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Smart Meters

Army Initiatives Focus on Energy

Karen Henry

The US Army is undertaking initiatives to make its bases more energy independent, instill a culture of energy efficiency and expand its Resource Energy Efficiency Manager (REM) program. The Army has partnered with the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to increase energy security through improved energy efficiency and optimized renewable energy strategies   …Continue Reading

Danish Island Serves as Testbed for Integrating Renewables into Grid

Linda Hardesty

The biggest smart grid project in Europe – the EcoGrid pilot – is being conducted on the Danish island of Bornholm. The project is trying to coordinate the fluctuations in the price of electricity with the volume of renewable energy available at five minute intervals, reports PennEnergy. In order to conduct the pilot, Bornholm’s local   …Continue Reading

California PUC President to Step Down

Karen Henry

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) president Michael Peevey announced that he would not seek reappointment when his term ends in December, an article on the SFGate website reports. Peevey’s announcement comes after the release of e-mail messages from 2010 that show Peevey appeared willing to give favorable consideration to a rate-setting case in exchange for Pacific   …Continue Reading

Big Data… So What?

Daryl Letto

Cloud computing and the associated reductions in the cost of cloud computing have given way to big data. Lots of it – so what?  With that has come big data analytics.  The days of limited server space and limited rows on a spreadsheet are a thing of the past, giving insight into areas of our   …Continue Reading

French Utility Picks Elster for 35 Million Smart Meters

Linda Hardesty

ERDF, the public electricity distribution network for 95 percent of continental France, has hired Elster to provide its customers with new smart meters. The Linky project will create a smart metering and communications network replacing 35 million meters in total. The smart meter project will also include development of a new manufacturing facility in France,   …Continue Reading

PG&E Tops in Smart Meter Deployments

Linda Hardesty

As of July 2014, over 50 million smart meters had been deployed in the United States, covering over 43 percent of US homes, up from 46 million smart meters a year ago, according to a new report from The Edison Foundation Institute for Electric Innovation. The report, “Utility-Scale Smart Meter Deployments: Building Block of the   …Continue Reading

SmartSpaces Helps English Town Reduce Energy

Linda Hardesty

A project in Bristol, England, concentrates on using the data from the Bristol City Council’s smart meters, which collect energy use data for every half-hour from more than 500 buildings across the city, resulting in 36.8 million bits of data, from electricity, gas, oil and renewable resources. Bristol City Council’s Energy Service, in partnership with   …Continue Reading

Investing in Energy Efficiency Should Be Easier for Small Businesses

Karen Henry

High energy costs are making it harder for small businesses in the UK to grow, and according to an article in The Guardian, the UK government needs to do more to encourage small businesses to implement energy efficiency measures. But, in order for small businesses to implement long-term energy efficiency measures, the risk and cost   …Continue Reading

Europe Is Smart Meter Market to Watch, Navigant Says

Karen Henry

The smart electric meter market has shifted emphasis to projects in Europe and Asia Pacific while the once hot US market has leveled off, as federal funding for projects has been nearly exhausted, according to a new report from Navigant Research titled, Smart Meters: Smart Electric Meters, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, 
and Meter Communications: Global Market   …Continue Reading

Distributed Energy Resources in NY: Evaluating Costs & Benefits

Beia Spiller

New York is changing how it evaluates and compensates electric utilities. One goal of this change is increased consumer engagement, which makes customers allies in the development of a more reliable, resilient, and smart electric grid. Many customers have begun taking advantage of new energy technologies and their falling prices by turning to community microgrids,   …Continue Reading

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