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Product News

Civilight Releases LED Portfolio for North America

Linda Hardesty

Civilight North America is now in volume production with its portfolio of LED lamps for the North American market. These LED lamps were initially developed for the European market. Civilight’s products are offered in three series – Architectural, Professional and Commercial. Civilight offers six standard lamp families, and within these families, it offers three series. MR16   …Continue Reading

Cree SC5 Technology Platform Doubles LED Light Output

Linda Hardesty

Cree says its new SC5 Technology Platform with Extreme High Power (XHP) LEDs can reduce system costs by up to 40 percent in most lighting applications. The SC5 Technology Platform doubles the lumens out of a single LED and significantly reduces thermal, mechanical and optical costs at the system level. It is built on Cree’s   …Continue Reading

Efficiency Platform Helps with Rebates

Linda Hardesty

Ecova rolled out the Ecova Efficiency Platform to help utilities deliver energy saving programs to customers interested in retail lighting energy efficiency, commercial and industrial midstream lighting efficiency, as well as multifamily owners who want to improve energy efficiency. An Ecova spokeswoman said the Efficiency Platform was officially launched this week, but has previously been   …Continue Reading

Lennox Offers Heat Pump Models in Light Commercial Rooftop Line

Linda Hardesty

Lennox has expanded its light commercial Raider rooftop unit line to include new 7.5-, 8.5- and 10-ton heat pump models. These new models join existing Raider units in 3- to 12.5-ton, gas/electric and electric/electric models. Raider units offer efficiency levels of up to 13 SEER, 11.5 EER and 13.2 IEER. These units are built to   …Continue Reading

EnergyCAP Processes Utility Bills

Linda Hardesty

EnergyCAP is rolling out a new utility bill processing service for existing clients. The Bill CAPture service enables organizations to entirely outsource the data entry portion of their utility bill pay processes regardless of the file formats. Bill CAPture is intended to free up time for clients burdened by repetitive bill entry tasks. Bill CAPture   …Continue Reading

Kit Does Demand Response for Small Businesses

Linda Hardesty

Universal Devices is offering its Energy Management In a Box – a demand response system configured for the small and medium business market. The system complies with California’s Title 24 building requirements and uses OpenADR. Energy Management In a Box combines Universal Devices’ ISY994 Automation platform with up to 64 smart thermostats. The programmability of   …Continue Reading

New Fluid Protects Solar Thermal Systems

Linda Hardesty

DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products has collaborated with SolarUS to launch a new biobased heat transfer fluid – So-Blu – designed to protect solar thermal systems from freezing, corrosion and extreme heat damage. Solar thermal fluids are prone to a host of issues such as degradation that results in the formation of viscous deposits   …Continue Reading

CODA Orders 125 kW Solar + Battery Converter

Linda Hardesty

Ideal Power announced its 125 kW converter family, including a 3-port hybrid converter and 2-port battery converter. The company also announced it has received an initial order for its 125 kW hybrid converter from CODA Energy, a California based manufacturer and installer of commercial and industrial energy storage. The 125 kW converter uses the same   …Continue Reading

Membrane Technology Generates Renewable Energy from Wastewater

Karen Henry

GE has combined anaerobic digestion technology with its ZeeWeed 500 wastewater treatment membranes to create the anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR). AbMBR generates renewable energy from industrial wastewater. According to GE, the AnMBR provides reduced energy consumption, energy recovery and reduced sludge production. It solves the issues associated with traditional anaerobic process by separating solids retention   …Continue Reading

Trane Upgrades Building Automation System

Linda Hardesty

Trane now offers its BAS R’newal building controls upgrade program to help update existing Building Automation Systems (BAS). R’newal provides a migration plan to improve the functionality of an aging system, allowing facility managers to take advantage of new technologies, like open systems with mobile access, wireless communication and Web-enabled remote access. Trane has created   …Continue Reading

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