Tecogen Installs CHP System at Sports Club

Linda Hardesty

Tecogen sold a CM-60 combined heat and power (CHP) module to the Columbia Association in Columbia, Maryland. The 60 kW unit will be installed at the Supreme Sports Club, the largest of three fitness facilities operated by Columbia Association. In addition to providing electrical power to the facility, the CHP system will provide domestic hot   …Continue Reading

UK Demand Response Associations Merge

Linda Hardesty

The Association for Decentralised Energy and the UK Demand Response Association are merging. The merger seeks to create a strong singular voice for the UK’s decentralized energy sector. The merged organization will be known as the Association for Decentralised Energy. The Association for Decentralised Energy advocates an integrated approach to delivering energy locally, designed around   …Continue Reading

CHP Plus Emergency Power at Senior Center

Linda Hardesty

Villa Charities installed a Combined Heat and Emergency Power (CHeP) System at its Villa Colombo Vaughan Seniors Centre in Ontario, Canada, in 2006. The video explains how the natural gas CHeP system works for the facility.

Microturbines: Opportunities, Barriers

Linda Hardesty

Microturbines are classified as a distributed generation (DG) technology that consists of an electric generator coupled with a prime mover and fueled by gaseous fuels. According to Navigant Research, today microturbines are mostly used for remote power applications in the oil & gas industry and for combined heat and power (CHP) or combined cooling, heating,   …Continue Reading

POWER Act Would Incentivize CHP, Waste Heat to Power

Linda Hardesty

A group of federal legislators introduced the Power Efficiency and Resiliency Act (POWER Act) that would ensure that combined heat and power (CHP) and waste heat to power are treated in a manner that is on par with other energy technologies covered by the investment tax credit, according to a blog posting on the Pew   …Continue Reading

Tomato Growers Test GE Cogeneration Software

Linda Hardesty

GE’s Distributed Power business says that Prominent Growers Association, a commercial tomato greenhouse growers collective in the Netherlands, will serve as a pilot customer to showcase how GE’s myPlant 2.0 can increase the efficiency of on-site cogeneration plants. The new myPlant 2.0 software is powered by Predix, GE’s Industrial Internet asset performance management platform. Prominent   …Continue Reading

$2M Pays for Cogeneration at College

Linda Hardesty

A $2 million grant through Pennsylvania’s Alternative and Clean Energy (ACE) program will help Duquesne University upgrade its Energy Center, which generates the bulk of electricity for campus with a natural gas turbine generator. The ACE-funded project is anticipated to save 18,256 million cubic feet of natural gas annually and provide $82,154 in annual cost   …Continue Reading

NC College Uses Combined Heat and Power

Linda Hardesty

NC State is using a combined heat and power system to generate electricity on a large scale. The system allows the University to demand less energy from the local power company and significantly reduce its electrical consumption and utility costs.

Hotel Installs 10 kW Micro-Cogeneration System

Linda Hardesty

EnerSave was awarded a contract to supply and install two Yanmar 10 kW micro-cogeneration units at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in West Orange, New Jersey. Cogeneration is the use of one fuel to generate two forms of energy, in this case electricity and hot water. The Yanmar natural gas engine is the heart of the   …Continue Reading

Army to Build $40 Million Cogeneration Plant

Josh Kessler

The US Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) plans to build a $40 million combined heat and power (CHP) plant that will meet 80 percent of APG’s energy needs, writes the Baltimore Sun. The CHP, or cogeneration, system will provide both steam and electricity to the facility, generating $4.4 million in annual energy savings and helping   …Continue Reading