Toyota Tabs MP2 for Renewable Energy

Carl Weinschenk

MP2 Energy will provide renewable energy for a new Toyota plant in Plano, TX.

Utilities Reaching Out Through Analytics

Carl Weinschenk

Building management systems, energy management systems and similar software-based tools and platforms clearly create efficiencies and save money. The ways in which they do this are growing more innovative. It’s all good.

Building a Better Turbine

Carl Weinschenk

Waste gases are a problem. If vented or flared without being properly treated, they contribute to pollution and global warming. Conditioning them to be disposed of properly is expensive, however. The problem would be solved if a way is found to use the dirty and diluted gases to produce the heat that is necessary to generate the   …Continue Reading

Air Quality is Iffy and Could Get Iffier, says American Lung Association

Ken Silverstein

The quality of air that most Americans breathe is better than it used but that it still iffy. That’s according to the American Lung Association, which says that 166 million of us live in places where ozone levels or particle pollution is not good. The Guardian reports that soot and smoke from wildfires out west   …Continue Reading

Can the IoT Power Motor Health and Efficiency?

Carl Weinschenk

ABB Motors and Generators’ Tom Bertheau describes smart sensor platforms that the company is deploying quite simply: They are, he said, “fitbits for motors.” The parallel to fitbits — wearable devices that monitor the amount of energy expended during exercise or daily activities — seems apt. Both are made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT),   …Continue Reading

Compressed Air Systems: Low Hanging Fruit for Energy Savings

Carl Weinschenk

Compressed air is a staple of many industrial facilities. These systems tend to be “leaky,” and finding and fixing these sometimes tiny holes and gaps is a great way to save money. “It is low-hanging fruit in that most people with a compressed air distribution network in their plant have some amount of leakage,” said Bill Barnes,   …Continue Reading

Daimler Detroit Diesel Facility Earns DoE SEP Certification

Carl Weinschenk

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded its Superior Energy Performance Platinum (SEP) certification to Daimler’s Detroit Diesel Corp. The story says that the facility used the ISO 50001 standard to save $37 million over 10 years. This savings was accomplished as as production increased 93 percent. The facility’s cumulative energy performance increased 32 percent and   …Continue Reading

General Motors Cuts Its Energy Use

Carl Weinschenk

Last week, General Motors said that 11 of its facilities were awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR certification. Buildings under consideration must outperform 75 percent of similar facilities nationwide and meet other performance criteria set by the EPA in order to win the distinction. The winners consisted of seven parts distribution centers, three IT   …Continue Reading

Smart Windows are a Smart Idea

Carl Weinschenk

Fenestration – roughly stated, the art of bashing holes in the sides and tops of buildings and putting various objects in those holes in an energy-efficient manner – is a big deal. Windows fill many of those holes, and smart glass is a big advance. The savings can be significant. Dr. Helen Sanders, the Vice President of Technical   …Continue Reading

Duke Energy Renewables, Lockheed Martin Sign PPA

Carl Weinschenk

Duke Energy Renewables and security and aerospace firm Lockheed Martin have signed a 17-year power purchase agreement (PPA) for solar generated electricity. The PPA will produce 30 MW – about 72,000 mWh – annually. The electricity will be used across Lockheed Martin’s entire domestic business segments, according to the press release. The solar power will   …Continue Reading