Technology Creates a Brighter Future for Small and Mid-Sized Commercial Solar Investments

Karen Henry

Growth in the US solar market has primarily been driven by the residential sector and large-scale projects for Fortune 500 and utility companies. For small- and mid-sized businesses, the lack of easy and cost-efficient methods to evaluate and mitigate the risk of solar projects has historically been a significant barrier to entry. Technology is creating   …Continue Reading

Orion Wins School District Contracts, Increases Chances for Incentives

Carl Weinschenk

Several school districts nationwide have recently reduced their maintenance cost and energy use while improving the quality of light in the classroom and becoming eligible for higher rebates and incentives by installing energy efficient retrofit lighting platforms. Orion Energy Systems, a manufacturer of retrofit lighting platforms, says its lighting solutions have been installed in the   …Continue Reading

Study: Smartest ‘Smart Building’ Owners Come from Retail, Manufacturing, Construction

Carl Weinschenk

The most advanced smart building owners are in retail, process manufacturing, and construction, IDC found in a recent survey of 200 business owners, writes Of the smartest building owners identified in the study, about 40% focused on HVAC technology, about 28% on lighting, about 41% on plug loads, and about 21% on distributed energy.   …Continue Reading

Low Cost IoT Solutions, Data Driven Analytics to Propel Energy Mgmt Market

Carl Weinschenk

Smart building solutions are a growing focus for companies as technology innovations create significant changes across the energy management industry landscape, according to a report from Research and Markets. Modular, low-cost IoT solutions will win in the short- to medium-term, while data-driven analytics will continue to propel the energy management market forward. The growth of   …Continue Reading

Bridgewater, MA, Gets $231,000 Efficiency Grant

Carl Weinschenk

The town of Bridgewater, MA, has been awarded a $231,000 Green Communities Grant. The grant will pay for efficiency improvements leading to estimated annual savings of $55,000, according to The Raynham Call. The town is part of the Green Community state program that has a stated goal of reducing energy use by 20 percent over five   …Continue Reading

Energy Profile of Commercial Buildings Changing

Carl Weinschenk

The energy profile of commercial buildings is changing, according to participants in a round table conducted by Consulting-Specifying Engineer. Photovoltaics are becoming more common on warehouses and public schools, said to Paul Meyer, a Senior Vice President at WSP USA. Meyer indicated that both types of facilities tend to have extensive roof areas that have very little obstructing equipment.   …Continue Reading

Modular Data Centers Cut Construction Costs

Carl Weinschenk

Data centers increasingly are stressed for power as demands from the Internet – and the PCs, smartphones and other devices connected to them – grow radically. Salt River Project, which is of the nation’s largest public utilities, and BaseLayer have unveiled a prototype of an approach that they say can help satisfy demand as it   …Continue Reading

Failure to Build Energy Infrastructure Could Cost New England $5.4B

Karen Henry

Failure to expand New England’s energy infrastructure will lead to $5.4 billion more in energy costs for households and businesses, according to a study commissioned by the New England Coalition for Affordable Energy. These impacts would ramp up from 2016 through 2020, with similar or larger impacts expected beyond that timeframe if infrastructure is not added.   …Continue Reading

Lime Energy to Provide Clean Energy Tech to 1,000 Small Businesses

Carl Weinschenk

In response to President Obama’s call to make renewable energy more accessible to home owners, The Lime Energy Co. will provide clean energy technology to 1,000 small businesses in low and moderate income communities across the country. Lime provides energy services to utilities and their commercial customers. The energy savings generated by the offers will amount to more   …Continue Reading

GE, Coachella Energy Building a Big Lithium-Ion Battery

Carl Weinschenk

General Electric and Coachella Energy Storage Partners will build a $38 million battery for the Imperial Irrigation District in California. The 30-megawatt power source will be one of the largest lithium-ion batteries in the state, according to The Desert Sun. The project’s genesis was a blackout in September, 2011, which impacted 2.7 million people and   …Continue Reading

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