Energy Storage

Smart Inverter Project Launched in Calif.

Karen Henry

The SunSpec Alliance has launched a $4 million pilot project to investigate the application of interoperable smart inverters, solar PV and energy storage to enhance grid stability. The project team includes 10 SunSpec Alliance member companies — ABB, Enphase, Ideal Power, KACO, OSISoft, Outback, SMA, SolarCity, SolarEdge and Underwriter’s Laboratory — as well as strategic   …Continue Reading

Stem to Join CAISO

Carl Weinschenk

Stem, which describes itself as an intelligent energy storage firm, has bid into the California Independent  System Operator (CAISO) real-time market via its aggregated customer storage systems. Stem’s predictive software is combined with Olivine’s platform to enable bidding and automatic dispatch of stored power to the energy market, according to the company. The entry to   …Continue Reading

Evaluating the Value of Energy Storage

Karen Henry

When batteries are placed as far downstream as possible in the electricity system, they can provide a number of valuable stacked services for businesses, according to a recent blog post from the Rocky Mountain Institute. RMI outlines three steps to help businesses evaluate the value of energy storage: Identify the primary service the battery will provide.   …Continue Reading

3 Technologies that Will Keep Energy Costs in Check

James Marston

Many American households and businesses saw energy costs soar this summer with July being the hottest month in Earth’s hottest year on record. Utilities rely on “peaker plants” during these record-setting heat waves to avoid blackouts. Such plants are more expensive and often more polluting to operate, and utilities pass the higher costs straight on   …Continue Reading

Rockleigh Borough Installing LEDs, Low Energy AC

Carl Weinschenk

Rockleigh Borough in New Jersey is replacing 200 lightbulbs with LEDs and installing a two-ton air conditioner in the borough hall to improve energy efficiency and cut utility costs, according to The project, which is being done under the aegis of  the New Jersey Clean Energy Program’s Direct Install initiative, pays as much as   …Continue Reading

The Importance of Energy Storage System Software

Carl Weinschenk

David Miller, the Director of Business Development for Greensmith, describes the importance of software to energy storage systems in a commentary at Clean Technica. The proper software optimizes system performance, runs complex applications and future-proofs systems as technology shifts. There are important elements to consider during the design, integration and operational phases. Overall maintenance also is   …Continue Reading

Small Utility Deploys Energy Storage in Customer’s Homes

Linda Hardesty

The Glasgow Electric Plant Board (EPB) in Kentucky is installing Sunverge‘s energy storage devices during times of peak demand. The municipally-owned utility, which serves a town of 14,000, will install the Sunverge system in 165 homes, providing utility-grade storage at individual homes along with cloud software to manage the storage. The devices will capture power from   …Continue Reading

Ice Energy Opens R&D Center

Linda Hardesty

Ice Energy, a provider of distributed thermal energy storage technology, is establishing a new research and development center in Riverside, California. Among other projects, Ice Energy will pursue a line of smaller residential systems and extend the range of applications supported by its Ice Bear energy storage technology. The company recently was awarded a five-year   …Continue Reading

Sonnenbatterie Selects Ideal Power for Commercial Energy Storage

Linda Hardesty

Sonnenbatterie, a European energy storage provider, selected Ideal Power‘s power conversion systems for integration with its commercial Sonnenbatterie system. The first product from Sonnenbatterie for the North American commercial market is based on a 30 kW and 24 kWh building block creating energy storage systems from 24 kWh to 240 kWh, which will be used for   …Continue Reading

Reforming the Energy Vision Unveils 7 Projects

Linda Hardesty

The New York State Department of Public Service announced the first seven Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) demonstration projects. While the traditional utility business model is based on spending electric consumer dollars and earning a regulated rate of return, these projects include private investment from third-party partners and are intended to demonstrate how new revenue   …Continue Reading