Product News

Ruggedized LED from GlacialLight

Carl Weinschenk

GlacialLight, a division of GlacialTech, has introduced a 35 Watt outdoor floodlight. The GL-FL35 features CoB LEDs cooled by GlacialTech’s heatsink. The LED is in an IP66 ruggedized weatherproof and dustproof enclosure. The LED provides as much as 3,780 lumens of light output. The company says that they optimized for both residential and building uses. The stainless   …Continue Reading

ecoPOWER Ventilator From EdmondsUSA

Carl Weinschenk

ecoPOWER from EdmondsUSA is a hybrid commercial rooftop ventilator that combines gravity and motorization to improve efficiency, according to the company. It provides higher cubic feet per minute (CFM) than gravity-only ventilators with flat rainproof hats, the release says. The family of product come in 16-in (1,400 CFM at 68 watts), 24-inch (2,519 CFM at   …Continue Reading

Naperville Sets Electric Rates Through 2018

Cheryl Kaften

Following a three-year amnesty on electricity rates – with increases limited to 2 percent annually through 2015 – residents and businesses in Naperville, Illinois, will have to dig deeper to pay their bills, effective February 1. City Council members voted on January 5 to boost rates by 8.3 percent this year for residential, commercial and   …Continue Reading

Legrand Unveils Dimming and Integration Platform

Carl Weinschenk

Legrand has introduced the Light Control and Automation Panel (LCAP), a dimming and integration platform. The press release says that the platform was developed by WattStopper and Vantage Controls, which are Legrand brands. LCAP is designed to meet precise dimming and energy conservation criteria, the release said. The series consists of lighting control panels and a   …Continue Reading

Litetronics Introduces LEDs

Carl Weinschenk

Litetronics says that its new LED R and BR lamps cut energy use by as much as 87 percent and offer twelve times the lifespan of comparable legacy lights. The lights are retrofits to E26 medium bases and screw in to existing features. The company says that they are designed to copy the appearance of   …Continue Reading

Montana PSC Rejects MDU’s Interim Rate Request

Cheryl Kaften

On a 4-0 vote on December 15, the Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) rejected (Docket No. D2015.6.51) a $10.9 million interim electricity rate increase requested by Montana-Dakota Utilities (MDU). The rate increase was requested as an interim adjustment that is part of a larger 21.1 percent, $11.8 million filing under review in a contested rate   …Continue Reading

Entrade Introduces Portable Tri-Generation Unit

Carl Weinschenk

Entrade has introduced what it says is the world’s smallest combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) tri-generation unit powered by biomass. The unit was unveiled at La Kretz Innovation Center in Los Angeles. The company says that the E3, which is small enough to be transported in a pickup truck, generates as much as 30   …Continue Reading

Hubbell Introduces ASL LED

Carl Weinschenk

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting has introduced the ASL LED luminaire. The LED, which is aimed at area, site or roadway use, replaces high-intensity discharge (HID) luminaires of up to 400 watts. The company says that the ASL is 60 percent more efficient than legacy HIDs and is available in 8- , 16- or 24-LED configurations. High   …Continue Reading

SunPower Unveils Helix Solar Platform

Carl Weinschenk

SunPower has launched the Helix platform, a fully-integrated commercial solar platform that combines solar power product and energy management, the company says. The company says that the unit’s solar panels produce 60 percent more energy compared to conventional panels when measured over a 25 year period.  In addition, the company says the mounting hardware maximizes   …Continue Reading

LED Canopy Light Offers Energy-Saving Alternative to Metal Halide

Karen Henry

Larson Electronics has released the LEDHCL-900 tradition LED canopy light. Designed to provide a more durable and longer-life alternative to halogen and metal halide units, the LED canopy light provides up to 87 percent savings in energy and maintenance costs, according to the company. The light features a compact form factor and produces a wide flood   …Continue Reading