UK Manufacturers Need Long-Term Energy Strategy

September 19, 2014 By Karen Henry

UKflag energy-manageFor UK manufacturers who want to remain competitive, a long-term energy strategy is essential, according to an article in The Guardian.

When Siemens conducted a survey of 600 energy decision makers at UK manufacturing companies about their energy-management strategies, they found that the majority discuss energy management during high-level board meetings and agree that energy management is a critical business function. More than half reported that they had increased their investment in energy management initiatives and are planning to do so again in the coming year.

Perhaps the biggest gain for energy-management awareness is that almost three quarters of manufacturers now know what their annual energy spend is, and just over 75 percent of those surveyed have ongoing energy monitoring and measurement procedures in place.

Given that only half of the energy leaders have a five-year energy-management plan in place, and there are still more than 25 percent who are unaware of their energy spend, there is more to be done in terms of top-level awareness efforts. Manufacturers who believe strongly in investing in energy management should educate those who are struggling to understand the ROI of energy-management initiatives or say that other priorities are stopping them from engaging in energy-management activities.

Specifically, the article recommends that business leaders seek to fully understand the long-term costs and benefits of effective energy-management strategies, continually reevaluate their awareness and training programs, and better understand the financial opportunities that exist in regard to energy management, as well as the benefits of “good practice” versus “compliance.” 


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