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Using Detailed Data in Green and Productive Operations

David Dornfeld

Show me some numbers!At the end of the last posting the statement was made that it is necessary to address green manufacturing and the role of digital enterprises in the context of informing the customers each enterprise serves as well as those to whom the enterprise appears as the customer. Importantly, this has to be   …Continue Reading

Answers to Arguments against PACE

Lacey Miller

Search the terms “property assessed clean energy” (PACE), and you will get a laundry list of results from program supporters, PACE organizations, and other energy efficiency groups. They all have roughly the same information about the definition, origin, and benefits of PACE, but what they aren’t discussing are potential concerns. Don’t misunderstand, I am a   …Continue Reading

DOE Study Finds 20% Energy Savings from Cambridge HTHV Direct Gas-Fired Heaters

Linda Hardesty

According to the DOE, unit heaters account for almost 18 percent of commercial space heating energy use, specifically in commercial and industrial areas like warehouses, loading docks and production areas. The DOE’s Better Buildings Alliance commissioned a study to compare Cambridge Engineering’s SA-Series high discharge temperature heating and ventilation (HTHV) direct-fired gas heaters against standard   …Continue Reading

Sawmill Powered by Biomass

Linda Hardesty

Swedish sawmill company Hilmer Anderson has signed a $3.8 million contract with bioenergy and materials handling firm Saxlund International for biomass combustion technology and fuel handling. With commissioning due in 2015, the contract includes Saxlund’s fuel handling systems and combustion technology in combination with a 12 MW hot-water boiler. The plant will deliver hot water   …Continue Reading

DOE Recognizes Cummins for Jamestown Engine Plant Retrofit

Karen Henry

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recognized Cummins for reducing energy use and costs at its Jamestown Engine Plant in New York. Through the Better Buildings, Better Plants Challenge, Cummins committed to a 25 percent reduction in energy intensity by 2016 across 104 facilities, including 19 plants covering more than eight million square feet. Cummins   …Continue Reading

70 GM Plants Meet Energy Star Challenge for Industry

Karen Henry

Fourteen General Motors plants around the world have achieved the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Challenge for Industry, collectively cutting energy intensity by an average of 17 percent. To meet the challenge, industrial sites must reduce energy intensity by 10 percent in five years or fewer. All 14 sites achieved the goal in four   …Continue Reading

Steel Plant Recovers Waste Heat

Linda Hardesty

Turboden implemented an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)-based heat recovery plant on an Electric Arc Furnace at Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi iron and steel manufacturing plant in Germany. The 3 MW electrical output ORC unit uses a portion of the saturated steam produced and recovers heat from the exhaust gases downstream at the factory. The heat recovery system   …Continue Reading

Eco-Shift Retrofits Panamanian Warehouse with LEDs

Linda Hardesty

Eco-Shift Power signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Mbrace Energy and Farmazona to retrofit a warehouse in Panama with LED high bay lighting fixtures. The deal represents Eco-Shift Power‘s push into Latin America. The company recently acquired Sun Industries of Santa Ana, Calif., and plans to expand on Sun’s market share in the US   …Continue Reading

Efficiency Platform Helps with Rebates

Linda Hardesty

Ecova rolled out the Ecova Efficiency Platform to help utilities deliver energy saving programs to customers interested in retail lighting energy efficiency, commercial and industrial midstream lighting efficiency, as well as multifamily owners who want to improve energy efficiency. An Ecova spokeswoman said the Efficiency Platform was officially launched this week, but has previously been   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Standard Created for Industrial Power Supplies

Linda Hardesty

Ecova has created an 80 PLUS certification for 115V industrial power supplies, physical units that power industrial applications by converting AC power into DC power. The new certification encourages greater energy efficiency in the industrial market by recognizing and rewarding manufacturers that achieve a premium efficiency rating. The 80 PLUS program created its first specification nearly   …Continue Reading

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