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4 Michigan Farms Help Utility Produce Electricity

Linda Hardesty

Consumers Energy selected the following four Michigan farms to produce renewable energy with anaerobic digesters. Beaver Creek Farms, Coopersville Brook View Dairy, Freeport Green Meadow Farms Inc., Elsie Scenic View Dairy, Fennville Consumers Energy developed the new anaerobic digester program along with Michigan State University and the state’s agricultural community. The farms have the opportunity to   …Continue Reading

Cannabis Growers Reduce Energy Consumption

Karen Henry

HempTech, a division of St. Petersburg, Fla.-based FutureWorld, unveiled a facility and energy-management system to help reduce the electricity consumption and cost for cannabis growers. HempTech’s smart.NRG energy management system includes three components: Secure Intelligent Devices (SID): Lights, LEDs, and systems with imbedded two-way communication systems that dispense real-time information, management and controls. Facility CaNNaLyTiX:   …Continue Reading

Pistachio Farm Saves $100,000 on Electric Bill in First Year

Linda Hardesty

CalCom Solar began installation of a 570 kW solar system to power a 300 HP irrigation pump for Pleasant Valley Pistachios farm in central California. CalCom Solar’s proprietary Solar AG Energy software was able to precisely analyze how solar would impact Pleasant Valley’s participation in energy mitigation programs and determined that in the first year alone,   …Continue Reading

Electricity for Farmers Skews ‘Industrial’ Energy Stats

Linda Hardesty

Farmers make up a significant share of industrial electricity customers in certain states, according to the Energy Information Administration. This is because of demand from farm irrigation systems, which are categorized by electric utilities as industrial load. For example, Nebraska is largely rural and agricultural, but it has the third-highest count of industrial electricity customers   …Continue Reading

Produce Farm Uses LED Grow Lights

Linda Hardesty

Green Sense Farms (GSF), a Chicago-area commercial grower, worked with Philips to use LED grow lights tailored for specific crops. GSF’s new facility at the AmeriPlex Industrial Park in Portage, Ind., will allow the company to harvest 20-25 times a year by using fine-tuned LED systems known as “light recipes” optimized for different kinds of   …Continue Reading

Kreider Farms Spends $2M for Solar

Linda Hardesty

Lancaster County Pennsylvania’s Kreider Farms is launching a solar power project for its four Manheim chicken houses and egg processing facilities. The installations will begin this month, and the $2 million project is slated to be complete by mid-summer. MBC Development and A1 Energy will install the solar panels on the roofs of the four   …Continue Reading

Cummins Offers CHP for Greenhouse Growers

Linda Hardesty

Cummins Power Generation introduced a combined heat and power (CHP) generator system targeted to commercial greenhouse growers in the United States and Canada. In addition to utilizing natural gas to generate on-site electricity, the Cummins CHP system simultaneously produces heat and beneficial carbon dioxide (CO2) fertilization to help accelerate plant growth. Through the capture and   …Continue Reading

Solar Offsets 75% of Vignolo Farm’s Cold Storage

Linda Hardesty

REC Solar completed a 1 MW solar energy system for Vignolo Farms in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Vignolo Farms will offset 75 percent of its energy use at its cold storage facility with the four-acre array. Vignolo Farms produces wine grapes and organic potatoes via sustainable agricultural practices. REC Solar completed the installation on time   …Continue Reading

Turkey Farm Installs 179 Biomass Boilers

Linda Hardesty

British turkey producer Bernard Matthews hired Lumicity to roll out 179 biomass boilers at 21 of its turkey farms in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Lincolnshire. The dry heat biomass systems will improve circulation of heat and reduce ventilation requirements. Lumicity identified the sites, designed the project, advised Bernard Matthews through the process of tendering and negotiating,   …Continue Reading

Look to Energy to Solve Our Drought

Jennifer Hermes

Take a drive down Highway 5 through California’s Central Valley and you’ll find more signs sprouting up than plants, all protesting the water cutbacks. The farmers blame the politicians and the politicians are blaming climate change. Everyone has a scapegoat but no one seems to have a good answer. Except, perhaps, the energy experts. Most   …Continue Reading

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