Utility Workforce ‘Of a Certain Age’

April 1, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Energy ManageAnalysts at Deloitte Consulting say that almost half of the engineers employed by utility companies will become retirement eligible in 2014, reports Forbes.

Mass retirements are causing issues in finding replacement talent. In addition, all the retirements pose a pension burden on the next generation of employees.

The Deloitte analysts estimate the utility industry will need 100,000 new workers by 2015, and these aren’t meter-reader jobs, but rather engineering and IT jobs. In particular demand will be experts at analyzing data from smart grids.

To compound the problems further, utilities are often a bit behind the times as far as corporate culture. The Forbes article listed several strategies utilities should take to attract and retain younger professionals, including flexible working arrangements, child-care benefits and learning programs.

Photo: Office via Shutterstock

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