Factors are Favorable for a Rise in Smaller CHP Plants

Karen Henry

While 86 percent of installed combined heat and power (CHP) capacity in the United States serves large industrial and manufacturing sites, the days of new CHP plant installations at large sites are slowing down, according to Cogeneration & Onsite Power Production. CHP plant installations were at an all-time high of 6-7 GW in 2001 and 2002,   …Continue Reading

Vegetable Producer Installs 500 kW Biogas Plant

Linda Hardesty

Weltec Biopower is building a 500 kW anaerobic digestion plant in Northern Ireland for vegetable producer Gilfresh Produce. This is Weltec’s third plant in Northern Ireland and eleventh in the UK. Gilfresh used to deliver the vegetable waste that accumulates in the sorting, washing and packaging processes to farmers as cattle feed. From July 2015,   …Continue Reading

Hospital Installs CHP System

Linda Hardesty

York Teaching Hospital in the UK began operation of its new combined heat and power energy system. The CHP system is expected to save $19.7 million during its 15-year lifecycle, and all savings have been guaranteed by Vital Energi under an energy savings performance contract (ESPC). The $7 million project will also generate financial savings   …Continue Reading

Bernhard Companies Form Energy Services Firm

Linda Hardesty

Three Bernhard companies have contributed resources to form an energy services firm – Bernhard Energy. Bernhard Mechanical, EP Breaux Electrical and TME will provide Bernhard Energy with energy engineering, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and development services for business clients including hospitals, universities and commercial buildings. The new firm Bernhard Energy will provide financing to design, build, own,   …Continue Reading

Biomass Boiler with Stirling Engine Heats Water, Generates Power

Linda Hardesty

Austria-based ÖkoFEN is developing a >5kW cogeneration pellet boiler prototype system, and the first beta installations are expected before the end of the year to serve large residential and small to medium businesses. The biomass boiler is designed with Qnergy’s Stirling engine inside to deliver heat and power in one platform. “5 kw of electricity   …Continue Reading

‘Disaster-Proof’ Factory Features GE Products

Karen Henry

GE Japan is participating in the “Future Disaster-Proof Factory Plan,” a disaster preparedness project being undertaken by Sekisui House’s Tohoku Factory. The Sekisui House facility is designed to be eco-friendly during normal times, durable during disasters and safe and secure for local communities and companies. To achieve cuts in peak electricity usage during normal periods   …Continue Reading

Landmark Building in Manhattan Installs Tri-Generation System

Linda Hardesty

Tecogen sold a tri-generation energy system to a Beaux Art-style bank building located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The NYC Landmark building is undergoing an extensive restoration and conversion to an upscale hotel. The tri-generation energy system includes two INV-100 Ultra InVerde CHP units, providing electricity as well as hot water for space heating and domestic   …Continue Reading

Hotel Nikko Installs Cogeneration Power System

Linda Hardesty

Hotel Nikko San Francisco recently installed two Capstone C65 (65kW) microturbines to increase energy efficiency by simultaneously generating electricity for the building’s power and thermal energy for the hotel’s hot water supply. The cogeneration system was sold and commissioned by Regatta Solutions of San Juan Capistrano, Calif. Regatta Solutions is the West Coast distributor of Capstone   …Continue Reading

Regatta Solutions Acquires Energy Management Firm

Linda Hardesty

Regatta Solutions, the West Coast distributor of Capstone Turbine, has acquired Wedge Consulting, a California-based energy efficiency firm. The acquisition brings several services in-house to Regatta, including energy benchmarking, retro-commissioning and energy analysis for complex buildings such as laboratories and data centers. Regatta Solutions distributes, maintains, engineers, and consults for Capstone microturbines in combined heat   …Continue Reading

Constellation Installs $200M Cogeneration Plant for P&G Factory

Linda Hardesty

Procter & Gamble and Constellation are developing an up to 50-MW biomass plant that will help run P&G’s paper manufacturing facility in Albany, Ga. Constellation will build, own and operate the $200 million cogeneration plant, which will supply steam to P&G’s facility and generate electricity for the local utility, Georgia Power. For more than 30   …Continue Reading

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