Analyst: CHP Has Room to Grow in Minnesota

Carl Weinschenk

Combined heat and power (CHP) approaches have not taken off in Minnesota, according to Will Nissen, a senior policy associate at Fresh Energy. Nissen, writing and MinnPost, said that the state is well positioned to use the approach because of its abundance of forests. Keys to increasing the use of CHP, according to contributors to the piece quoted by   …Continue Reading

Susquehanna Health Grows While Cutting Energy Costs

Carl Weinschenk

Susquehanna Health cut its utility costs 36 percent per square-foot compared to 2009, according to Susquehanna’s Williamsport Regional Medical Center’s campus has grown by half since 2010, but the actual cost of heating and cooling have decreased by eight percent on an apples-to-apples basis. The strategy to achieve the comparative gains include the deployment of   …Continue Reading

Fostering CHP and WHP in Ohio

Carl Weinschenk

In a guest column at, Q2Power Corp. CEO Christopher Nelson looked at commercial energy use in Ohio. The state ranked seventh in the nation in 2013 in energy use by the industrial sector, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The sector was responsible for 32.5 percent of the state’s entire energy consumption during that   …Continue Reading

New Biomass Bed Material Increases Efficiency, Cuts Costs

Carl Weinschenk

A change in the material used as a bed in biomass operations has been found to make the process far less expensive to run and maintain while improving efficiency, according to Biomass Magazine. The process is being developed by researchers from energy firm EON and Chalmers University of Technology, which is in Gothenburg, Sweden. The work   …Continue Reading

NRG to Build, Market Combined Heat and Power System in Pittsburgh

Carl Weinschenk

NRG Energy is adding a combined heat and power (CHP) element to the northside district energy system it operates in Pittsburgh, according to the Pennsylvania Business Daily. A spokesperson said that the idea is to create “what is essentially a microgrid” in the existing system. The story says that NRG will market the system to   …Continue Reading

Texas College Installs CHP

Linda Hardesty

Texas Wesleyan in Fort Worth is renovating its Central Power Plant as part of a $6.2 million energy-saving project being conducted by The Way Companies. The power plant renovations are projected to save 5.9 million kWh per year and $377,000 annually on utility costs, according to the University’s news site. A new combined heat and power   …Continue Reading

Cogeneration System Sold to Long Island School District

Linda Hardesty

Four FlexEnergy microturbines soon will become an integral part of a comprehensive energy savings project for the Longwood Central School District in Long Island, New York. The Flex turbines will include an integrated hot water cogeneration module to allow for a mechanical connection to multiple facility hot water systems, as well as absorption chilling. FlexEnergy’s   …Continue Reading

Combined Heat and Power: Taking Energy Efficiency to the Next Level

Gary McNeil

Minimizing energy costs, ensuring a reliable energy supply and reducing the impact of energy use on the environment are all important considerations for companies and organizations today. For over a century, organizations across the globe have used combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, as a strategy to provide reliable electricity, steam, hot   …Continue Reading

3 NY Businesses Install CHP Turbines from GEM Energy

Linda Hardesty

Three New York-area businesses are installing Capstone combined heating and power (CHP) turbine systems from GEM Energy: Syracuse VA Medical Center; Owens Corning’s Delmar insulation plant in Feura Bush; and Harbec’s plastics manufacturing facility in Ontario. The Syracuse VA Medical Center is installing eight natural gas-fueled C65-ICHP Capstone turbines and a FlexSet distributed generation control system   …Continue Reading

Tecogen CHP Units Installed in Bronx Apartment Building

Linda Hardesty

Tecogen sold two InVerde Ultra, INV-100, combined heat and power (CHP) units for installation in the Findlay Teller apartment complex in the Bronx, New York. The units will provide a significant portion of the facility’s electricity and heating needs and serve as a backup power source in the event of a Consolidated Edison blackout. The   …Continue Reading