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Upgraded PAGasSwitch Site Will Feature C&I Offers

March 3, 2016 By Cheryl Kaften

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) announced the launch of its new standalone website for  to licensed natural gas suppliers (NGSs) and interested parties on February 22. The redesigned site is intended to make it easier for online shoppers to access and evaluate current offers – and, for the first time, to offer a direct link to each provider’s online enrollment services.

In addition, among other things, PAGasSwitch will now provide access to shopping information for commercial and industrial businesses, with the ability to view up to three NGS offers per natural gas distribution company (NGDC).

The PUC directed these enhancements to PAGasSwitch as part of its broader Investigation of Pennsylvania’s Retail Natural Gas Supply Market  (Docket No. I-2013-2381742, Final Order entered December 18, 2014).

As a result of the upgrade, the site now also features:

  • Sorting and filtering options;
  • New headers and links to menus that make it easier to navigate;
  • Rate alerts; and
  • An array of detailed shopping information, such as updated fact sheets and more in-depth information on fixed versus variable rates.

The commission told retailers via a Secretarial Letter that it will publicly launch the new site by the end of March and would like it to be up- to-date, with as many suppliers and offers represented as possible.  The new PAGasSwitch replaces the original version previously available via the Commission’s website.  Any links on the Commission’s website at will be redirected to the new standalone website at

NGDCs and NGSs with existing PAGasSwitch accounts should contact Cyndi Page in the Commission’s Office of Communications at or (717) 787-5722 to receive a new password. Suppliers without existing PAGasSwitch accounts, that wish to post offers on PAGasSwitch, should go to the website and click on “Contact the PUC” at the bottom of page.  New suppliers should then click on the “Suppliers/Brokers/Marketers New to” box on the far right, and proceed to submit their information

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