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Utility Rebate Gives Buffalo Hotel 50% ROI in 11 Months

December 4, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

Salvatore’s Grand Hotel in Buffalo, NY, is saving energy from a joint technology partnership between ZENO Controls and its subsidiary Verve Living Systems. The technology uses the wireless Verve Keycard Switch to communicate with room HVAC and bedside lamps via the ZENO gateway with InnPoint Software.

For its energy saving efforts, the local utility, New York State Electric and Gas, presented a rebate check to the hotel in the amount of $48,987, representing more than a 50 percent ROI delivered in less than 11 months.

The Mesh network installed at Salvatore’s Grand Hotel reduces energy consumption when guestrooms are left vacant by dropping heating and air conditioning units to pre-set temperatures and by turning off lamps. All in-room control systems are networked together to facilitate remote guestroom control through the cloud and at the hotel front desk. Based on occupancy, front desk staff can turn on or off room lighting and HVAC. In addition, because these controls are managed in the cloud, it is possible to monitor energy consumption online from anywhere in the world.

One comment on “Utility Rebate Gives Buffalo Hotel 50% ROI in 11 Months

  1. The second sentence makes no sense to me. A rebate check is cash, an ROI is immediate representing a % return On Investment and does not wait for 11 months. My 8th grade English teacher is smiling at me.

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