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Food & Beverage

Diageo Purchases Natural Gas Sourced from Landfill

Linda Hardesty

Diageo, a wine, beer and spirits company, expanded its commitment to purchase natural gas in Canada from Bullfrog Power. Diageo extended its existing commitment to purchase natural gas for its Gimli, Manitoba, facility and will also now purchase natural gas for its Valleyfield, Quebec, location. Both facilities are committed through 2016. Sourced from a methane-capture   …Continue Reading

Supermarket Powered by Food Waste Alone

Karen Henry

UK grocery store chain Sainsbury announced that its Cannock store will run on power generated solely from the supermarket’s own food waste. Sainsbury will use waste management company Biffa’s advanced anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities and a unique power link to generate electricity using food waste from Sainsbury’s stores across the UK. The food waste is   …Continue Reading

Natural Gas Consumption Analysis Reveals Savings Opportunities

Jennifer Hermes

Can a bakery burn less gas with the same equipment? Statistical analysis of consumption data may provide an answer. The good news is that bakers do not need to do it themselves. “We couldn’t explain a ‘hiccup’ in sub-metering data from our bread oven in our Sudbury bakery,” says Darren Borden, Energy Management Engineer at   …Continue Reading

Arby’s Reduces Energy Intensity 7.6%

Linda Hardesty

Arby’s Restaurant Group announced energy reduction savings as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. Arby’s says it achieved a 7.6 percent reduction in energy use intensity as a result of a variety of energy initiatives implemented in 2013 as part of its Efficiency Matters program. Efficiency Matters is a cost-saving energy management platform developed to   …Continue Reading

Grocers Association Names Energy Procurement Vendor

Karen Henry

The National Grocers Association (NGA) has named energy services consulting company GreenCrown Energy as a preferred energy procurement vendor. NGA  engaged GreenCrown to help its members maintain or lower their gas and electricity costs. Securing favorable contracts requires excellent contacts and energy industry expertise, GreenCrown said, and securing the lowest possible electricity and natural gas   …Continue Reading

Bakers Pledge Energy Reductions

Linda Hardesty

The American Bakers Association (ABA) reported that 104 bakeries are taking the EPA Energy Star Challenge for Industry, which includes a pledge to reduce a manufacturing site’s energy intensity by 10 percent within five years or less. If these bakeries together reduce their energy intensity and use by 10 percent it could save over 768,000   …Continue Reading

Au Bon Pain Deploys SiteSage Energy Management

Linda Hardesty

Powerhouse Dynamics installed its Site Sage enterprise energy and asset management system at additional Au Bon Paincafés in the Boston, New York City and Washington DC metropolitan areas. This is an expansion of a project initiated last year in Rhode Island. SiteSage is designed specifically for multi-site operators of small commercial facilities, such as restaurants   …Continue Reading

Orange Expands Distribution of Anti-Sweat Controllers

Karen Henry

Orange Energizing Solutions (Orange) has announced the expanded distribution of its anti-sweat controllers through the launch of Orange provides and installs commercial cooler and freezer parts for the grocery, restaurant, C-Store, fast food and hotel industries. The company provides installation services where it has a physical presence and can help national, regional or local chains   …Continue Reading

Baldor Specialty Foods Reduces Lighting Energy By 70%

Linda Hardesty

Revolution Lighting Technologies completed an LED lighting project at Baldor Specialty Foods in the Hunts Point area of the Bronx, NY, consisting of 3,000 Seesmart LED tube lamps and exterior wall packs, which will yield a reduction of more than 750,000 kWh per year, equating to a 70 percent reduction in lighting energy savings with   …Continue Reading

Beer Invention Saves 90% on Cooling

Linda Hardesty

Heineken has invented a beer draught and cooling system – SmartDispense – that cuts a pub’s average energy use by 90 percent, reports the Guardian. Traditionally, beer is kept in a pub’s basement, where the temperature must be kept cool. With Heineken’s SmartDispense, the beer is cooled as it leaves the keg, eliminating the need   …Continue Reading

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