Energy Managers: Prepare for Grid Hacking

Carl Weinschenk

Energy managers need to be aware of anything that may interrupt the flow of electricity to their facilities. Increasingly, this includes the thread of cyberattacks. The threat is very real: On New Year’s Eve, the Los Angeles Times reported that malicious software “tied to Russian intelligence agencies” was found on a laptop computer belonging to   …Continue Reading

Governor’s Association Says It Can Be a Catalyst For Grid Modernization

Ken Silverstein

The National Governor’s Association says that it can help facilitate grid modernization, which will take into account the market demand for clean energy and the state and federal policies that will encourage that use.

State Utility Commissions Now Want Their Utilities To Improve Cybersecurity Efforts

Ken Silverstein

When Michigan utility commissioners issued an order to have their staff ensure that utilities are doing their utmost to prevent hacks, they did so out of fear that a cyber invasion could shut down the grid and hence cost the state millions of dollars in lost commerce. The move is a harbinger of things to come.

Elon Musk: Companies Will Remain Committed to their Utilities

Ken Silverstein

With newfound pressures to be cleaner, more efficient and more reliable, customers are looking to onsite generation that can be supported by energy storage and microgrids.

ComEd Reaching Out to Affordable Housing Residents in Chicago

Carl Weinschenk

ComEd is partnering with the Hispanic Housing Development Corp., Latin United Community Housing (LUCHA), The Resurrection Project and others for outreach into the affordable housing community in Chicago. The goal of the program, which is mostly aimed at Latino neighborhoods, is to increase participation in energy efficiency programs. The story at Midwest Energy News says   …Continue Reading

A Revolution in Power: Where We’ve Come from, Where We’re Headed

Dick Munson

State initiatives demonstrate a growing awareness that public policy must change to keep up with and encourage technological change. New players entering the industry are demonstrating the power of markets to stimulate investment and innovation.

Federal Regulators Want to Try and Advance Energy Storage Resources

Ken Silverstein

The federal agency that tries to ensure equal access to the nation’s grid is holding a technical conference to see how energy storage can weave itself more efficiently into generation, transmission and distribution. It will be November 9.

Boulder Still Wants to Acquire Xcel Energy’s Distribution Assets to Run a City-Wide Utility

Ken Silverstein

Boulder is relentless in its determination to become the nation’s greenest city. But is its ongoing attempt to acquire Xcel Energy’s distribution assets the smartest way to go about it?

Tesla’s Battery Storage Device Put to Use. Time to Exhale?

Ken Silverstein

When Tesla previously unveiled its Gigafactory to produce battery storage devices, a lot of folks held their breath. Now that the company’s products have been put to use in the United Kingdom, it may be time to exhale. Indeed, Camborne Energy Storage is using Tesla’s “Powerpack” to prevents the lights from flickering out for the National Grid there.

The Next Generation: How Microgrids Are Changing the Business Landscape

Ken Silverstein

College campuses are the epitome of free thinking and where innovation often gets its roots. Burning greener fuel and improving energy management are two sprouting concepts there — ideas that are being facilitated by micro-grids.