Commercial Buildings

Clauses to Consider in Green Leases

Linda Hardesty

Green or energy-aligned leases have the potential to cut energy consumption by up to 22 percent in leased buildings, according to a new study released by the Institute for Market Transformation. Green leases address the split incentive problem by linking financial incentives in a traditional commercial lease, wherein both owners and tenants can better realize   …Continue Reading

Submetering Could be Poised for Growth

Linda Hardesty

A blog posting from JLL says that currently, only about 15 percent of buildings in San Francisco have some form of submetering in place, as the practice is largely optional in Bay Area commercial real estate markets. In cities such as New York, Chicago and Seattle, submetering of electrical utilities is more common, and in   …Continue Reading

Urjanet Accelerates International Expansion

Karen Henry

Urjanet has continued its international expansion into the European and Asian markets. The utility data provider has already launched in 13 countries outside of North America, including Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, with plans to expand to an additional 30 countries by the end of the year. Urjanet’s expansion is being driven   …Continue Reading

5 Tips to Get Your CFO to Buy into Energy Management

Karen Henry

According to a 2014 survey by the Aberdeen Group, measuring return on investment (ROI), competing for resources with other projects, getting operational-level employee support and getting approval from senior management are the most common challenges associated with justifying energy management initiatives. Dexma Energy Management has provided five tips for facility managers looking to get buy-in   …Continue Reading

Building Robotics Tunes HVAC to Personal Preferences

Linda Hardesty

Glumac’s new 17,500-sq-foot office is the first Net Zero Tenant Improvement Living Building Challenge-registered project in the United States and occupies one floor in the 62-story, 1.1-million-sq-foot Aon Center, the second tallest building in Los Angeles. With limited opportunity to implement renewable energy strategies, Glumac turned its focus toward innovative energy reduction techniques. One technique   …Continue Reading

Get Smarter about Your Energy Procurement

Jennifer Hermes

The combined annual energy costs of the commercial, governmental and industrial sectors across the U.S. total more than $390 billion. And, for many organizations, the cost of energy can be among their largest expenditures. Taking control of seemingly ever-increasing energy costs is not an easy task. The Get Smarter about Your Energy Procurement Data Book from   …Continue Reading

New ASHRAE Standard Helps Test Heat Gain from Plug Load Equipment

Linda Hardesty

ASHRAE has created a new standard to help collect data on the growing use of plug loads in buildings. ASHRAE/ANSI Standard 203-2014, Method of Test for Determining Heat Gain of Office Equipment Used in Buildings, prescribes methods of test to determine the range and average operating heat gains of electrical equipment for use in cooling   …Continue Reading

Tool Calculates Building Energy Code Data to Comply with Clean Power Plan

Linda Hardesty

The Alliance to Save Energy and the Energy Efficient Codes Coalition released a calculator that state air quality offices can use to estimate the carbon emission savings from state adoption and enforcement of the most recent building energy codes – the 2012 and 2015 versions of the International Energy Conservation Codes (IECC). The most recent   …Continue Reading

Urjanet Partners with ENERGY STAR on Portfolio Manager

Linda Hardesty

Urjanet is partnering with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program to enable energy managers to integrate their utility bill data directly into Portfolio Manager. Before the EPA released Portfolio Manager’s REST-based API in July 2013, some users with large building portfolios found that getting their energy data into Portfolio Manager via manual data   …Continue Reading

DOE Invests $6M to Increase Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Karen Henry

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced nearly $6 million in funding to accelerate energy efficiency in offices, shops, schools and other buildings. The following eight competitively selected projects will demonstrate one or more approaches for improving commercial building energy use by up to 50 percent: The City of Milwaukee and 11 partners will   …Continue Reading