The Smarter the Sensor, the Smarter the Building

Carl Weinschenk

A key reason why the building automation market is growing quickly is that the benefits are broad and all-encompassing. There is far more than a single “killer app.” The key to all this – the most important factor in how smart a building will be — is the sensor. Sensors are, in essence, where the rubber   …Continue Reading

The Many Roads to HVAC Renewal

Carl Weinschenk

HVAC systems must be kept in optimal working order. In addition to controlling the livability of the premise, HVAC systems are key line item expenses. Keeping them running smoothly is a financial, health and even legal necessity. Though the goal is the same – fix aging and underperforming HVAC systems – there are a number   …Continue Reading

Enterprise IoT: How Will It Improve Energy Management? Plus Steps to Moving Forward

Jennifer Hermes

  This article is sponsored by Daintree Networks. Those charged with a facility’s energy management are beginning to hear the phrase “Internet of Things” (IoT) increasingly more often within the industry, and many are asking how to use the concept of the “Enterprise IoT” to leverage the data in their buildings and find opportunities for   …Continue Reading

The Effects of Setbacks and Noise Limits on Successful Wind Project Approval

Al Maiorino

In September, I detailed the reasons why building public support for wind proposals in Lancaster County, Nebraska, should not be a “Plan B.” Just a few short months later, the County Board has adopted tough noise restrictions on wind turbines, reducing the standard noise limit from 50 to 40 decibels of noise during the day.   …Continue Reading

Tesla ‘Gigafactory’ Will Be Net-Neutral

Carl Weinschenk

The “Gigafactory” – the vast facility Tesla is building in Nevada to produce batteries for its electric vehicles – will itself be energy neutral, according to Treehugger. The facility is particularly important as Tesla prepares to introduce a more affordable vehicle that could increase demand. The building, which the story says will be one of   …Continue Reading

Supply Chains in Transition

Carl Weinschenk

Cutting energy and introducing renewables into the supply chain saves money, increases profits, improves the images of the companies involved and helps the environment. It sounds like a strategic direction in which any company would want to move. Companies say that they do, indeed, want to wring energy costs out of their supply chains. It   …Continue Reading

High Hopes, Big Challenges for SolarCity’s Buffalo Factory

Carl Weinschenk

SolarCity’s facility in Buffalo, NY, which is set to open next year, could create 5,000 jobs, with 3,000 of them in western New York State, according to The New York Times. The story highlights the possibility that the factory will help reverse the fortunes of the depressed area. It highlights the optimism of the company   …Continue Reading

CEOs of 68 Fortune 500 Companies Take ‘Act on Climate Pledge’

Carl Weinschenk

The White House announced this week that CEOs of 68 Fortune 500 companies have taken the Act on Climate pledge to reduce emissions, according to USA Today. The total number of large companies on board now is 81. The idea is that these big companies will work to bring their supply chains into compliance as   …Continue Reading

Apple Expands Solar, Cuts Emissions in Chinese Operation

Carl Weinschenk

Apple this week details moves to make its business in China more energy efficient. The programs cut more than 20 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions between now and 2020. Apple said that it built solar projects with a capacity of 40 MW in Sichuan Province. The electricity generated is greater than the amount used   …Continue Reading

Bromine Battery to Cut ICL Operating Expenses 16%

Karen Henry

ICL, a global manufacturer of products based on unique minerals, anticipates a 16 percent reduction to its annual operating expenses with the deployment of a bromine-based battery. The battery was deployed for energy storage purposes at its fire retardant production site in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The battery utilizes a Primus Power EnergyCell system to manage   …Continue Reading