On-Site Energy

Drought Roils California Energy Landscape

Carl Weinschenk

The ongoing drought in California is producing at least one winner: Power companies. The lack of surface water is causing fruit and vegetable growers to increasingly rely on underground supplies. Accessing these sources – which can be 3,000 feet below the surface — requires much more power than when it is on the surface, according   …Continue Reading

2015 Solar Gen Is 31 Times Higher Than 2005

Karen Henry

Electricity output of US utility-scale solar generators in June 2015 was 31 times higher than the level in June 2005, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Solar generation from utility-scale facilities hit a monthly record high of 2,765 GWh in June 2015, which represents a year-over-year increase of 35.8 percent relative to June   …Continue Reading

Anaerobic Digester Project Starts on Long Island, NY

Carl Weinschenk

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the launch of an anaerobic digester facility in the Long Island town of Yaphank. Anaerobic digestion is a biological process that leads to the release of biogas. The new center will be operated by American Organic Energy at Long Island Compost’s 62-acre facility. It will process more than twice   …Continue Reading

Seward to Use Resurrection Bay for Heat

Carl Weinschenk

Just hours before President Obama touched down in the Alaskan city, the Seward City Council voted 7-0 to move forward with the first part of the creation of a downtown renewable heating district. Heat from Resurrection Bay tides will be used, according to the Alaska Dispatch News. The project, which is expected to save as   …Continue Reading

The Use of Renewables in Mining Operations

Carl Weinschenk

Mining operations consume a tremendous amount of energy. These firms, therefore, are interested in solar power. The attraction of solar is even greater due to the fact that mines often are far from the grid. A German company, Cronimet Mining Power Solutions, has built a solar-diesel hybrid power plant at the mega watt scale at   …Continue Reading

2014 Better Than 2013 for Distributed Wind Turbines, But Far Below 2012

Carl Weinschenk

Several factors made 2014 a down year for distributed wind turbines compared to 2012, though it was far superior to 2013. The factors that saw demand sink include relatively low prices for electricity, competition from other sources and high permitting and other nonmaterial costs. The report on the status of the industry was put together by   …Continue Reading

Hydrogen from Landfill Powers Forklifts at BMW Plant

Carl Weinschenk

Fuel cells fueled by garbage are being used at a BMW plant in Greer, S.C. Five groups – the auto maker, the Energy Department, Ameresco, the Gas Technology Institute and the South Carolina Research Authority – are working together on the project. The latest sign of progress – and a big one it was –   …Continue Reading

Making It Easier for SMBs to Invest in Solar

Karen Henry

Growth in the US solar photovoltaic market — US capacity was at 1.183 gigawatts in 2008 compared to 21.3 gigawatts today — has primarily been driven by the residential sector and large-scale initiatives from only the largest corporations, as well as utility companies. For small- and mid-sized businesses, the lack of easy and cost-efficient methods to evaluate and mitigate the risk   …Continue Reading

ARPA-E Issues Grants for Solar Modules

Carl Weinschenk

Lowering costs and dramatically increasing system efficiencies and energy yields of solar modules are the goals of a $2.9 million grant to several organizations from the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), which is part of the U.S. Department of Energy. The grant was awarded to Semprius, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,   …Continue Reading

A Clean Energy Future in Sight

Sara Gutterman

President Obama sees the pathway to a clean energy future and confronts fossil fuel interests that are blocking progress and stifling free markets. With the Paris Climate COP only months away, the heat is on world leaders to back big talk with viable plans for future climate action. Earlier this week, President Obama, at the   …Continue Reading