Tri-Generation System Generates Heat, Power, Hydrogen

Linda Hardesty

The Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office and FuelCell Energy of Danbury, Connecticut, completed their combined heat and power (CHP) partnership project at FuelCell Energy’s Torrington, Connecticut, manufacturing plant. In addition to the generation of heat and power exceeding 75 percent efficiency, this unique CHP system also provides a stream of high purity hydrogen for use   …Continue Reading

GM Installs More Solar at Baltimore Factory

Linda Hardesty

General Motors installed 580 kW of solar to the roof of its e-Motor building at its Baltimore, Maryland, operations complex. Together with an existing 1.23 MW solar array on its grounds, six percent of the facility’s electricity now comes from renewable sources. Maryland-based Empower Energies installed the solar system. The US Green Building Council certified   …Continue Reading

DTE Energy Builds Solar for Domino’s Farms, Ford Motor

Linda Hardesty

DTE Energy is teaming with Domino’s Farms and Ford Motor Company to build and operate the two largest solar arrays in Michigan. DTE Energy has begun construction of a 1.1 MW photovoltaic solar installation at Domino’s Farms near Ann Arbor, which will be completed and operational by the end of the year. The project will   …Continue Reading

Tesla Becoming a Major Player in the Energy Storage Market

Karen Henry

Tesla is quietly but aggressively making inroads into the energy storage market, Bloomberg reports. Tesla accounts for nearly 70 percent of grid-connected Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) storage projects in its home state of California and is on track to receive up to $65 million in SGIP rebates. As part of a pilot program with SolarCity,   …Continue Reading

Jet Manufacturer Saves 90% on Lighting Energy with LED System

Linda Hardesty

Dassault Falcon Jet has deployed the Digital Lumens Intelligent LED Lighting System across its distribution center in Little Ferry, New Jersey, saving 90 percent on lighting-related energy. With the lighting system, Dassault Falcon Jet will reduce the facility’s annual energy consumption from 610,677 kWh to 62,809 kWh, cutting roughly $53,691 from the annual energy bills. It   …Continue Reading

Using Building Energy Management for Factories

Linda Hardesty

While building automation systems are transforming the way energy managers monitor and save energy in buildings, can these same systems help factories even though they face different energy-saving challenges? An article in Automation World says most building automation systems (BAS) reside as software, while various controller types manage equipment and portions of the network, and   …Continue Reading

Tire Plant Earns Superior Energy Performance Gold Certification

Linda Hardesty

The Cooper Tire plant in Texarkana, Arkansas, has been certified as a Superior Energy Performance (SEP) facility at the Gold level by the US Department of Energy. The plant was recognized for implementing International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 50001, which provides a framework of requirements for organizations to develop policies for more efficient use of   …Continue Reading

Demand Response Signup in PJM (Mid-Atlantic/Midwest)

Josh Kessler

Demand response signup is open until the middle of May in the PJM Interconnection region, an area that covers the Mid-Atlantic and part of the Midwest. According to the Ohio Manufacturing Association, Ohio customers located in the FirstEnergy service territory can receive incentives of $1,000 per 100 kW, while those in the Duke, AEP and   …Continue Reading

Factory Converts Coal-fired Boiler Plant to Gas-fired Boilers

Linda Hardesty

Celanese completed a $150 million conversion of its Narrows, Virginia, operation from coal-fired boilers to natural-gas-fired boilers. The boilers generate the steam needed to run the plant’s electrical generators and processes. The Celanese Narrows plant has been in operation for 75 years and is a producer of cellulose acetate tow, a natural product that is   …Continue Reading

Manufacturer Upgrades to LEDs, Saves Average Daily Usage of 28.76 kWh

Linda Hardesty

Noribachi delivered an upgraded LED highbay lighting system for Hydraflow in order to improve illumination at its 173,000-sq-foot manufacturing floor in Fullerton, California. Noribachi engineered 384 new LED highbay fixtures with occupancy sensors and bi-level dimming to replace the existing 400W metal halides. Hydraflow’s project goal was to increase efficiency and reduce peak-demand as well   …Continue Reading