Commercial Refrigeration Benefits from Efficiency and Environmental Efforts

Carl Weinschenk

Keeping food cool or frozen in a display case is a woefully inefficient process. There are ways to make it a bit less wasteful, however.

Science-Based Targets Inspire a Smarter Investment Strategy in Retail

Ty Colman

Near the end of 2015, shareholders of a large U.S. retailer proposed a proxy resolution requesting the company commit to purchasing more renewable energy. This retailer approached POINT380 for guidance. What proceeded is a case for using performance data and a science-based approach to advance corporate sustainability. In the first phase of the project, we   …Continue Reading

New York City Study Conclusion: Benchmarking Works

Carl Weinschenk

Researchers found that simply informing owners of how their buildings are performing results in improvements in energy efficiency and greater use of renewables.

New Green Advancements in Hospital Environments

Dixie Somers

The call for industries to become eco-friendly has not fallen on deaf ears. Any organization that wants to remain relevant to the population it serves is trying to meet this new demand. This includes healthcare. Hospitals and nursing home facilities face unique challenges when it comes to using ecologically sound practices. About 15 percent of   …Continue Reading

AAMA Offers Fenestration Course

Carl Weinschenk

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has introduced “Fundamentals of Fenestration.” The course is designed to train participants in basic terminology and standards for windows, doors and skylights. The organization said that it will cover residential and light commercial products and commercial and architectural applications. The course is designed to qualify for one hour of   …Continue Reading

AEEE: Efficiency as a Resource is a Winner

Carl Weinschenk

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has released a report that looks at energy efficiency as a resource. A blog at the organization’s site says that energy efficiency is the third largest resource in the country. It has made the construction of 313 power plants unnecessary since 1990 and is a greater contributor   …Continue Reading

Who Should Pay for a Utility’s Bad Business Decisions – Owners or Customers?

Dick Munson

When companies fall into financial trouble, shareholders and executives are usually held responsible. If a firm, for instance, assumes too much debt, its owners face several options. They could issue more equity or stock, bringing in more revenue but decreasing the value of their current stock holdings. They could cut the dividends to shareholders. They   …Continue Reading

Unity College Gets Grant for Greenhouses

Carl Weinschenk

Unity College in Maine, which describes itself as “America’s Environmental College,” has received a $40,000 grant to upgrade the heating system of McKay Farm & Research Station’s greenhouses, according to the Lancaster Farmer. The school, which is in Unity, ME, aims to upgrade the campus to carbon-neutral and fossil fuel-free status. The grant, which is seen by   …Continue Reading

AEP Ohio Awards CenturyLink

Carl Weinschenk

AEP Ohio presented telecommunications provider CenturyLink with a $133,547 incentive check late last month. The award was made by the company’s Ohio Data Center Program. It provides incentives based upon participants’ annual energy savings. The release says that last year CenturyLink upgraded its datacenter’s mechanical system, which enabled the replacement of the heat rejection equipment with   …Continue Reading

Drones Nearing Take Off for Energy Managers

Carl Weinschenk

The Federal Aviation Administration this summer released rules controlling the operation of commercial drones. For energy managers, this could be the start of something big – and high.