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Revolution, TNT Energy and Tri-State LEDs Get Nod in CT

Carl Weinschenk

Revolution Lighting Technologies, TNT Energy and Tri-State LED have been named program contractors in Eversource’s Small Business Energy Advantage (SBEA) program in Connecticut. The program is designed to help businesses in the state with peak energy demand of less than 200 kW per month to save money with energy efficiency turnkey solutions. TNT Energy and   …Continue Reading

How Will Power Be Used Tomorrow and What Can Your Company Do About it?

Staff Writer

The energy world is changing at an unprecedented pace. The way large organizations acquire, manage and use energy is dramatically different today than it was ten years ago. And ten years from now, it will likely be different still, as technological, regulatory policy and business model innovations continue to yield new opportunities for energy management.   …Continue Reading

USDA Helping on Small, Rural Projects

Carl Weinschenk

The U.S. Department of Agriculture this week announced that it will support 821 projects being run by small rural businesses and agricultural concerns. The projects all are aimed at reducing energy use and cutting costs. The funding, which consists of $43.2 million in loan guarantees and $11.6 million in grants, will made available through the Rural Energy for   …Continue Reading

Compressed Air Systems: Low Hanging Fruit for Energy Savings

Carl Weinschenk

Compressed air is a staple of many industrial facilities. These systems tend to be “leaky,” and finding and fixing these sometimes tiny holes and gaps is a great way to save money. “It is low-hanging fruit in that most people with a compressed air distribution network in their plant have some amount of leakage,” said Bill Barnes,   …Continue Reading

BrandSmart Uses PACE Financing to Upgrade

Carl Weinschenk

Home appliance and electronics retailer BrandsSmart has secured low cost Property Assisted Clean Energy (PACE) financing for an energy-efficiency retrofit of its West Palm Beach, FL, store. The company is working through the Florida Green Energy Works Program on the project. ABM Building and Energy Solutions will manage the upgrade, according to ABM. The financing, through a private investor,   …Continue Reading

Lime Energy to Provide Clean Energy Tech to 1,000 Small Businesses

Carl Weinschenk

In response to President Obama’s call to make renewable energy more accessible to home owners, The Lime Energy Co. will provide clean energy technology to 1,000 small businesses in low and moderate income communities across the country. Lime provides energy services to utilities and their commercial customers. The energy savings generated by the offers will amount to more   …Continue Reading

Business Services Firm Adds Energy Management to its Offerings

Linda Hardesty

Quatrro Business Support Services signed a strategic partnership agreement with GridPoint to target small and medium businesses with energy management. Quatrro will act as a referral partner by offering GridPoint’s energy management system to its customers in the restaurant, retail, automotive, healthcare and hospitality space. With this partnership, Quatrro will be able to offer its   …Continue Reading

PNNL to Provide Technology Assistance to Small Clean Energy Firms

Karen Henry

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has been tapped as one of five national laboratories to lead the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) new Small Business Vouchers (SBV) pilot. SBV will help small clean energy firms get technology assistance from scientists, engineers and facilities within the DOE national laboratory system. PNNL was selected to support small   …Continue Reading

Current Clamps Measure Energy for Small Businesses

Linda Hardesty

Smappee unveiled its Smappee Pro energy monitoring and control system for small and midsized businesses. Using advanced algorithms, Smappee Pro tracks energy consumption down to the commercial appliance level. It also maps and compares the energy usage at different offices for businesses with multiple locations. Born out of the smart home market, Smappee Pro has   …Continue Reading

NY Electricity Prices Have Fallen 34% under Deregulation

Josh Kessler

Nominal wholesale electricity prices in New York were just 2 percent higher in 2013 than at the outset of deregulation in 2000, writes The Buffalo News. Inflation-adjusted (“real”) electricity prices are 34 percent lower than in 2000. Meanwhile, the state’s generation fleet runs far more efficiently now, using 27 percent less fuel to produce the   …Continue Reading