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Energy Storage

Tesla Eyes Home Energy Storage

William Opalka

Tesla Motors’ designs on the energy storage market go well beyond its famous electric cars and reach well into the home. It plans to build a lithium-ion battery factory and may enter the energy storage market, CEO Elon Musk said during a discussion of its first-quarter earnings, according to Forbes. Musk said the company is   …Continue Reading

Implementing Smart Solutions for Electric Vehicle Scale-up and Integration

Jennifer Hermes

Moving towards Smart urban solutions Big data, “smart,” and the Internet of Things (IoT) are in the limelight of public perception. They hold a promise that through connecting everything with everyone and the application of intelligent response management, significant strides can be made towards sustainability. At the urban level, typical generic business drivers for smart   …Continue Reading

University of Wisconsin Tests Battery Technologies

Linda Hardesty

Johnson Controls donated a suite of battery test equipment available to faculty, students, and other researchers at the new laboratory at the Wisconsin Energy Institute on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The donation includes state-of-the-art battery testing technology, which will allow students, faculty and engineers to study and optimize energy storage systems. The research will enable   …Continue Reading

Hawaiian Electric Seeks Energy Storage Support

Linda Hardesty

To meet its goal of adding more renewable generation to the Oahu grid, Hawaiian Electric is seeking proposals for one or more large-scale energy storage systems able to store 60 to 200 megawatts for up to 30 minutes. With the continuing dramatic growth on Oahu of utility-scale wind and solar projects and rooftop solar now   …Continue Reading

Novel Vanadium Electrolyte Storage Technology Explored

William Opalka

Remote cell towers must rely on inconsistent and expensive supplies of fuel oil to run generators. And the heat makes reliance on batteries a challenge. Now, according to a report in Forbes, the harsh conditions are acting as a test bed for a new technology. Imergy, with its vanadium electrolyte storage platform, has 70 systems up   …Continue Reading

Tax Credits for Energy Storage Would Forward Renewable Energy Tech

Jennifer Hermes

Last month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) delivered their latest report on the state of our global climate. The report warned that we are already seeing melting glaciers, rising tides, and dying coral reefs, and that the worst is yet to come. But under the doom and gloom was a silver lining: fixing   …Continue Reading

Rice Creates Wearable Energy Storage Film

Leon Walker

Researchers at Rice University have created a thin film for energy storage that could be used for flexible, portable and wearable electronics. The flexible material, which was developed by Rice chemist James Tour and his colleagues, features nanoporous nickel-fluoride electrodes layered around a solid electrolyte to deliver battery-like supercapacitor performance that the team says combines the best qualities of   …Continue Reading

Manhattan Transit Building Demos Energy Storage

Linda Hardesty

American Vanadium will partner with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to demonstrate the CellCube vanadium redox flow energy storage system. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will host the demonstration at its 1.6 million-sq-foot office building. ConEdison and the Advanced Energy Research Technology Center (AERTC) at Stony Brook will also support   …Continue Reading

Batteries: An Expensive Way to Store Energy

Linda Hardesty

Although energy storage is getting a lot of press as a great way to avoid peak energy spikes, using batteries for energy storage is not the most economical, according to The New York Times. “It costs hundreds of dollars to store a kilowatt-hour of energy in a battery, while nationally the average retail price of   …Continue Reading

Duracell, Volkswagen, Eaton, LG, Hitachi Join Energy Storage Group

Linda Hardesty

CalCharge announced the enrollment of Duracell, Hitachi, Volkswagen, LG, Eaton, Enovix, EnerVault, Farasis Energy, Halotechnics, Leyden Energy, and Primus Power as its first corporate members. CalCharge is a battery and electrochemical energy storage consortium of public and private organizations. Original members include Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the California Clean Energy Fund, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory,   …Continue Reading

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