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Tesla Becoming a Major Player in the Energy Storage Market

Karen Henry

Tesla is quietly but aggressively making inroads into the energy storage market, Bloomberg reports. Tesla accounts for nearly 70 percent of grid-connected Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) storage projects in its home state of California and is on track to receive up to $65 million in SGIP rebates. As part of a pilot program with SolarCity,   …Continue Reading

Refrigeration Battery Works as Energy Storage

Linda Hardesty

Axiom Exergy, a provider of energy storage systems for large supermarkets and food distribution facilities, has created the Refrigeration Battery for businesses with high refrigeration loads. The Refrigeration Battery enables facilities to store cooling for later use, thereby transforming their refrigeration systems into large-scale, cloud-connected, smart energy-storage resources. The Refrigeration Battery shifts up to 40   …Continue Reading

Aquion Battery First in World to be Cradle to Cradle Certified

Linda Hardesty

Aquion Energy, a developer and manufacturer of Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) batteries and energy storage systems, announced that its AHI S20 and S20-P product lines are now Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze. The product lines were evaluated by MBDC, an Accredited Assessment Body and the creators of the Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Program. The   …Continue Reading

Shore Hotel Installs Energy Storage, EV Charging

Linda Hardesty

The Shore Hotel in Santa Monica, California, unveiled a Green Charge Networks energy storage system coupled with electric vehicle DC charging. Shore Hotel is a newly-built LEED Gold certified hotel. The energy storage system coupled with EV charging is expected to save the hotel 50 percent in demand charges. According to Green Charge, every time   …Continue Reading

Demand Response Push in Texas

Josh Kessler

A recent post on the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)’s Energy Exchange blog discussed legislation that would expand the role of demand response (DR) in Texas. EDF, in collaboration with the Advanced Energy Management Alliance, are promoting proposals that advance DR, such as Texas Senate Bill 1284 from Senator Kirk Watson and House Bill 3343 from Representative   …Continue Reading

Toshiba Demos PV, Fuel-Cell, Battery, Hydrogen System

Linda Hardesty

Toshiba is demonstrating operation of its H2One, an independent energy supply system based on renewable energy and use of hydrogen as a fuel for power generation. Toshiba installed the system at two locations in Kawasaki: the Kawasaki Marien public facility and Higashi-Ogishima-Naka Park in the Kawasaki Port area. H2One combines a photovoltaic installation, storage batteries,   …Continue Reading

ComEd Installs One Millionth Smart Meter

Linda Hardesty

ComEd has installed its one millionth smart meter in its Chicago-area service territory. The mission of installing nearly four million smart meters began in 2013 and is expected to be complete in 2018 – three years ahead of schedule. The smart meters use two-way radio communications to collect usage information and securely transmit it to   …Continue Reading

CODA Energy 50 kWh Storage Tower Achieves UL Certification

Linda Hardesty

CODA Energy, a provider of commercial and industrial energy storage systems, released a UL Listed 50 kWh CODA Core Tower with UL subject 1973 certification. According to CODA Energy, the additional UL certification allows it to offer customers that require higher capacity a safe and reliable energy storage appliance. In February 2014, CODA Energy’s 40   …Continue Reading

Con Edison Development Procures GE Energy Storage System

Linda Hardesty

GE will supply Con Edison Development (CED) with an 8 MWh battery energy storage system in Central Valley, California. The installation will be CED’s first energy storage project and will serve as a learning tool for operating energy storage facilities in the future. The storage system will use GE’s Mark VIe-based plant control system, Brilliance   …Continue Reading

Stem Raises $12M

Linda Hardesty

Stem, a US provider of energy storage, raised $12 million in the first tranche of a Series C funding round led by Mitsui. Stem and Mitsui plan to collaborate on Stem’s entry into new markets by leveraging Mitsui’s customer base and sales and marketing resources. Through this investment, Mitsui will gain hands-on experience in the   …Continue Reading