that demand is growing both in terms of storage and processing. This has led to more super computer data center and high performance computers. Indeed, the amount   …Continue Reading