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Commercial Buildings

One Degree Thermostat Change Could Save NYC Buildings $145M Per Year

Linda Hardesty

Analyzing publicly available building data, Retroficiency’s Building Genome Project mapped the characteristics of New York City’s 30,000-commercial-building portfolio to develop energy models. The Building Genome Project maps the hundreds of distinct markers that influence how a building consumes energy. These markers, composed of mechanical equipment, construction materials, fuel sources, operational characteristics and more, make up   …Continue Reading

Small Box Retail: Think Outside the Energy Box

Energy Manager Today Staff

Energy Management Systems (EMS’s) are ubiquitous in the big box retail environment, and even in medium box stores, but have been less so in small box retail (defined for our purposes as facilities under 10,000 sq. ft.), although that appears to be changing. What has been unique about the small box world, and why are   …Continue Reading

USGBC Creates a Building Monitoring Tool

Linda Hardesty

The LEED Dynamic Plaque will be revealed at the Rocky Mountain Green conference in Colorado this week. The LEED Dynamic Plaque measuring device will give users a real-time display of how a building is performing in the areas of energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience. The aim is to measure LEED buildings’ performance post-occupancy   …Continue Reading

New Twist for 2014 Battle of Buildings

Linda Hardesty

For its 2014 Battle of the Buildings competition, in addition to buildings across the nation competing in a head-to-head battle to see which building can save the most energy and water, EPA is also pitting teams of buildings against each other. The EPA says teaming up is a great way to motivate, collaborate, and learn   …Continue Reading

Berkeley Lab Opens ‘Rotating’ Testbed

Linda Hardesty

Next week, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will celebrate the opening of four newly constructed outdoor testbeds, which have been added to its Flexlab facility. Webcor Builders and its subcontractors will be the first to conduct experiments in Flexlab’s new rotating testbed, which rotates up to 270° for different orientations with respect to the sun, to   …Continue Reading

Logging Occupancy to Optimize Energy Use

Energy Manager Today Staff

Every occupant in a building creates demand for lighting, ventilation, thermal comfort, and electrical power. Lighting, heating, and cooling unoccupied spaces is a huge source of energy waste in buildings, and many studies have shown that building occupancy profiles have a significant impact on building energy use and operational controls. Closer alignment of occupancy patterns   …Continue Reading

Company Pitches Energy Management for the Little Guys

William Opalka

The so-called internet of things has a new player as Smartcool Systems provides a tool to automate energy efficiency and energy management in small commercial buildings. A collaboration with an energy management system (EMS) is showing savings of 25 percent. The company signed a software licensing agreement in December with smartACR, which is developing an automated   …Continue Reading

Toronto’s ‘Race to Reduce’ Garners 9% Energy Cut

Energy Manager Today Staff

Since CivicAction launched the Race to Reduce smart energy office challenge in Toronto in 2011, participating landlords and tenants in that city have reduced their collective energy use by 9 percent, reports The Globe and Mail. Currently over 175 buildings are registered in Race to Reduce, representing over 67 million square feet – or over 32   …Continue Reading

Top 6 in Building Energy Management Software

Linda Hardesty

In the global market for building energy management software, six suppliers – Envizi, eSight, IBM, Schneider Electric, Siemens and Verisae – are market leaders, according to independent analyst firm Verdantix. Verdantix’s report, Green Quadrant Building Energy Management Software 2014, compares 14 building energy management applications to help corporate buyers select energy management software. The analysis   …Continue Reading

WegoWise Measurement Business Grows 77%

Linda Hardesty

WegoWise says its measurement and verification business grew 77 percent in the last year and now measures energy savings for more than 2,100 building retrofits. WegoWise automatically tracks and benchmarks utility use across building portfolios to identify the worst performers ripe for upgrades. The company’s measurement and verification services compares projected utility use against actual   …Continue Reading

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