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Sheridan College to Open Advanced Energy Laboratory

Karen Henry

Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada, has announced the grand opening of its Integrated Energy Systems Laboratory at the Davis Campus in Brampton. The lab was designed and project managed by Renteknik Group. The project focused on the integration
 of four renewable energy sources—solar PV and thermal, fuel cell, wind turbine and micro hydro—with a battery   …Continue Reading

Schneider Electric to Acquire InStep Software

Karen Henry

Schneider Electric has entered into an agreement to acquire InStep Software. It is the latest acquisition from Schneider’s software business. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2014, subject to customary regulatory and other closing conditions. InStep provides two primary real-time performance management and predictive analytics software solutions: eDNA and PRiSM.   …Continue Reading

How to Enhance Power and Grid Reliability and Resiliency

Vic Shao

Public funding and supportive government policies have been a boon that has sparked innovation, technological advances, private sector investment and job creation in renewable energy, clean technology and energy efficiency across the US. Spurred forward by pioneering legislation, such as California’s AB 2514 energy storage mandate, this pattern of “green” socioeconomic development and growth is now   …Continue Reading

National Lab Creates ‘Autotune’ Building Modeling Software

Linda Hardesty

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers are developing software that will automatically calibrate models for simulating building energy use. Building Energy Modeling (BEM) uses computer simulations to estimate energy use and guide the design of new buildings and energy retrofits. Up to 3,000 parameters may be specified when modeling a building’s energy use. Over the last   …Continue Reading

Ford Spends $25M on LEDs at Factories

Linda Hardesty

Ford Motor Company is beginning to install $25 million of LED lighting at its manufacturing facilities across the globe. The 25,000 new LED fixtures will replace traditional high-intensity discharge and fluorescent lights, and are expected to reduce Ford’s energy use at manufacturing facilities by 56 million kWh annually, equating to an up to 70 percent   …Continue Reading

Air Force Academy Pushes Energy Efficiency

Linda Hardesty

From August 2013 to August 2014 the US Air Force Academy reduced its electrical use by 3.3 million kWh. The Academy invested in high efficiency lighting, installing about 1,250 LEDs throughout the base. The LEDs consume 40 percent less electricity at the same or higher lighting levels than high-pressure sodium fixtures. The Academy is in   …Continue Reading

Recreation District Picks Solar Garden for Energy

Linda Hardesty

South Suburban Park and Recreation District, a Colorado special district that provides recreational facilities, has made a purchase in a community-owned solar garden operated by Boulder, Colo.-based Clean Energy Collective. South Suburban Park and Recreation District, serving nearly 140,000 residents, purchased 170 kilowatts, or 725 solar PV panels, in CEC’s Arapahoe County Community Solar Array   …Continue Reading

Banks Invest $82M in Energy Projects at UK Hospitals

Linda Hardesty

The UK’s Green Investment Bank and Rabobank Group’s De Lage Landen unit are investing $82 million on energy efficiency projects at UK hospitals, reports Bloomberg. The two banks are each providing $41 million to help the National Health Service save on its annual $1.2 billion energy bill. The first project the banks are funding is   …Continue Reading

Massive Project Tests Battery Energy Storage

Linda Hardesty

Southern California Edison is opening the largest battery energy storage project in North America – the Tehachapi Energy Storage Project. The demonstration project costs about $50 million with matching funds from SCE and the Department of Energy as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The 32 MWh battery energy storage system   …Continue Reading

Craft Beer Brewer Offsets Electricity Cost with Solar

Linda Hardesty

The Dark Horse Brewing Company in Marshall, Mich., installed a 40-kilowatt, 140-panel solar system, which “will completely offset the Brewery’s usage of electricity each year,” according to a spokesman for the company. Dark Horse purchased the fixed standing metal roof mounting systems from Patriot Solar Group. The brewer participates in the Green Breweries Project, along   …Continue Reading

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