Commercial Buildings

Excalibur Energy Becomes Preferred Supplier for Facilities Management Firm

Linda Hardesty

UK-based Excalibur Energy has been awarded preferred supplier status by facilities management firm Mitie for energy saving projects related to refrigeration and cooling in a range of client facilities. Excalibur provides consultancy, performance analysis and measurement with retrofit solutions to improve chiller efficiency without wholesale replacement. Excalibur optimizes the efficiency of chillers, cooling and refrigeration   …Continue Reading

Chicago Extends Energy Benchmarking Deadline

Linda Hardesty

A posting on WegoWise’s blog site says the city of Chicago has extended its energy benchmarking compliance deadline for buildings by two months, from June 1 to August 1, 2015. Chicago’s law requires owners of commercial buildings over 50,000 square feet to track and verify energy consumption using the EPA’s Portfolio Manager. The requirement began   …Continue Reading

Retrofit Begins at Net Zero Energy Electrical Training Center

Linda Hardesty

In Los Angeles, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 11 and the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association have begun retrofitting their Electrical Training Institute to make it a net-zero-energy building. The $13 million project was initially announced in August 2014. Construction will be completed in Spring 2016 with an opening scheduled   …Continue Reading

Missing Insulation and Steam Trap Failures: The Hidden Fires that Need to Be Doused!

Suzanne Rowe Barrett

The energy industry is booming. It still surprises me when I hear the phrase, “I can’t worry about insulating — I have too many fires that have to be put out.” If I told you tomorrow that after a comprehensive survey of your facility, you were losing $50K a month in energy dollars, would you   …Continue Reading

Energy Benchmarking Lags in Denver Without Mandatory Requirement

Linda Hardesty

Denver does not have mandatory energy benchmarking, but it does have the Denver City Energy Project, which promotes voluntary benchmarking of buildings. To date, the benchmarking program has enrolled 85 buildings, representing 17.7 million square feet of commercial and multi-family buildings in Denver.  The owners and managers of these buildings are benchmarking their buildings’ energy   …Continue Reading

JLL Acquires Energy Specialist CoR Advisors

Linda Hardesty

Real estate company JLL has signed a letter of intent to acquire CoR Advisors, a smart building consulting business. The acquisition is expected to close this month. CoR Advisors’ expertise in smart building integration systems will augment JLL’s growing focus on high-performance building technology, including its IntelliCommand smart building system now used in more than   …Continue Reading

Do Sustainable Building Design Certifications Provide ROI?

Karen Henry

Sustainable building design certifications have not delivered much in terms of protecting and enhancing building values over the long term, according to a study conducted by Underwriters Laboratories. UL asked constituents in the built environment value-chain where the sources of economic value and ROI were being found in the overall sustainable buildings movement. In many   …Continue Reading

New York City Ushers In Sub-Metering Rule

Marc Karell

New York City’s Local Law 88 is now in effect. This rule contains requirements for buildings that are 50,000 square feet or greater to upgrade their lighting and to install sub-meters. A future article will discuss lighting, but this one will discuss sub-meters. New York City is one of the first cities in the nation to   …Continue Reading

Lighting Reigns as Top Energy Efficiency Upgrade

Linda Hardesty

According to Noesis and based on data from more than 1,300 projects on the Noesis platform, lighting is the most common energy upgrade for commercial building owners. Lighting upgrades were the most frequently proposed project through the Noesis platform, with four times as many proposals than HVAC upgrades (combination of heating, cooling and air handling projects), which   …Continue Reading

Renting HVAC Equipment Addresses Short-Term Service Needs

Karen Henry

When unexpected mechanical failures or outages occur, renting HVAC and power equipment can help facility managers avoid disruptions in service while necessary repairs or replacement are made, Facility Executive reports. Temporary equipment can help maintain service during large-scale retrofit projects and serve as a back-up after the retrofit is complete as part of the startup and commissioning   …Continue Reading