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Demand Response

How to Enhance Power and Grid Reliability and Resiliency

Vic Shao

Public funding and supportive government policies have been a boon that has sparked innovation, technological advances, private sector investment and job creation in renewable energy, clean technology and energy efficiency across the US. Spurred forward by pioneering legislation, such as California’s AB 2514 energy storage mandate, this pattern of “green” socioeconomic development and growth is now   …Continue Reading

Avocado Exporter Installs Demand Management

Linda Hardesty

A global importer, processor and exporter of avocados, Mission Produce, which is based in Oxnard, Calif., is hiring Powerit Solutions to implement its Spara Demand Manager software at a new avocado storage facility in Peru. Spara links industrial facilities to the smart grid, so customers can control energy use. Mission Produce already participates in smart   …Continue Reading

Green Mountain Power Partners with NRG Energy

Karen Henry

Green Mountain Power (GMP) and NRG Energy announced a partnership to deploy a series of new products and services for Vermont businesses and residents. Beginning in early 2015, the partnership plans to bring clean energy products and services to Vermont. Central to the effort will be the development of an advanced distribution grid in Rutland.   …Continue Reading

Distributed Energy Resources in NY: Evaluating Costs & Benefits

Beia Spiller

New York is changing how it evaluates and compensates electric utilities. One goal of this change is increased consumer engagement, which makes customers allies in the development of a more reliable, resilient, and smart electric grid. Many customers have begun taking advantage of new energy technologies and their falling prices by turning to community microgrids,   …Continue Reading

Clean Energy Solutions & Efficiency Unlocked with Upholding of FERC Order 1000

Michael Panfil

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed an important Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order, giving the agency a big win and aiding in the promise of a cleaner, smarter, and more efficient power grid. By upholding FERC’s Order 1000, the court confirmed what many think is common sense: Because the power grid crosses   …Continue Reading

Coincident Peak and Your Electricity Costs

Daryl Letto

What’s driving your electrical energy spend?  It depends on the rate that you have negotiated with your utility provider.  It’s important to understand this since your electricity costs are typically six times greater than that of your natural gas energy spend.  There are typically three general components to the electricity bill: 1. Consumption Charge: Cost   …Continue Reading

There’s a Better Way to Organize the UK Energy Market

Karen Henry

Sara Bell, managing director of Tempus Energy and principal of the UK Demand Response Association, says she believes the UK energy market has never prioritized the customer, The Guardian reports. In order to meet shareholder expectations, energy suppliers are “duty bound” to sell at the highest price. The business model for energy has to change, Bell   …Continue Reading

Direct Energy Rolls Out Demand Response from Siemens

Linda Hardesty

Siemens Smart Grid has signed a contract with Direct Energy to install a Demand Response Management System (DRMS) that Direct Energy can use for multiple Independent System Operators (ISOs). As a retail utility, Direct Energy will roll out the Siemens DRMS to manage its existing load commitments in multiple ISO regions, including PJM, ISO-NE, ERCOT   …Continue Reading

EnerNOC Releases New Pricing, Packages for EIS Software

Karen Henry

EnerNOC has revised the pricing and package structure for its energy intelligence software (EIS). The new packages adopt a traditional SaaS approach of “good, better, best” bundling of features and services. EnerNOC’s EIS includes seven areas of functionality: Utility bill management: Consolidates bills, tracks costing trends and identifies and reports bill errors. Supply management: Accrues energy costs   …Continue Reading

Colorado Beer Brewers Model Energy Efficiency

Karen Henry

Colorado craft beer brewers are setting the bar when it comes to sustainability efforts, according to a Rocky Mountain Institute blog post. The post cites New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins and Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont as particularly good examples of what beer brewers, as well as other energy-intensive industries, can do to reduce their   …Continue Reading

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