Trane Outdoor Air Product Line Deals with Humidity Problems

November 21, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

TraneTrane commercial expanded its Horizon Outdoor Air Units (OAU) product line. The Horizon OAU series uses a technology, addressing the occupant health, property damage and energy efficiency problems associated with using untreated outside air to supply building ventilation needs.

Trane has completely redesigned the 10- to 30-ton platform to deliver 100-percent outdoor air without associated humidity issues.

Trane says high occupancy spaces pose a particular challenge, because sensible and latent loads do not peak at the same time. In most climates, the result is elevated indoor humidity at part-load conditions.

By dehumidifying outdoor supply air before it is delivered to the interior space, latent loads are greatly reduced, providing optimal comfort and promoting energy efficient operation, says Trane.

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