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Report: Corporate Real Estate Managers Aim for Zero Net Energy

Cheryl Kaften

Even without soaring energy prices as a primary motivator, global corporations — and more specifically their real estate departments — are increasingly focused on achieving a state of zero net energy (ZNE) according to a report released on January 4 by Atlanta-based CoreNet Global,

Lackawanna, NY, Explores Net Zero Building

Carl Weinschenk

A key step has been taken toward constructing a net zero energy (NZE) building on the Bethlehem Steel site in Lackawanna, NY: The Erie County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) has hired Turner Construction to provide design and construction management services. The Buffalo News says that the building would use geothermal energy, solar panels, wind turbines   …Continue Reading

Apartment Buildings Get on the Energy Efficiency Train

Carl Weinschenk

Many of the issues are the same as in other types of buildings, but working through complex owner/tenant relationships can be a challenge.

Commercial PACE Financing Keeping Pace

Carl Weinschenk

Property Assisted Clean Energy financing is making progress on the commercial side. But obstacles and uncertainties–including a potential change in approach by the incoming administration–cloud the future.

Energy Efficiency Rules at Issue in Columbia, MO

Carl Weinschenk

There traditionally has been tension between landlords and owners on one side and tenants on the other. This is true in both the commercial and residential sector. The basic question is the extent to which the landlord must make improvements that benefit the tenants. Improvements require capital investment which, of course, is a disincentive to   …Continue Reading

California PUC Changes Rules for Rent-Subsidized Apartments

Carl Weinschenk

The California Public Utilities Commission is accelerating the process of installing energy efficient appliances in rent-subsidized multi-unit apartment buildings, according to the website of WPCC. The story says that $400 million that is set aside annually to fund efficiency upgrades has gone unspent due to state rules. The CPUC has directed Southern California Edison, the   …Continue Reading

IMT: Apartments Can Save $3.4B Annually

Carl Weinschenk

The Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) says that energy efficiency efforts in multifamily buildings potentially can save almost $3.4 billion annually. The report is entitled “Catalyzing Efficiency: Unlocking Energy Information and Value in Apartment Buildings.” The press release says that almost 38 million people live in buildings containing five or more units in the United   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency and Leased Spaces

Carl Weinschenk

The goals of landlords and tenants often don’t perfectly align. However, the increasing benefits of upgrading energy efficiency in these spaces is leading them to confront, rather than hide from, the issues.

Driving Energy Efficiency by Improving the Owner/Tenant Relationship

Carl Weinschenk

Things can be tricky when the organization occupying a facility doesn’t own it. Three groups are cooperating to help the sides lean how to work through the issues.

Case Study: Fast Payback in New York City

Carl Weinschenk

Green and Save offers a case study of a commercial portfolio’s LED retrofit in New York City that cut costs by 74 percent. Newmark Holdings’ project covered different common areas and existing lighting across the 10 million square feet of 24 properties under management. The LED fixtures, lamps and retrofits that were installed in the   …Continue Reading