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Efficiency Platform Helps with Rebates

Linda Hardesty

Ecova rolled out the Ecova Efficiency Platform to help utilities deliver energy saving programs to customers interested in retail lighting energy efficiency, commercial and industrial midstream lighting efficiency, as well as multifamily owners who want to improve energy efficiency. An Ecova spokeswoman said the Efficiency Platform was officially launched this week, but has previously been   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Standard Created for Industrial Power Supplies

Linda Hardesty

Ecova has created an 80 PLUS certification for 115V industrial power supplies, physical units that power industrial applications by converting AC power into DC power. The new certification encourages greater energy efficiency in the industrial market by recognizing and rewarding manufacturers that achieve a premium efficiency rating. The 80 PLUS program created its first specification nearly   …Continue Reading

Toray Plastics Launches Second Cogeneration Facility

Karen Henry

Toray Plastics has opened a second cogeneration system at its 70-acre North Kingstown, Rhode Island, campus. The new cogeneration system produces electricity and steam for the Torayfan polypropylene film division and steam for the Lumirror polyester film division. The facility, which broke ground in August 2013 and came online in August of this year, will   …Continue Reading

Membrane Technology Generates Renewable Energy from Wastewater

Karen Henry

GE has combined anaerobic digestion technology with its ZeeWeed 500 wastewater treatment membranes to create the anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR). AbMBR generates renewable energy from industrial wastewater. According to GE, the AnMBR provides reduced energy consumption, energy recovery and reduced sludge production. It solves the issues associated with traditional anaerobic process by separating solids retention   …Continue Reading

Industrial-Scale Thermoelectric Generator Debuts

Linda Hardesty

Alphabet Energy introduced its E1 thermoelectric generator, which attaches to an exhaust stack to capture exhaust heat and convert it into electricity. The industrial-scale thermoelectric generator is the first product introduction for the company, which was founded in 2009 at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Thermoelectrics use a temperature differential to generate electricity in the solid   …Continue Reading

Call for Submissions: 3rd Annual Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards

Jennifer Hermes

Environmental Leader announces the third annual Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards, a program which recognizes excellence in the areas of energy, environmental and sustainability management by awarding Top Product/Project of the Year status to those that receive a top score from a panel of distinguished judges, headed by a coordinator from LNS Research. Last   …Continue Reading

GSEP Releases Guidance for Measuring Energy Savings

Karen Henry

A new guide published by the Global Superior Energy Performance Partnership (GSEP) Energy Management Working Group offers organizations practical, step-by-step instructions on performing measurement and verification (M&V) processes on energy efficiency projects to assess their impact and performance. By providing a methodology that enables practitioners to credibly assess energy performance impacts, the document, Measurement and   …Continue Reading

Yokogawa Releases Energy Performance Software

Karen Henry

Yokogawa Electric, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has announced it will release its Energy Performance Analytics (EP-Analytics) software in November. The software uses energy performance indicators to track how energy is being consumed in a plant, identifies gaps between energy performance targets and actual performance and helps to identify countermeasures to improve energy performance. The EP-Analytics   …Continue Reading

Fuel Cell Lift Truck Market Looks Bright, Providers Say

Karen Henry

There are some big advantages to using fuel cell lift trucks. Not only does it take far less time to refuel a hydrogen fuel cell lift truck than it does to swap out a battery for a conventional lift truck, but fuel cell lift trucks don’t require battery rooms and don’t experience power degradation during   …Continue Reading

Are Europe’s Green Energy Rules Driving Businesses Away?

Karen Henry

European Union (EU) laws targeted at energy security and pollution reduction may have cost the UK as much as $155.6 billion, according to As a result of the laws, Business for Britain said in a recent report, companies are seeking out nations with lower energy prices. Business for Britain has launched a national drive   …Continue Reading

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