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Electric Vehicles are an Opportunity for Both Utilities and Companies

Ken Silverstein

The Natural Resources Defense Council says that utilities can help facilitate the rollout of all-electric vehicles by deploying rapid charging stations and by creating campaigns to increase public awareness.

Apple Wants to Take a Bite out of the Wholesale Electricity Market

Ken Silverstein

Apple filed last week for permission with federal regulators to sell electricity to other large consumers or to the power grid. Apple Energy, as it will be known, is mainly intended to feed its energy-started data centers with renewable energy.

Some Insurance Companies Invested Too Heavily in Fossil Fuels, says Ceres

Ken Silverstein

Some insurance companies may be investing to heavily in the fossil fuel sector. That’s according to Ceres, which looked closely at the oil and gas holdings of the top 40 US insurance groups and that collectively hold $459 billion in assets.

US Military Taking No Risks by Going Green, Saving Lives and Energy

Ken Silverstein

The US Department of Defense is still known for its bravery but it’s now also known for its use of green energy, battery storage and microgrids — that is saving the lives of soldiers in the battle field while also producing cleaner energy.

TVA is Ditching Big Nuclear Units but May Build Smaller Modular Reactors

Ken Silverstein

The TVA is applying to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to build small modular nuclear reactors in its territory.

Shell Quietly Starts Renewable Division

Carl Weinschenk

Shell, which is the largest oil company in Europe, has established a division to invest in renewable and low-carbon power, according to The Guardian. The New Energies division, the story said, will consolidate the company’s hydrogen, biofuel and electric initiatives. It also will be the base upon which a move into wind power will be   …Continue Reading

After Denying it, Federal Energy Regulators Will Rehear LNG Pipeline Case in Oregon

Ken Silverstein

Federal regulators are delaying a decision on whether to allow a 232-mile liquefied natural gas pipeline in Oregon. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission wants more time and has not given itself a deadline on whether to approve the application submitted Pacific Connector and Jordan Cove.

Natural Gas Pipeline Congestion is Squeezing Energy Managers

Ken Silverstein

If natural gas pipelines are not built in the Northeast, developers say that the region cannot meet the expected demand for the fuel and that prices will skyrocket — just as they did during the 2013 winter freeze out.

Utility Data Aggregation: How to Take the Best Approach

Jennifer Hermes

Energy services and software providers tend to perform a variety of strategic activities, including performing building audits, evaluating peak demand, implementing energy efficiency products for customers, qualifying customers’ risks in deregulated energy markets, creating detailed energy reports, etc. All of these activities have one, rather cumbersome thing in common: they require the aggregation of utility data, and manual approaches are inefficient and   …Continue Reading

Price of Carbon Credits Rises In Europe, Which is a Good Thing

Ken Silverstein

Whatever your thoughts are on trading carbon credits to reduce the levels of heat-trapping emissions, European leaders think they are making progress. Long criticized as being ineffective because the price of credits was too cheap and the cost of exceeding compliance rates was too low, the program is now evolving. Carbon prices have risen nearly   …Continue Reading