SkyCentrics on Energy Management

Linda Hardesty

SkyCentrics‘ CEO talks about how the company’s Wi-Fi monitoring technology via sensors helps buildings save money.

EcoDataCenter – The World’s Greenest Data Center

Linda Hardesty

EcoDataCenter, located in Sweden, will be the world’s first climate positive data center, meaning emissions are reduced to the extent that EcoDataCenter will have a negative carbon dioxide footprint annually. EcoDataCenter’s energy efficiency also will lower costs to create a competitive advantage. Schneider Electric will deliver energy efficiency solutions and products to the project. The   …Continue Reading

Siemens Financial Funds Energy Efficiency Upgrades in UK

Linda Hardesty

Siemens Financial Services in the UK and the Carbon Trust created an energy-performance contracting joint initiative known as EEF. The scheme provides businesses with financing for energy-efficient equipment and renewable technologies that will ultimately pay for themselves through decreased energy costs and potential income from generated power.

IBM’s Smarter Buildings Software

Linda Hardesty

Carnegie Mellon and IBM launch first cloud-based analytics partnership for smarter buildings. The university expects to save approximately 10 percent on utilities, nearly $2 million annually, when the IBM system is fully deployed across 36 buildings on its Pittsburgh campus.

Volvo IT’s Data Center Built Underground

Linda Hardesty

Underneath a bird reserve in Gothenburg, Sweden, lies one of Europe’s greenest data centers. Volvo IT’s data center is built below ground and uses seawater for cooling, as well as wind energy for power.

Luminaire Level Controls

Linda Hardesty

Daintree Networks Product Manager Aniket Malvankar talks about Luminaire Level Controls.

Energy Outlook 2035

Linda Hardesty

BP’s annual Energy Outlook describes a “most likely” trajectory of the global energy system, based on BP’s views of likely economic and population growth, as well as developments in policy and technology. Energy Outlook 2035 – February 2015 – makes assumptions on changes in policy, technology and the economy, based on extensive internal and external   …Continue Reading

Burlington, Vermont Runs on Renewables

Linda Hardesty

Burlington, Vermont, the state’s largest city, is using 100 percent renewable energy for its residents’ electricity needs.

Tecogen Cogeneration at WPI

Linda Hardesty

Tecogen sold two Ultra CM-75 combined heat and power (CHP) units to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) for its Gateway and Life Sciences Building and Campus Center. Bill Spratt, WPI’s director of facilities and operations, describes the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance program of CHP units. The two Tecogen systems are generating power and heat that   …Continue Reading

Reducing Energy Challenges Data Center REITs

Linda Hardesty

Aaron Binkley, director of sustainability at Digital Realty Trust, joined to discuss the unique sustainability challenges facing the data center sector. Digital Realty, a provider of data center and colocation solutions, is offering clients renewable energy certificates (RECs) under its new Clean Start Program.

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