The Boulder Valley School District Goes Big on Energy Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

A multiyear, multiphase project aims to cut use as far as it will go.

Troubles in Wisconsin for Energy Efficiency, Renewables

Carl Weinschenk

In most people’s eyes, high speed Internet access is a laudable community goal. It is, however, causing a problem in Wisconsin, according to Midwest Energy News. The site says that efforts are underway to increase access in the state, which ranks next to last. However, the story says that clean air advocates Clean Wisconsin and   …Continue Reading

Indiana School District Goes Totally Solar

Carl Weinschenk

Sheridan Community Schools – which serve the central Indiana town of the same name — are going 100 percent solar, according to WFYI. The story says that the district, which has slightly more than 1,000 students, expects to save between $4 million and $5 million over a 20-year period. The move is expected to cut the percentage   …Continue Reading

SWAP: The Air Force Academy Versus The Naval Academy

Carl Weinschenk

The two military training institutions face similar problems – and helped each other see where some easy gains can be made.

Newton, IA, Lauds Three for Efficiency Efforts

Carl Weinschenk

Three organizations in Newton, IA, have been honored for energy efficiency. The awards were bestowed by The Hometown Rewards program, which is sponsored by Alliant Energy. The honorees are McCall Monument, Newton Enterprises and Newton Water Pollution Control, according to the Newton Daily News. The program was established last year and, to date, has achieved   …Continue Reading

Keystone Pipeline Has Better Odds Now But Energy Managers Won’t See An Immediate Benefit

Ken Silverstein

The Dakota pipeline is now getting all the headlines. But sometime after President-elect Trump is sworn in, the Keystone XL Pipeline will be back in the news. What is Trump likely to do and how will this impact both environmental and energy managers?

Apartment Buildings Get on the Energy Efficiency Train

Carl Weinschenk

Many of the issues are the same as in other types of buildings, but working through complex owner/tenant relationships can be a challenge.

Huawei Cell Plan Approved by ITU

Carl Weinschenk

The explosion of wireless technology is a drain on the energy budgets of telecommunications companies, who have to pay to power cell sites, base stations and towers. This challenge will become worse as the next generation of 5G comes online. 5G uses higher frequencies which have shorter ranges and, thus, require more sites. Huawei has   …Continue Reading

Iron Mountain Launches Ambitious Solar Project

Carl Weinschenk

The information storage and management firm is serious about harnessing energy from the sun – even in New Jersey.

The City Energy Project Grows

Carl Weinschenk

A lot of information has been amassed about how communities can cut energy use. Two goals of the CEP are to make sure that data is effectively implemented and shared.