University of Vermont Deploys Energy Management Software

October 26, 2012 By Linda Hardesty

The University of Vermont has deployed EnerNOC’s EfficiencySmart Insight application at five large campus facilities with the help of the local electric utility provider, Burlington Electric Department. EfficiencySmart Insight collects energy data from each building, applies EnerNOC’s diagnostic tools to analyze the data, and, with the help of an EnerNOC energy analyst, delivers a prioritized list of energy efficiency measures.

Historically, greater than 80 percent of the energy efficiency measures identified by EfficiencySmart Insight have been low- or no-cost, according to EnerNOC.

Because UVM is an existing EnerNOC customer, having deployed its DemandSmart solution to participate in New England’s demand response program since 2007, much of the infrastructure required to collect energy data was already installed. All but one of the UVM buildings that will be enabled with EfficiencySmart on campus already have existing EnerNOC site servers, streaming five-minute interval data to EnerNOC’s network operations center.

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