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Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells Will Power a Connecticut Community. Will They Work Elsewhere?

Ken Silverstein

Fuel cells aren’t just blowing hot air. They are now helping to manage electricity costs and supply emergency power to a Connecticut neighborhood through a localized microgrid. The fuel cell-powered microgrid will provide all the power that the “Parkville” community will need during non-emergency operations. If there is an outage, the system will provide emergency   …Continue Reading

Legrand Unveils Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell From Bloom Energy

Carl Weinschenk

Legrand, a manufacturer of electrical and digital infrastructure equipment, this week unveiled a 500kW solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) from Bloom Energy. The platform has been installed in its headquarters in West Hartford, CT. The company expects the fuel cell to eventually provide 88 percent of the electricity used by the buildings on its 263,000-square-foot campus.   …Continue Reading

DoE Pushing Hydrogen, Fuel Cell Research

Carl Weinschenk

The U.S. Department of Energy is making as much as $35 million in funding available to advanced hydrogen and fuel cell technology research, according to NGT News. The funding will go toward research in hydrogen production, delivery and storage research and development, according to the story. In addition, the DoE will support demonstration of infrastructure   …Continue Reading

Developing Economies Increasing their Share of Renewable Capacity

Carl Weinschenk

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) reported this week that in 2014 developing nations attracted more investment in renewable power generation than developed economies, according to North American Wind and Power. The story says that BNEF made the claim based on work done by Climatescope, an index used by the U.K., U.S. and the Inter-American Development   …Continue Reading

LG Chem In Big German Battery Project

Carl Weinschenk

LG Chem Power will integrate six large-scale batteries at STEAG power plants in Germany, according to LG. The release says that the deployment will be part of the largest energy storage system project in the world. The plants are in the North-Rhine Westphalia and Rhineland Palatinate regions. The storage systems offer 140 MW of power   …Continue Reading

Connecticut, The Microgrid State

Carl Weinschenk

Hurricanes Sandy and Irene and a number of lower profile emergencies have had a great impact on Connecticut. Instead of just nervously watching The Weather Channel, the state is taking action. The latest example of efforts to ensure that key functions kept operating in emergency – and to give a boost to the traditional grid in the   …Continue Reading

Cell Towers Seek Powering Options

Carl Weinschenk

Telecommunications companies need to find better ways to power cell towers as demand increases and structures are built in more isolated areas that lack reliable grid service. A feature at RCR Wireless suggests use of DC to DC converters. Most towers, the story says, use rectifiers to convert AC to DC. DC systems are very complex. The answer   …Continue Reading

IKEA Plans Big Solar System at Las Vegas Store

Carl Weinschenk

IKEA this week said it is putting the largest single-use solar energy system atop a commercial building in Nevada on its store in Las Vegas, which is slated to open next summer. The press release says that the installation will begin during the winter and be completed this spring. The store itself is huge: It will   …Continue Reading

Walmart Aims for 7B kWh of Renewable Energy by 2020

Carl Weinschenk

The main goal of Walmart’s drive to be 100 percent sustainable and renewable is to reduce costs and provide savings to customers, according to comments made by the company’s vice president of energy to the Arkansas Advance Energy Association (AAEA), according to The City Wire. The executive, Mark Vanderhelm, said that the interim goal is   …Continue Reading

Hilton Upgrades LightStay to Better Track Energy Use

Carl Weinschenk

Hilton Worldwide said this week that it is upgrading LightStay, its corporate responsibility measurement platform used in its properties worldwide. The press release says that the next-generation of LightStay tracks historical energy and weather forecasts to predict needs going forward and predict impacts on cost and consumption. LightStay will provide a three-month forecast of energy and water   …Continue Reading

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