U.K. Retailers’ Energy Efficiency Efforts Lauded

June 16, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

UKflag energy-manageEnergy Live News says that retail is one of the leading sectors in implementing energy efficiency measures in the United Kingdom.

The story reports on comments by Munish Datta, the Head of Plan A and Facilities Management for Marks & Spencer, a clothing retailer. Datta lauds the cooperation that retailers are making with the government and its use of new technologies such as smart metering and sensors. These efforts have led to growth in demand side management, use of renewables, energy storage and, ultimately, will help buildings become energy-positive. The company’s Plan A report says that Marks and Spencer has reduced its energy use by 39 percent during the past nine years.

Earlier this month, Ameresco UK won spots on four public service frameworks in the U.K. The four are Re:Fit; The Carbon & Energy Fund; the Scottish non-Domestic Energy Program and the Yorkshire Procurement Organisation CHP Framework.

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