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GM’s Renewable Efforts Build from the Ground Up

Carl Weinschenk

Improving energy performance is the responsibility of everyone at General Motors — but a particularly important group for managers to tap into are those closest to the products the company makes, according to Mari Kay Scott, the, Executive Director of GM’s Environmental Compliance and Sustainability.

Energy Efficiency is Gaining a Seat at the Corporate Table

Carl Weinschenk

The benefits of energy efficiency – and the software that increases effectiveness of such efforts — are obvious. That’s why it seems strange that getting organizations to adopt even simple measures is a struggle.

Price of Carbon Credits Rises In Europe, Which is a Good Thing

Ken Silverstein

Whatever your thoughts are on trading carbon credits to reduce the levels of heat-trapping emissions, European leaders think they are making progress. Long criticized as being ineffective because the price of credits was too cheap and the cost of exceeding compliance rates was too low, the program is now evolving. Carbon prices have risen nearly   …Continue Reading

Can the IoT Power Motor Health and Efficiency?

Carl Weinschenk

ABB Motors and Generators’ Tom Bertheau describes smart sensor platforms that the company is deploying quite simply: They are, he said, “fitbits for motors.” The parallel to fitbits — wearable devices that monitor the amount of energy expended during exercise or daily activities — seems apt. Both are made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT),   …Continue Reading

Compressed Air Systems: Low Hanging Fruit for Energy Savings

Carl Weinschenk

Compressed air is a staple of many industrial facilities. These systems tend to be “leaky,” and finding and fixing these sometimes tiny holes and gaps is a great way to save money. “It is low-hanging fruit in that most people with a compressed air distribution network in their plant have some amount of leakage,” said Bill Barnes,   …Continue Reading

General Motors Cuts Its Energy Use

Carl Weinschenk

Last week, General Motors said that 11 of its facilities were awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR certification. Buildings under consideration must outperform 75 percent of similar facilities nationwide and meet other performance criteria set by the EPA in order to win the distinction. The winners consisted of seven parts distribution centers, three IT   …Continue Reading

11 GM Facilities Earn Energy Star Accreditation

Carl Weinschenk

Eleven General Motors facilities have been accorded Energy Star certification by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The threshold for Energy Star is to perform better than 75 percent of similar buildings nationwide and to meet efficiency levels set by the EPA, according to the press release. The accreditation was given to customer care and after   …Continue Reading

The Smarter the Sensor, the Smarter the Building

Carl Weinschenk

A key reason why the building automation market is growing quickly is that the benefits are broad and all-encompassing. There is far more than a single “killer app.” The key to all this – the most important factor in how smart a building will be — is the sensor. Sensors are, in essence, where the rubber   …Continue Reading

The Many Roads to HVAC Renewal

Carl Weinschenk

HVAC systems must be kept in optimal working order. In addition to controlling the livability of the premise, HVAC systems are key line item expenses. Keeping them running smoothly is a financial, health and even legal necessity. Though the goal is the same – fix aging and underperforming HVAC systems – there are a number   …Continue Reading

Enterprise IoT: How Will It Improve Energy Management? Plus Steps to Moving Forward

Jennifer Hermes

  This article is sponsored by Daintree Networks. Those charged with a facility’s energy management are beginning to hear the phrase “Internet of Things” (IoT) increasingly more often within the industry, and many are asking how to use the concept of the “Enterprise IoT” to leverage the data in their buildings and find opportunities for   …Continue Reading