Compromise Energy Bill to Mass Gov

Carl Weinschenk

The Massachusetts Legislature has sent Governor Charlie Baker an energy bill that, according to MassLive, would lead to “significantly more” use of offshore wind and other types of renewable resources in the Bay State. The story portrays H.4568 as a compromise. It would lead to long-term contracts to buy 1,600 MW of wind power, with is   …Continue Reading

Grant Awarded to Create Wave Test Facility

Carl Weinschenk

The Institute for Advanced Technology and Public Policy at California Polytechnic State University has received a $1.5 million grant to create a facility for testing the efficacy of collecting usable energy from waves. The Tribune in San Louis Obispo reports that the grant was the second round of funding for the project. The goal of   …Continue Reading

Wastewater Seen as Energy Source

Carl Weinschenk

A team at the Virginia Institute of Technology is working on a project that could reveal a means of generating more electricity from toilet wastewater. The research was reported at HNGN and based on a paper published at Scientific Reports. It focused on the relationship between materials. The story traces the way in which the substances interact. It is a   …Continue Reading

Consultant Splash Cold Water on Microsoft’s Project Natick

Carl Weinschenk

One of the more interesting recent news items was the announcement earlier this month by Microsoft of Project Natick, which is an experiment that focuses on underwater datacenters. Mark Monroe, the President of Energetic Consulting, raised some issues with the feasibility of the concept at Datacenter Knowledge. Microsoft pointed to the fact that a many   …Continue Reading

Microsoft’s Datacenters and the Deep Blue Sea

Carl Weinschenk

It’s not often that datacenter cooling is big news in the consumer media. But it was yesterday: Microsoft introduced Project Natick, which focuses on the placement of a datacenter on the ocean floor. The story was covered everywhere. The initial research vessel is named the Leona Philpot, a character from the Halo video game. It   …Continue Reading

For Datacenters, Indirect Evaporative Cooling is a Cool Idea

Carl Weinschenk

Cooling datacenters is one of the big issues of the times: There are more datacenters and they are getting bigger. Keeping the servers and other equipment cool is paramount – and extraordinarily expensive. EnergyBiz this week posted a feature on indirect evaporative cooling, one of the main approaches to cooling. Bruce Baccei – the Project   …Continue Reading

Plainsboro, NJ, Gets Efficiency Grants

Carl Weinschenk

The Plainsboro (NJ) Township’s Recreation and Cultural Center and the Rush Holt Environmental Education Center are getting grants for a couple of projects from Sustainable Jersey, according to CentralJersey.com. The township has gotten $10,000 for installation of LED indoor and outdoor lighting at both places. The environmental center also will get a five ton water   …Continue Reading

Department of Agriculture: REAP Loans, Grants Available

Carl Weinschenk

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is encouraging rural small businesses to apply for loans and grants aimed at renewable energy and energy-related projects, according to a press release from the agency reposted at Biomass Magazine. The USDA, according to the release, is accepting applications for loans and grants for new “renewable energy systems and energy   …Continue Reading

Scotland Carbon Trust Points Way to the Nation’s Energy Future

Carl Weinschenk

Scotland’s Carbon Trust last week released a report on upgrading its energy system. Among the recommendations are development of energy storage and district heating approaches that use smart meters aimed at encouraging customer control of energy usage and cost, according to Metering & Smart Energy. The five actions recommended by the carbon trust are to continue   …Continue Reading

Implications of the California Drought on Energy Use and Climate Concerns

David Huard

California’s drought is now in its fourth year, and state leaders are faced with making unprecedented decisions further restricting water use. The brown lawns and dying trees are all too obvious and painful examples of the drought’s impact. However, somewhat lost in the public discussion, but of critical importance, is the impact of the drought   …Continue Reading