Murata Intros Automated Demand Response System

Linda Hardesty

Newly formed Murata Energy Solutions Americas is introducing a new product line – PowerConnect – developed for the automated demand response (ADR) market. Murata combines its wireless hardware with its own cloud-based software to provide automated performance of demand response actions as well as the automated monitoring and testing of emergency power supply systems. It   …Continue Reading

UK Demand Response Associations Merge

Linda Hardesty

The Association for Decentralised Energy and the UK Demand Response Association are merging. The merger seeks to create a strong singular voice for the UK’s decentralized energy sector. The merged organization will be known as the Association for Decentralised Energy. The Association for Decentralised Energy advocates an integrated approach to delivering energy locally, designed around   …Continue Reading

Retrofit Begins at Net Zero Energy Electrical Training Center

Linda Hardesty

In Los Angeles, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 11 and the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association have begun retrofitting their Electrical Training Institute to make it a net-zero-energy building. The $13 million project was initially announced in August 2014. Construction will be completed in Spring 2016 with an opening scheduled   …Continue Reading

NYSERDA Awards $410,000 for Thermal Energy Storage in Refrigerated Trucks

Linda Hardesty

New West Technologies has been chosen by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to develop a working prototype of an advanced energy storage and power system for refrigerated truck trailers that replaces their traditional diesel-powered systems. Pending completion of contract negotiations, New West Technologies will assist in the development and demonstration   …Continue Reading

Customers Slow to Adopt Smart Pricing

Josh Kessler

Smart grid technology has seen widespread deployment. Seven states and the District of Columbia achieved adoption rates of greater than 70 percent by the end of 2013, according to data from the Energy Information Administration – including California and Texas, the two largest states. The top 10 states for smart grid deployment, also known as advanced   …Continue Reading

California May Allow Distributed Resources into Wholesale Market

Josh Kessler

Traditionally, distributed energy resources (DER) have been too small to bid into energy markets. The California Independent System Operator (CAISO), which oversees the California power market, typically requires projects to be at least 500 kW in order to participate in the market. In order to promote small-scale solar, batteries, demand response technologies, and other DER,   …Continue Reading

The Common Goals of the Pope and Clean Energy

Paul Stinson

Pope Francis turned a keen eye toward the environment and the problem of climate change with his encyclical,“Laudato Si” (“Praised Be”). As a clean energy advocate, I’m heartened that Pope Francis recognizes the need to transform our energy system. He writes not as a scientist or politician, but as a pastor and spiritual leader. He offers   …Continue Reading

Shell Energy Deploys Battery Energy Storage via AMS

Linda Hardesty

Shell Energy North America signed a memorandum of understanding with Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS) to install up to 20 MW of battery storage at Shell Energy commercial, industrial and utility customer sites throughout California. AMS and Shell Energy will work together to identify new and existing direct access and utility customers who want to install   …Continue Reading

Old Car Batteries Help Power GM Data Center

Linda Hardesty

A 74 kW solar array and two wind turbines are working with old Chevrolet Volt batteries to power an administration building at General Motors’ new Enterprise Data Center in Milford, Michigan. The array, turbines and repurposed batteries will work in parallel to supply power to the building, delivering net-zero energy use on an annual basis. According   …Continue Reading

Distributed Generation, Energy Storage on Steep Growth Path in Telecom Networks

Linda Hardesty

The enormous growth of mobile telecommunications and data-intensive Internet usage have caused the telecom industry to spend more on infrastructure over the last decade than over the previous lifetime of the industry. This growth translates into the need for increasing amounts of power and energy services. A new report from Navigant Research, which looks at   …Continue Reading