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Energy Storage

Glenwood Deploys 1 MW of Energy Storage in NYC Buildings

Linda Hardesty

Glenwood, an owner and builder of luxury rental properties in Manhattan, is deploying 1 MW of distributed energy storage systems in nine buildings in its real estate portfolio. Construction will begin this month on systems in the first properties, with commissioning completed in the first half of 2015. The energy storage systems will be operational   …Continue Reading

SolarCity Launches Solar, Battery Microgrid Service

Linda Hardesty

SolarCity unveiled GridLogic, a microgrid service that combines solar energy with battery storage. SolarCity is targeting municipalities as well as critical service providers such as hospitals with the microgrid service that ensures resiliency against power outages. GridLogic can operate either in conjunction with or independently of the utility grid. In addition to resiliency, GridLogic also   …Continue Reading

ZBB’s Flow Battery Provides Energy Storage for Commercial Uses

Karen Henry

ZBB Energy has introduced its zinc bromide flow battery designed for energy storage applications in the commercial and industrial building market. The Agile Flow Battery enables a large amount of energy to be deployed from a relatively small footprint within a building. Much of the energy storage deployed to date in the commercial and industrial   …Continue Reading

Report Outlines State Energy Storage Policies

Linda Hardesty

The percentage of electricity generated from renewable energy sources continues to grow in the US, particularly from solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Technologies that can facilitate increased deployment of renewable energy, such as distributed energy storage, are becoming more vital, according to a new report from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC). Estimates indicate that there   …Continue Reading

Greensmith Delivers 23 MW of US Energy Storage in 2014

Linda Hardesty

Greensmith says that according to the inaugural US Energy Storage Monitor from GTM Research and the Energy Storage Association (ESA), over one-third of all energy storage capacity installed in the United States in 2014 was deployed by Greensmith and is managed using the company’s fourth generation software platform – GEMS4. The report finds that 61.9   …Continue Reading

Small Battery Systems Offer Attractive ROI

Linda Hardesty

The Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has used its Battery Lifetime Analysis and Simulation Tool (BLAST) to confirm that energy storage for demand-charge management can deliver attractive economic benefits. The analysis paired recent utility rate structures with historic data on solar photovoltaic electricity generation and commercial facility loads to evaluate 6,860 unique scenarios.   …Continue Reading

CALMAC Analyzes Ice-Based Energy Storage Potential for Commercial Buildings

Linda Hardesty

CALMAC, a provider of ice-based energy storage systems, is now offering a new energy bill analysis service for commercial building owners and energy managers to see if they would benefit from energy storage. Organizations can upload a copy of their electricity bill through the CALMAC website to be analyzed by a rate specialist who will   …Continue Reading

Extreme Weather is the New Normal

Josh Kessler

Extreme weather events are becoming the new normal, according to Penn Energy. For two consecutive winters, consumers across the Northeast have seen extreme snowfall and extended cold weather that have caused energy prices to spike. Throughout the eastern half of the country, cities have shut down as a result of unexpected snowfall. Penn Energy reports   …Continue Reading

Program Finances Energy Storage/Solar Combo

Linda Hardesty

ViZn Energy Systems has teamed with LFC Capital to help commercial property owners acquire solar PV systems combined with energy storage. The availability of as much as $5 million per project is expected to accelerate the deployment of ViZn’s Z20 Energy Storage System, a zinc/iron redox flow battery. LFC Capital’s program uses a traditional operating lease   …Continue Reading

Schools Install 1,500 kWh of Energy Storage, EV Charging

Linda Hardesty

Several California schools have contracted with Green Charge Networks to install over 1,500 kWh of energy storage capacity under Power Efficiency Agreements (PEAs). The schools are: Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District, Oak Park Unified School District, Butte Community College, Peralta Community College District and California State University, Fullerton. By installing Green Charge’s lithium   …Continue Reading