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Energy Storage

How to Enhance Power and Grid Reliability and Resiliency

Vic Shao

Public funding and supportive government policies have been a boon that has sparked innovation, technological advances, private sector investment and job creation in renewable energy, clean technology and energy efficiency across the US. Spurred forward by pioneering legislation, such as California’s AB 2514 energy storage mandate, this pattern of “green” socioeconomic development and growth is now   …Continue Reading

Market for Microgrid Technologies to Exceed $26B by 2023

Karen Henry

The microgrid market is changing dramatically, as much greater emphasis is being placed on the economic value that microgrids bring to the overall power grid and new business models that support full commercial implementation of microgrid systems are being investigated. According to a new report from Navigant Research, worldwide vendor revenue from microgrid enabling technologies   …Continue Reading

Massive Project Tests Battery Energy Storage

Linda Hardesty

Southern California Edison is opening the largest battery energy storage project in North America – the Tehachapi Energy Storage Project. The demonstration project costs about $50 million with matching funds from SCE and the Department of Energy as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The 32 MWh battery energy storage system   …Continue Reading

Energy Storage Market Continues to Grow

Karen Henry

The capacity of the energy storage market continues to grow, with an estimated 362 MW of projects announced in the 2013–2014 period, according to Navigant Research’s Energy Storage Tracker 3Q14. The energy storage market has started moving quickly across a number of technologies, with government funding, subsidies and regulatory reform encouraging market growth. Navigant estimates   …Continue Reading

EVs Get a Charge from Recycled Batteries

Karen Henry

The Eco2charge group, led by the French construction company Bouygues with car maker Renault, electrical engineering group Alstom and cable maker Nexans, has developed a multi-vehicle electric car charging system made from end-of-life Renault EV lithium-ion batteries, Reuters reports. The system works as a power storage bank that can absorb electricity at night and gradually charge vehicles   …Continue Reading

Microgrids Create Safe Alternative Power Option with Energy Storage on Alcatraz

Darren Hammell

Recent events like Hurricane Sandy and others have shown that the electrical grid is not resilient under all circumstances and that electrical power distribution can fail for larger periods of time. It is therefore of vital importance to provide solutions for emergency power generation and power distribution to at least sections of the electrical grid   …Continue Reading

Floating Power Plant Supplies Energy for Resort

Linda Hardesty

Vancouver-based Water Wall Turbine has selected The Switch to provide a 500 kW full-power converter for its floating power plant, which extracts potential and kinetic energy from large, fast moving water currents for conversion into electricity. The Switch will supply its first 500 kW converter in October 2014 for Water Wall Turbine’s prototype project, which   …Continue Reading

Stem Unlocks $100M in Project Financing

Linda Hardesty

Stem is creating a new fund to finance up to $100 million in new projects featuring its energy storage systems. Support for the fund is being provided through affiliates of investment firm B Asset Manager based in New York City. Stem combines advanced energy storage and real-time data analytics. Its system automatically draws on stored energy   …Continue Reading

Installed Energy Storage for the Grid to Be 20.8 GW by 2024

Karen Henry

Global installed energy storage for the grid and ancillary services (ESGAS) power capacity is expected to grow from 538.4 MW in 2014 to 20.8 GW in 2024, according to a new report from Navigant Research, Energy Storage for the Grid and Ancillary Services. Although the ESGAS market is developing in a piecemeal fashion, several factors, including   …Continue Reading

ABB Teams with BYD for Energy Storage

Linda Hardesty

ABB and China’s BYD Co. are jointly developing new energy storage technologies, leveraging ABB’s products for grid storage and electric vehicle charging, combined with BYD’s knowledge in battery technology. The companies say their collaboration will accelerate the ramp up of renewables combined with energy storage for off-grid and on-grid applications. The scope of the collaboration   …Continue Reading

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