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Sub-Metering Moving into Non-Residential Buildings

Carl Weinschenk

The individual metering of building tenants – sub-metering — is an important trend to which energy managers must pay attention. It is a tool which, along with energy management systems and building management systems, will drive efficiency by enabling increasingly granular and creative control of building resources. Sub-metering to this point is more common in   …Continue Reading

Energy Managers Must Prepare as Changes to Solar Rules Accelerate

Carl Weinschenk

This week, solar power provider Soltage LLC announced a deal with Quinsigamond Community College (QCC) in West Brookfield, MA. Under terms of the deal, a site in Worcester, MA – about 25 miles away from the school – will use 5,800 photovoltaic panels to generate about 2.4 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy for the school.   …Continue Reading

Microgrid Project Launches in Connecticut

Carl Weinschenk

The city of Hartford, CT, Constellation and Bloom Energy have begun construction of a fuel-cell powered microgrid system that will mitigate costs and supply backup for a part of the Parkville neighborhood of the city. The press release says that the 800 KW system during non-emergency operation will power four buildings – an elementary school, a   …Continue Reading

Distributed Energy Resources: Utilities Are Not Leaving Money on the Table

Ken Silverstein

Want to get a message to your family members? When was the last time you penned a letter, sealed it in an envelop and went to a mailbox? It was probably around the same time that you waited several hours to see the latest, breaking news on the TV as opposed to having it read   …Continue Reading

What Do Consumers Expect from Their Electric Utility and the Smart Grid?

Nathan Shannon

What do consumers expect from their electric utility? What programs and services are they likely to be interested in? And how can utilities earn their trust? Each year the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) releases its annual State of the Consumer Report. This report helps smart grid stakeholders gain a deeper understanding of how American   …Continue Reading

‘Paradigm Shift’ Propels Edison Energy to Capture Corporate Energy Clientele

Ken Silverstein

The changing energy template is like a game of musical chairs: when the music stops, the players need to have a place to sit or they are out of the game. The same is true now that the electricity suppliers are compelled to become full-service energy consultants — or those who can help their major   …Continue Reading

Navigant: Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Market to Hit $10.8B in 2025

Carl Weinschenk

The commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage market in the United States, led by California, is growing, according to Navigant Research. The firm predicts that the sector will grow from $968.4 million this year to $10.8 billion in 2025. Capacity will expand from 499.4 MW this year to 9.1 GW by the end of the study   …Continue Reading

To Thrive, Microgrids Must Help the Macrogrid

Carl Weinschenk

To thrive, localized microgrids and any distributed — or onsite — energy resources (DERs) that they support must provide value to the established energy infrastructure as well as to its local customers. They also must come down in price, says Dirk van Ouwerkerk, the partner for microgrids at Anbaric Transmission. Microgrids are small grids that are parallel   …Continue Reading

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Coming to Oconomowoc

Carl Weinschenk

  The city of Oconomowoc, WI, is installing a publicly accessible electric vehicle charging station. The Common Council voted 7-1 to make the move, according to Lake Country Now. The contract will be given to Zef Energy LLC of Minnesota. The charging station will be built in a municipal parking lot. An amendment to what   …Continue Reading

A Microgrid Grows in Brooklyn

Carl Weinschenk

The Brooklyn Microgrid, in the borough of the same name in New York City, allows users to buy and sell renewable energy from rooftop solar panels, according to a story at Tree Hugger. The project uses a hardware and software platform called the TransActive grid to enable customer to buy and sell from each other.   …Continue Reading

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