Smart Meters

Customers Slow to Adopt Smart Pricing

Josh Kessler

Smart grid technology has seen widespread deployment. Seven states and the District of Columbia achieved adoption rates of greater than 70 percent by the end of 2013, according to data from the Energy Information Administration – including California and Texas, the two largest states. The top 10 states for smart grid deployment, also known as advanced   …Continue Reading

California May Allow Distributed Resources into Wholesale Market

Josh Kessler

Traditionally, distributed energy resources (DER) have been too small to bid into energy markets. The California Independent System Operator (CAISO), which oversees the California power market, typically requires projects to be at least 500 kW in order to participate in the market. In order to promote small-scale solar, batteries, demand response technologies, and other DER,   …Continue Reading

The Aging Energy Infrastructure Challenge

Josh Kessler

US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz presented recommendations from the Quadrennial Energy Review to Congress on May 21, reported Forbes. Although Moniz noted that electricity consumption has been flat for the past 10 years, he discussed several challenges that the country will need to address in the coming years, including climate change, cyber and physical security, a   …Continue Reading

ComEd Installs One Millionth Smart Meter

Linda Hardesty

ComEd has installed its one millionth smart meter in its Chicago-area service territory. The mission of installing nearly four million smart meters began in 2013 and is expected to be complete in 2018 – three years ahead of schedule. The smart meters use two-way radio communications to collect usage information and securely transmit it to   …Continue Reading

Time-Varying Electricity Pricing

Josh Kessler

The Environmental Defense Fund’s senior manager for Grid Modernization posted a blog entry this week about the importance of time-varying electricity pricing to reduce usage at peak hours of the day – such as hot summer days when consumers come home from work and turn on their air conditioners. Across the US, consumers used between 47 and   …Continue Reading

Maine May Create Smart Grid Data Portal

Josh Kessler

This week, a working group recommended the creation of an online portal to allow customers to share their energy data with retail providers in Central Maine Power’s service territory, according to Energy Choice Matters. Customers who chose to enroll in the Electricity Supplier Marketplace would share their contact and hourly energy usage data, recorded using   …Continue Reading

Time-Variant Electricity Pricing Offers Benefits, So Why Isn’t It Widespread?

Elizabeth Brooke Stein

Today, most residential electricity customers are charged the same price regardless of when the electricity is actually being used. Charging customers a uniform price for electric service looks a bit like buying groceries by the cart instead of by the items purchased (e.g., apples versus filet mignon) – simple, to be sure, but so riddled   …Continue Reading

Green Button Alliance Launched

Karen Henry

The Green Button Alliance (GBA) has been formed to advance the Green Button initiative and will facilitate standards-based application development, administer certification and testing programs and create awareness among consumers to accelerate adoption of the Green Button standard. Founding members of the Green Button Alliance include London Hydro, Schneider Electric, UL, the Department of Energy   …Continue Reading

Need to Manage Electricity Use? There’s an App for That

Karen Henry

Fort Collins, Colo., is on track to become the first city in the United States to use Energy Engage Mobile, a new Web-based smartphone application for monitoring electricity consumption in near real time. The app displays current energy use, current cost of energy, the projected bill for the current month and the resulting savings—or extra   …Continue Reading

Clean Energy Investment Rebounds in 2014

Karen Henry

Global clean energy investment rebounded strongly in 2014, with investments totalling $310 billion, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Boosted by demand for large-scale and rooftop solar PV and by the financing of a record $19.4 billion of offshore wind projects, clean energy investment in 2014 was up 16 percent from a revised $268.1 billio   …Continue Reading