Citi to Power Texas Data Center with 50% Retail, Renewable Energy

Cheryl Kaften

Citi has entered into a contract to purchase retail, renewable power from MP2 Energy for a multi-year term at its Roanoke, Texas, data center, the financial services provider announced on January 10. The contract will provide Green-e certified renewable energy for 50 percent of the data center’s power needs. The contract takes into consideration the   …Continue Reading

Huawei Cell Plan Approved by ITU

Carl Weinschenk

The explosion of wireless technology is a drain on the energy budgets of telecommunications companies, who have to pay to power cell sites, base stations and towers. This challenge will become worse as the next generation of 5G comes online. 5G uses higher frequencies which have shorter ranges and, thus, require more sites. Huawei has   …Continue Reading

Iron Mountain Launches Ambitious Solar Project

Carl Weinschenk

The information storage and management firm is serious about harnessing energy from the sun – even in New Jersey.

NorthStar ACE Protects Telecom Backups

Carl Weinschenk

NorthStar has introduced NorthStar Advanced Connected Energy (ACE), a system aimed at batteries used as backups by telecommunications networks. The company says that 15 million to 20 million such batteries are purchased annually for this purpose and that more than half of these must be replaced prematurely due to improper management and maintenance in warehouses and   …Continue Reading

California Looks to Reduce Computer Energy

Carl Weinschenk

The California Energy Commission (CEC) is likely to adopt energy efficiency guidelines on computers by the end of the year. A San Diego Union-Tribune story posted at says that the CEC estimates that the rules will add $18 to the price of a computer — but that the extra cost will more than be made   …Continue Reading

Intel Aims for More Efficient Chips

Carl Weinschenk

Intel and other chip makers are cutting energy use in computer devices. Those incremental gains are important — but will pale in comparison to fundamental design changes that will be necessary when Moore’s Law finally runs its course.

Planetary Power Raises $3.4M

Carl Weinschenk

Planetary Power is getting backing as it shifts focus.

Cisco Details Approach to Sustainability

Carl Weinschenk

Kathleen Shaver, the Director of Value Protection for Cisco Systems, used a post at sustainable Brands to discuss sustainability and the company’s supply chain. Shaver writes that the company is tackling carbon reduction in its fully outsourced outsourced supply chain. Last year, she wrote, the company launched the Integrated Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program, which enabled   …Continue Reading

Behind the Meter Podcast: The Telecommunications Industry Addresses Energy Challenges

Carl Weinschenk

Daniel Howard has seen a lot of the telecommunications industry. He spent more than five years as the first chief technology officer for the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE). He now is the Director of Consulting Services for the Energy Solutions Group of Hitachi Consulting. Howard said that the lion’s share — indeed, as much   …Continue Reading

Lux: Google, Amazon Emissions Claims Inaccurate

Carl Weinschenk

Lux Research took a close look at the claims being made about energy usage by owners of big datacenters and found them to be suspect. The problem is that these metrics produce results that allow companies such as Google and Amazon to make claims that do not reflect reality, according to Lux Vice President of   …Continue Reading