Urjanet, EnergyPrint Partner for Energy Data Services

July 11, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

urjanet energy manageThe EnergyPrint platform – which provides data management and measurement services to energy service providers nationally – will now be further fueled by Urjanet’s data to more quickly analyze energy cost, consumption, and carbon trends.

EnergyPrint’s existing database can now access Urjanet’s big data services that automate the collection, normalization and delivery of data from more than 900 utility providers. Instead of relying fully on data entry specialists to manually input data from paper utility bills, Urjanet’s platform aggregates data wherever it can be automated and delivers it to EnergyPrint’s database.

Using this automated energy data helps EnergyPrint provide visibility into building performance to show building owners, property managers, contractors, and performance engineers the opportunities to cut energy costs and improve building performance.

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