Microgrids, Now Mainstream, Continue to Advance

Carl Weinschenk

Fourth quarter numbers from Navigant Research show that for the first time more microgrids are remote than tied to the main grid. In short, microgrids are leaving home. The research found that there are 1,437 microgrids worldwide providing 13 GW of capacity. More than half of these are remote. Significant recent additions are 83 projects   …Continue Reading

Behind the Meter: The Many Advantages of Energy Benchmarking

Carl Weinschenk

EnergyScorecardsMinnesota was a Web-based energy and water benchmarking and tracking initiative that focused on managers and owners of multifamily premises. More than 550 buildings participated. The goals of the study were to demonstrate benchmarking, study its impact on the buildings and explore how property owners and managers used the data. It was a collaborate effort   …Continue Reading

Energy Management: The Internet of Things Changes Everything

Carl Weinschenk

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) almost certainly is the most important single development in the long evolution of energy management. The premise of energy management is controlling elements at a fundamental and granular level. The deeper and tighter the control the better. In a world that is saturated in IoT devices, that   …Continue Reading

Changing Winds on Ways and Means — PTC Future Uncertain

Elizabeth Noll

This article was co-authored by Emily Barkdoll. With Congressman Paul D. Ryan (R-WI) becoming Speaker of the House, his seat as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee is up for grabs. Both Representative Pat Tiberi (R-OH) and Representative Kevin Brady (R-TX) have thrown their hats into the ring to succeed him. The House Ways and   …Continue Reading

Varentec Selects Flex to Build Grid-Edge Control Devices

Karen Henry

Varentec, a company that builds power management and monitoring solutions for the electric grid, has selected Flex to manufacture its Varentec ENGO devices for sale to utilities in US and global markets. The partnership will allow Varentec to rapidly scale production to support broad deployment of ENGO devices, which work in combination with the company’s   …Continue Reading

5 Energy Trends Driving Climate Progress in 2015

Ben Ratner

What a difference a year can make. Even before the last weeks tick away, 2015 stands out as a remarkable and dynamic year for climate and energy in the United States. Read on for five bold trends that are beginning to reshape our economy – and our national discourse on climate change. 1. Investments in   …Continue Reading

Perovskite Seeks its Place in the Sun as Solar Panel Element

Carl Weinschenk

Perovskite could give silicon a run for its money as the dominant material for solar panels, according to Stuff. The story says that perovskite (which is named after a Russian mineralogist) is a calcium titanium oxide mineral that is found around the world. The mineral has two advantages over silicon. The first is in manufacture.   …Continue Reading

Duke Acquires Majority Stake in PhoenixET

Karen Henry

Duke Energy has acquired a majority share of Irvine, California-based Phoenix Energy Technologies (PhoenixET), a provider of energy management systems and services for commercial customers. According to Duke, the acquisition will help the company expand its offerings to its commercial customers. PhoenixET’s software is capable of integrating an customer’s portfolio of buildings without deploying additional   …Continue Reading

The War on Solar

Sara Gutterman

Fossil fuel interests are waging a shady war on solar through backroom transactions and bootleg deals. How long will they be able to rig the game? Eighty-four percent of US voters are in favor of “taking action to accelerate the development and use of clean energy”, but major fossil fuel interests don’t care as long   …Continue Reading

Hydrogenics’ Electrolyzer Helps Power Stuttgart

Carl Weinschenk

Hydrogenics Corporation said this week that its 1.5 MW PEM electrolyzer energy storage system has been incorporated into E.ON’s site in Hamburg, Germany. The system will help power the natural gas grid of the city. The Hydrogenics electrolyzer system produces green hydrogen by using surplus renewable energy, mostly from wind resources. This power-to-gas system enables   …Continue Reading