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Turning Industrial Air Pollution into Valuable Energy

Linda Hardesty

Many industries, including oil & gas, food processing and petrochemical emit gases into the atmosphere. Ener-Core says it has created a system to help such companies convert their air pollution into clean energy. In some instances, flaring waste gas is actually required by environmental laws. But Ener-Core says waste gas can be turned into clean   …Continue Reading

Pellet Maker Installs ORC Biomass Power System

Linda Hardesty

Turboden was chosen by Maine Woods Pellet Company to supply a biomass based Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power unit for its plant in Athens, Maine. The plant can produce up to 100,000 tons of wood pellets per year. The Turboden ORC system will produce 8 MW, converting the heat of thermal oil generated by wood   …Continue Reading

Colorado Industries Get Incentives for CHP

Linda Hardesty

In a late December ruling, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission approved Public Service Company of Colorado, a subsidiary of Xcel Energy, to provide financial incentives to industrial facilities that convert waste heat to power, a type of combined heat and power (CHP). The ruling, a first for the state, places cogeneration technologies alongside better-known renewables like   …Continue Reading

Lift Truck Manufacturer Acquires Fuel Cell Developer

Karen Henry

Lift truck manufacturer Hyster-Yale Materials Handling’s operating company, NACCO Materials Handling Group has acquired Nuvera Fuel Cells. Nuvera is a development-stage technology and product development company focused on fuel cell stacks and related systems and supporting on-site hydrogen production and dispensing systems that can deliver clean energy solutions to customers. The acquisition will supply Hyster-Yale with   …Continue Reading

Intertek Launches Turbine Lubricant Testing Service

Linda Hardesty

Intertek launched TurbineCHECK, a service to test oils, grease and related hydraulic fluids in large turbines. Intertek provides a suite of turbine lubricant, fluid, grease, and particle analysis services to assist owners in identifying potential component failures before they occur, helping to keep turbine systems up and running, reducing the risk of expensive damage and   …Continue Reading

Echogen Offers Waste Heat Recovery System

Linda Hardesty

Echogen Power Systems, a provider of power generation technology for waste heat recovery, says its EPS100 heat engine system is now available for industrial customers. The EPS100 uses a supercritical CO2 working fluid to convert waste heat into power more efficiently than existing organic Rankine cycle (ORC) technologies, without using additional fuel, says Echogen Power.   …Continue Reading

Verdantix Assesses Industrial Energy Management Software

Karen Henry

A new report from Verdantix found that firms with energy costs that are greater than 10 percent of their total operating costs should invest in a new wave of industrial energy management software to achieve best in class operations. The report, Smart Innovators: Industrial Energy Management Software, is based on interviews with 127 energy directors at   …Continue Reading

Adsorption Cooling Helps Company Save Energy

Karen Henry

Combined heat and power (CHP) units used in conjunction with thermally driven cooling systems (combined cooling and power, or CCP) are helping German manufacturing companies that require energy-intensive production processes to be more energy efficient. The CHP cogeneration system produces power and heat efficiently and cost-effectively, and with the addition of an adsorption chiller, the benefits   …Continue Reading

Buckyballs Enhance Carbon Capture

Karen Henry

Scientists at Rice University have discovered an environmentally friendly carbon-capture method that could be equally adept at absorbing carbon dioxide emissions from industrial plants and at natural gas wells. The Rice lab revealed in a proof-of-concept study that amine-rich compounds are highly effective at capturing greenhouse gas when combined with carbon-60 molecules. Tests from one to   …Continue Reading

Using Detailed Data in Green and Productive Operations

David Dornfeld

Show me some numbers!At the end of the last posting the statement was made that it is necessary to address green manufacturing and the role of digital enterprises in the context of informing the customers each enterprise serves as well as those to whom the enterprise appears as the customer. Importantly, this has to be   …Continue Reading

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