Trane Upgrades Building Automation System

October 14, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

trane energy manage

Trane now offers its BAS R’newal building controls upgrade program to help update existing Building Automation Systems (BAS). R’newal provides a migration plan to improve the functionality of an aging system, allowing facility managers to take advantage of new technologies, like open systems with mobile access, wireless communication and Web-enabled remote access.

Trane has created a portfolio of Tracer communication bridges to convert proprietary protocols to open, standard protocols so customers can integrate older, existing equipment with new technologies.

Tracer building management systems are useful for operators who oversee single or multiple buildings in various locations — like educational and healthcare facilities or commercial buildings — because they can integrate several dashboards into one BAS.

A spokesperson for Trane said, “BAS R’newal is a new offering that incorporates a controls upgrade, utilizing the Trane Tracer products platform. However, the program is designed to allow for customers to build a migration plan with Trane, allowing for upgrades at their pace and budgeting considerations. We can integrate into their existing systems as well – it doesn’t require a full system replacement using Tracer.”

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