Tecogen Acquiring American DG Energy

Carl Weinschenk

Cogeneration firm Tecogen says it has entered into an agreement to acquire American DG Energy. Tecogen says that it will get the flexibility to market to organizations without the financing, sufficient capital or the desire to own equipment. The combined firm also will have a stable revenue base and will save about $1 million by   …Continue Reading

Tulare, CA, to Use FuelCell Technology CHP Technology

Carl Weinschenk

Tulare, CA, will install a 2.8 MW combined heat and power (CHP, or cogeneration) plant under a power purchase agreement (PPA) with FuelCell Energy. The installation will be at the Tulare Waste Water Treatment Facility. The plan is for FuelCell to install, operate and maintain the plant and sell all the power it produces to   …Continue Reading

Cogeneration Continues to Make Inroads

Carl Weinschenk

If an application filed this week is approved, a $55 million, 21 MW CHP project on the Duke University campus will increase energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions by 25 percent.

Veolia Checks Into the UK’s Tallest Hotel

Carl Weinschenk

Combined heat and power (CHP) is getting quite a boost: When it is finished this autumn, the tallest hotel in the United Kingdom will use CHP to provide heat and hot water. Veolia’s technology will be used at the Novatel London Canary Wharf hotel, which will be 39 stories high and have 313 guest rooms,   …Continue Reading

Brookfield, Urban American Upgrading Harlem Apartments

Carl Weinschenk

  Brookfield Property Partners and Urban American is spending $16 million for energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits for 3,000 apartment units in Harlem, N.Y. Crain’s New York Business says that the plan is to replace about 6,000 windows and seal cracks in five buildings. A cogeneration plant will provide about 15 percent of the heat and   …Continue Reading

The Two CHPs

Carl Weinschenk

Combined heat and power (CHP) creates great efficiencies by using one source of energy for dual purposes, such as HVAC and hot water heating. There are two basic approaches to CHP, and energy managers should understand the differences.

Oklahoma University Scores Almost $300K Incentive

Carl Weinschenk

East Central University in Ada, OK, has received an incentive check of $297,437 from Oklahoma Gas & Electric, according to The Ada News. The incentive was from the utility’s Schools and Government Efficiency (SAGE) program. The story says that the SAGE program provides organizations with no-cost facility improvement recommendations. It also offers benchmarking services, energy   …Continue Reading

It Can Make it There: Cogeneration Doing the Job in The Big Apple

Carl Weinschenk

A lot has happened on the cogeneration front in New York City during the past few weeks. From the perspective of proponents, the news is a mix of positive and negative.

Boston Medical Center Using Veolia Cogeneration

Carl Weinschenk

The Boston Medical Center, which is a 496-bed academic institution in the South End of the city, is using Veolia’s “Green Steam” combined heat and power for thermal energy, the company said.

Military Installation Successfully Tests Microgrid with Battery Storage

Ken Silverstein

The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard based in Massachusetts is conducting two live tests on a localized microgrid that would protect it from a widespread electrical outage. So far, the project that has been demonstrated by General Electric, is looking like a success.