Microgrids Continue to Progress – With Some Bumps in the Road

Carl Weinschenk

The news is mostly good, but uncertainty on what’s ahead in Washington and at least one abandoned initiative are yellow flags.

Energy Efficiency Goes Hand in Hand with Renewable Certification Efforts

Carl Weinschenk

LEED, the WELL Building Standard and BREEAM are important because they save energy, improve owners’ images and allow higher rents to be charged. Energy managers are on the front lines of implementation.

GHG Reduction and Energy Efficiency Go Hand-in-Hand

Carl Weinschenk

The good news is that helping the environment helps the bottom line.

LEED v4 is Ready to Take Center Stage

Carl Weinschenk

The latest version of the standard has more aggressive goals, is customized regionally and to market sectors and features better user interfaces.

Waste-to-Energy Shows Growth in New Jersey, Maine and Florida

Carl Weinschenk

WTE approaches are getting a second look as companies seek to cut down on methane emissions and shy away from landfills.

EDF: Energy Efficiency Now Strategic and Central

Carl Weinschenk

The Environmental Defense Fund places graduate fellows in commercial and industrial companies. The news from the front lines is good

Energy Efficiency and Waste Disposal Grow Closer

Carl Weinschenk

Energy managers are perfectly positioned to help get rid on what no longer is needed — from old food to old PCs — in efficient and environmentally sound ways.

A New Role for Mats: Promoting Sustainability

Adam Strizzi

With high-performance matting installed, as much as 70 percent of outdoor soil and moisture is caught and trapped in the mat, preventing it from being walked into the facility on someone’s shoes.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies: The Case for Moving Beyond Batteries

Carl Weinschenk

Are batteries yesterday’s technology? At least one company thinks so.

3 UK Organizations Report Progress on Sodium-based Batteries

Carl Weinschenk

DesignNews posted a story today that suggests progress is being made on a weak spot in renewable energy: Storage systems.