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Food & Beverage

Food Distributor Finds Renewables to be Marketing Benefit

Linda Hardesty

Testa Produce has been an EPA Green Power Partner since April 2012. The produce distribution company occupies a 91,300-sq-foot facility in Chicago’s Industrial Stockyards Park, where 18 percent of the facility’s annual electricity needs are supplied by an on-site 750-kW wind turbine and about 180 solar panels. In addition, all water is heated by means   …Continue Reading

Company Pitches Energy Management for the Little Guys

William Opalka

The so-called internet of things has a new player as Smartcool Systems provides a tool to automate energy efficiency and energy management in small commercial buildings. A collaboration with an energy management system (EMS) is showing savings of 25 percent. The company signed a software licensing agreement in December with smartACR, which is developing an automated   …Continue Reading

Schneider Targets Smaller Buildings

Linda Hardesty

Schneider Electric launched SmartStruxure Lite, a building management system (BMS) designed for small- and medium-sized buildings less than 100,000 square feet, including retail stores, offices, hotels, schools and healthcare clinics. SmartStruxure Lite is an open system that integrates management of HVAC, lighting and energy into one interface, allowing building managers to improve resource use and   …Continue Reading

Food Distributor Deploys LED Lighting

Linda Hardesty

Frialsa, a distributor of chilled and frozen products across Mexico, has deployed Digital Lumens Intelligent LED Lighting System technology across 10 facilities, covering nearly one million square feet of space. The company says it is saving 80 percent on lighting energy use across the multi-site deployment. The Digital Lumens system is also providing detailed data   …Continue Reading

Bioelectrically Enhanced Wastewater Powers Brewery

Linda Hardesty

The Bear Republic Brewery in Cloverdale, Calif., is using a bioelectrically enhanced wastewater-to-energy system from Cambrian Innovation. The EcoVolt system uses electrically active microbes to treat wastewater while simultaneously generating renewable biogas sufficient to generate up to 50 percent of brewery’s electricity needs and greater than 20 percent of the brewery’s heat needs. The technology offers   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Standards for Commercial Ice Makers Not Strong Enough, Says ACEEE

Linda Hardesty

The Department of Energy issued a notice of proposed rulemaking for energy conservation standards for automatic commercial ice makers. DOE estimates that ice makers meeting the proposed standards sold over 30 years would reduce US electricity use by about 30 billion kWh. But a blog posting by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy suggests   …Continue Reading

CO2 Refrigeration Company Joins EPA’s GreenChill

Linda Hardesty

Carnot Refrigeration joined the US Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill Partnership. GreenChill emphasizes the adoption of greener refrigeration practices such as using environmentally friendlier refrigerants, reducing refrigerant equipment charge sizes, limiting leaks in refrigeration equipment and installing advanced refrigeration technologies. EPA’s GreenChill Partnership works with supermarkets to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their impact on the ozone   …Continue Reading

Powerhouse Dynamics Re-Names, Expands Energy Management System

Linda Hardesty

Powerhouse Dynamics expanded the remote equipment control functionality of its enterprise energy and asset management system and renamed the system SiteSage, replacing the eMonitor name under which it has been known. SiteSage is designed for multi-site operators of small commercial facilities, such as restaurants, convenience stores and specialty retail chains. With the new SiteSage Controller,   …Continue Reading

Verisae, Franke Combine Software for Restaurant Energy Management

Linda Hardesty

Verisae is partnering with Tennessee-based Franke Foodservice Systems, a company that helps quick-service and casual-dining restaurants solve problems in the areas of energy consumption and control, ventilation systems, sanitation, restaurant automation and new technologies. Verisae’s Enterprise Energy Management Software will incorporate data from Franke Foodservice’s energy products into a single dashboard to mechanize facility operations.   …Continue Reading

Brewer Recommends ‘Diverse Approach to Green Power’

Linda Hardesty

Sierra Nevada Brewing, based in Chico, Calif., has been an EPA Green Power Partner since 2007. The company recently told the EPA: “Our green energy strategy first began with energy efficiency to make sure we were using our electricity as efficiently as possible. We implemented this through lighting upgrades, installing Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) on   …Continue Reading

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