Texas College Installs CHP

Linda Hardesty

Texas Wesleyan in Fort Worth is renovating its Central Power Plant as part of a $6.2 million energy-saving project being conducted by The Way Companies. The power plant renovations are projected to save 5.9 million kWh per year and $377,000 annually on utility costs, according to the University’s news site. A new combined heat and power   …Continue Reading

Cogeneration System Sold to Long Island School District

Linda Hardesty

Four FlexEnergy microturbines soon will become an integral part of a comprehensive energy savings project for the Longwood Central School District in Long Island, New York. The Flex turbines will include an integrated hot water cogeneration module to allow for a mechanical connection to multiple facility hot water systems, as well as absorption chilling. FlexEnergy’s   …Continue Reading

Combined Heat and Power: Taking Energy Efficiency to the Next Level

Gary McNeil

Minimizing energy costs, ensuring a reliable energy supply and reducing the impact of energy use on the environment are all important considerations for companies and organizations today. For over a century, organizations across the globe have used combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, as a strategy to provide reliable electricity, steam, hot   …Continue Reading

3 NY Businesses Install CHP Turbines from GEM Energy

Linda Hardesty

Three New York-area businesses are installing Capstone combined heating and power (CHP) turbine systems from GEM Energy: Syracuse VA Medical Center; Owens Corning’s Delmar insulation plant in Feura Bush; and Harbec’s plastics manufacturing facility in Ontario. The Syracuse VA Medical Center is installing eight natural gas-fueled C65-ICHP Capstone turbines and a FlexSet distributed generation control system   …Continue Reading

Tecogen CHP Units Installed in Bronx Apartment Building

Linda Hardesty

Tecogen sold two InVerde Ultra, INV-100, combined heat and power (CHP) units for installation in the Findlay Teller apartment complex in the Bronx, New York. The units will provide a significant portion of the facility’s electricity and heating needs and serve as a backup power source in the event of a Consolidated Edison blackout. The   …Continue Reading

CHP Power Plants with Fuel Cells Offered in Europe

Linda Hardesty

FuelCell Energy Solutions and E.ON Connecting Energies are partnering to develop decentralized combined heat and power (CHP) projects. The MW and multi-megawatt Direct FuelCell power plants will be offered via a power purchase agreement (PPA) financing or leasing structure. FuelCell Energy Solutions provides fuel cell power plants in Europe, and E.ON Connecting Energies bundles the utility   …Continue Reading

CHP Integration and Maintenance

Linda Hardesty

Yanmar discusses how combined heat and power, or CHP, fits into the operations of a typical building. These units can be installed in both new construction and retrofit scenarios, and with maintenance required as little as every 14 months.

CHP Projects Increase in the UK

Linda Hardesty

According to the Digest of UK Energy Statistics, published annually by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the country saw an increase in combined heat and power (CHP) plants in 2014: a net number of 12 projects added after some existing projects were decommissioned. Four industrial sectors account for about 79 percent of   …Continue Reading

EPA Honors 3 Facilities for Combined Heat and Power

Linda Hardesty

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized three facilities with the Energy Star Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Award for superior performance of their CHP systems. The three 2015 award winners demonstrate how CHP can partner with district energy systems to reduce pollutant emissions from electricity generation. District energy systems produce steam, hot water and chilled   …Continue Reading

Tecogen Installs CHP System at Sports Club

Linda Hardesty

Tecogen sold a CM-60 combined heat and power (CHP) module to the Columbia Association in Columbia, Maryland. The 60 kW unit will be installed at the Supreme Sports Club, the largest of three fitness facilities operated by Columbia Association. In addition to providing electrical power to the facility, the CHP system will provide domestic hot   …Continue Reading

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