Demand Response

Demand Response Company Offers Free Energy Bill Analysis

Linda Hardesty

THG Energy Solutions, a provider of automated demand response systems, is offering free energy bill analysis and remote facility auditing for commercial building owners and energy managers to see if they would benefit from an integrated market responsive strategy. According to THG, the opportunity to participate in demand response programs around the country has been   …Continue Reading

Siemens Demand Response Now OpenADR 2.0 Compliant

Linda Hardesty

Siemens’ SureGrid Demand Response (DR) site enablement system has successfully passed the testing and certification process for Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) 2.0 compliance. The cloud-based DR aggregation tool allows for standardized two-way IP-based communication between utilities and building control systems, which can then automatically reduce electricity usage during peak periods. OpenADR is an open   …Continue Reading

EnerNOC, SunPower Cross Market to Commercial Customers

Linda Hardesty

SunPower entered a three-year partnership agreement with EnerNOC. SunPower will exclusively offer EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software to its commercial and industrial solar customers in the US and Canada. EnerNOC will exclusively offer SunPower solar solutions to its enterprise customers. As part of the agreement, SunPower will start deploying EnerNOC’s software-as-a-service bundled with solar to its   …Continue Reading

Time-Varying Electricity Pricing

Josh Kessler

The Environmental Defense Fund’s senior manager for Grid Modernization posted a blog entry this week about the importance of time-varying electricity pricing to reduce usage at peak hours of the day – such as hot summer days when consumers come home from work and turn on their air conditioners. Across the US, consumers used between 47 and   …Continue Reading

GridPoint, EnerNOC Offer Joint Energy Management

Linda Hardesty

EnerNOC and GridPoint created a partnership to offer the commercial market a comprehensive energy management solution. EnerNOC will be able to provide its customers with more granular submetering and monitoring and further automate energy reduction plans, while GridPoint customers will be able to leverage EnerNOC’s energy intelligence software to buy energy at the best possible   …Continue Reading

Texas Bill Would Promote Demand Response

Josh Kessler

Last week, Texas Senator Kirk Watson introduced SB 1284 to the state legislature, a bill designed to promote demand response (DR) to its maximum potential in Texas and remove unnecessary barriers to competing in ERCOT. The bill places emphasis on expanding DR capabilities across all customer classes. If adopted, it would require the Public Utility   …Continue Reading

Demand Response in Mid-Atlantic, Midwest

Josh Kessler

Demand Response (DR) provides electricity customers an opportunity to receive payments for curtailing their energy use during periods of peak demand. The PJM regional transmission organization (RTO), which coordinates wholesale energy markets for 13 states in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest, relies heavily on DR to help meet capacity needs. On March 10, PJM released its   …Continue Reading

Glenwood Deploys 1 MW of Energy Storage in NYC Buildings

Linda Hardesty

Glenwood, an owner and builder of luxury rental properties in Manhattan, is deploying 1 MW of distributed energy storage systems in nine buildings in its real estate portfolio. Construction will begin this month on systems in the first properties, with commissioning completed in the first half of 2015. The energy storage systems will be operational   …Continue Reading

SolarCity Launches Solar, Battery Microgrid Service

Linda Hardesty

SolarCity unveiled GridLogic, a microgrid service that combines solar energy with battery storage. SolarCity is targeting municipalities as well as critical service providers such as hospitals with the microgrid service that ensures resiliency against power outages. GridLogic can operate either in conjunction with or independently of the utility grid. In addition to resiliency, GridLogic also   …Continue Reading

How CA Will Bring More Renewables to the Grid

Larissa Koehler

Not content with setting a Renewable Portfolio Standard that ends at 2020, California Governor Jerry Brown and state legislators are pushing for the Golden State to get 50% of its energy from renewable resources by 2030. To meet this ambitious target, California must build a system that is largely based on renewable electricity, like wind and   …Continue Reading

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