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Dissecting the Data Revolution

Carl Weinschenk

Organizations want more data. But why is this, exactly? What are the best ways for energy managers to put the data to work?

LEED v4 is Ready to Take Center Stage

Carl Weinschenk

The latest version of the standard has more aggressive goals, is customized regionally and to market sectors and features better user interfaces.

Waste-to-Energy Shows Growth in New Jersey, Maine and Florida

Carl Weinschenk

WTE approaches are getting a second look as companies seek to cut down on methane emissions and shy away from landfills.

Cogeneration Continues to Make Inroads

Carl Weinschenk

If an application filed this week is approved, a $55 million, 21 MW CHP project on the Duke University campus will increase energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions by 25 percent.

Condenser Coil Maintenance Pays Off

Carl Weinschenk

Not keeping condenser coils clean wastes money and leads to breakdowns.

Occupancy Sensors and LEDs Evolve in Unison

Carl Weinschenk

The switch to LEDs and the increasing sophistication of occupancy sensors can generate big benefits – especially if the two steps are strategically coordinated.

In the Quest for Efficiency, Nothing is More Important than Quality Measurement Tools

Carl Weinschenk

Whether the tools are cutting edge or old school, the key to efficiency is deep knowledge of how energy is being used.

Chillers – and the Technology that Controls Them – are Evolving

Carl Weinschenk

Chillers use a lot of energy. The goal is to use the IoT and other high tech tools to make them more efficient.

From Analytics to Action: Moving to the Autonomous Building

Dan Kubala

The phrase, “Don’t bring me problems – bring me solutions,” is a typical response managers may give employees when encouraging them to think for themselves.  The same sentiment holds true for many retailers and other light commercial building owners when dealing with the energy management systems controlling their facilities. Much attention in the energy industry   …Continue Reading

Orem, UT Gets an Energy Facelift

Carl Weinschenk

Orem, with a population of almost 90,000 (according to the 2010 census), is the fifth largest city in Utah. An ongoing project has grown from street light replacements to encompass a wide variety of energy upgrades and retrofits. The city’s initial goal was to replace 5,128 street lights. Before the issuance of a request for   …Continue Reading