Smart Meters

The Dangers of Smart Meters

Carl Weinschenk

Almost nobody will like smart meters if they have a tendency to blow up. That sounds unlikely, but it could happen, according to a researcher. At the 33rd Chaos Communications Congress last month in Hamburg, Germany, researcher Netanel Rubin said that such an outcome is possible, according to PC Authority. Indeed, Rubin said that poor   …Continue Reading

Naperville, IL, Almost Ready for Consumer Energy Management

Carl Weinschenk

Naperville, IL, will offer electricity users in the city advanced management and control over their use online this spring – once a cyber security study is completed. The Daily Herald says that the system was designed by city staffers. It will enable customers to compare electricity use on a monthly, daily or hourly basis. The city   …Continue Reading

A Smart Grid is Only as Smart as the Information it Gathers and Distributes

Ken Silverstein

A smart grid can’t be smart unless the data it works with is relevant, timely and accurate.

Submissions Now Accepted for Energy Manager Today Awards

Jennifer Hermes

Energy Manager Today has opened its submission period for the 2016 Energy Manager Today Awards. Products that help companies improve energy management are eligible for a Product of the Year Award. Companies that implement projects that successfully improve energy management metrics can submit the project for a Project of the Year Award.   As companies know, the   …Continue Reading

Smart Tech Takes Over, Bolstered By Record Investment

Sara Gutterman

Smart, clean technologies have taken the market by storm, promising to change our built environment and grid infrastructure forever. Commanding over $430 million in venture capital in just the second quarter of 2016 alone, it has already been a banner year for these enabling technologies.

Smart Cities Market to More than Double by 2025

Carl Weinschenk

Navigant Research released a report this week predicting that global smart city revenue will grow from $36.7 billion this year to $88.7 billion by 2025. The report focuses on the energy, water, mobility, buildings and government elements of smart cities. Energy will be a big part of smart city development both from the supplier and   …Continue Reading

Navigant: Smart Meter Sector Has “Plateaued”

Carl Weinschenk

The smart meter business in North American is leveling off, according to Navigant Research.

Smart Meters Come to La Grange, IL

Carl Weinschenk

The Chicago Tribune reports that Commonwealth Edison next month will begin installing smart meters in businesses and homes in La Grange, IL.

Oracle and Opower to Team Up to Make Big Data Even Bigger

Ken Silverstein

Oracle will buy Opower for $532 million.

Sub-Metering Moving into Non-Residential Buildings

Carl Weinschenk

The individual metering of building tenants – sub-metering — is an important trend to which energy managers must pay attention. It is a tool which, along with energy management systems and building management systems, will drive efficiency by enabling increasingly granular and creative control of building resources. Sub-metering to this point is more common in   …Continue Reading