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Cheese Factory Installs Anaerobic Digestion

Linda Hardesty

British anaerobic digestion (AD) company Clearfleau has finished the first stage in a project for First Milk, one of the UK’s largest cheese makers. Once operational, the First Milk AD plant will feed bio-methane into the gas grid – the first dairy processing site in Europe to do so. Lake District Biogas (LDB), a company   …Continue Reading

Solar Hot Water Washes Thousands of Dishes for Chinese Buffett

Linda Hardesty

The EPA conducted a case study of the energy consumption of the BuffetAsia restaurant chain at its three locations in Las Vegas, which installed solar water heating systems to help defray the costs of washing as many as 20,000 dinner plates each day. The restaurants will save more than $300 each month on their energy   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Helps Vermont Dairy Achieve $2.1M in Lifetime Savings

Karen Henry

Efficiency Vermont is helping Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy achieve an estimated $2.1 million in lifetime savings through ongoing energy efficiency efforts, the Brattleboro Reformer reports. Maintaining an energy efficient facility has been a priority for the Vermont-based yogurt maker since it broke ground in Brattleboro in 2009. Energy efficient control systems and processing equipment provided an estimated   …Continue Reading

Refrigerated Display Runs at 18% Greater Energy Efficiency

Linda Hardesty

MTL Cool, a Quebec, Canada-based manufacturer of refrigerated point-of-purchase display systems, has created an energy-saving display unit operating with a hydrocarbon-blend refrigerant. In April 2015, MTL Cool began testing HCR188C/R441A, a pure hydrocarbon blend refrigerant, in a standard commercial 46-inch-wide, two-door unit. To do so, technicians replaced the original Tecumseh compressor, rated for R134 (a   …Continue Reading

Dietz & Watson Becomes Plug Power Customer

Linda Hardesty

Dietz & Watson will deploy Plug Power GenDrive fuel cells in its entire fleet of class-2 and class-3 lift trucks for its new warehouse building under a full GenKey agreement. Dietz & Watson manufacturers and distributes deli meats, artisan cheeses, and related products in North America. In their newly constructed facility in Philadelphia, Dietz &   …Continue Reading

UK Grocery Store Chain Gives Refrigerators an Energy Savings Turbo Boost

Karen Henry

Sainsbury’s, a grocery store chain in the UK, has partnered with Williams Advanced Engineering to bring aerofoil technology to its refrigerator systems. Manufactured by Aerofoil Energy, aerofoils use the same technology that helps to improve the performance of Formula One race cars. Williams worked closely with Aerofoil to refine the design using Formula One aerodynamics.   …Continue Reading

Refrigeration Battery Works as Energy Storage

Linda Hardesty

Axiom Exergy, a provider of energy storage systems for large supermarkets and food distribution facilities, has created the Refrigeration Battery for businesses with high refrigeration loads. The Refrigeration Battery enables facilities to store cooling for later use, thereby transforming their refrigeration systems into large-scale, cloud-connected, smart energy-storage resources. The Refrigeration Battery shifts up to 40   …Continue Reading

Chuck E. Cheese’s Deploys EnTouch Controls Energy Management at over 300 Locations

Linda Hardesty

Chuck E. Cheese’s has ramped up its commitment to EnTouch Controls’ 360° Energy Management as a Service, making it the official energy management system for its more than 300 corporate-owned stores in North America. According to Chuck E. Cheese’s, the energy costs for its multitude of video games, along with HVAC energy needs quickly add   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency in Food Service Businesses

Mark Masterson

When you are the owner or manager of a food service business, using less energy for day-to-day operations becomes an important consideration. Food service businesses use almost two-and-a-half times more energy than other businesses. Concerns about sustainability and climate change have helped to turn the focus toward energy efficiency in all businesses, especially food service.   …Continue Reading

Solar Array Generates 15% of Campbell Bakery Energy Needs

Linda Hardesty

Campbell Soup Company says a 1 MW solar array at its Pepperidge Farm bakery in Bloomfield, Connecticut, is generating the equivalent of 15 percent of the bakery’s annual energy demand since the array began operating on Dec. 26, 2014. The ground-mounted, fixed-tilt array comprises 2,720 SunPower solar panels and sits on five acres of land   …Continue Reading