Variable Speed Blowers Save Energy for Effluent Treatment

July 29, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Pharmaceuticals company Sandoz has achieved up to 17 percent energy efficiency and lower noise levels with Atlas Copco low pressure screw blowers for its effluent treatment plant in Navi Mumbai, India.

The aeration process in Sandoz’s effluent treatment plant was previously managed by conventional lobe blowers. After experiencing reliability problems, the company decided to shift to Atlas Copco’s ZS screw blowers with variable speed drive. Variable speed drive technology can accurately meet demands for compressed air by adjusting air output based on actual use.

Many industries use air blowers for their processes, especially those that operate wastewater treatment plants where aeration air blowers typically represent up to 70 percent of total electricity costs, says Atlas Copco. In the treatment process, a large quantity of air needs to be blown into the aeration tanks.

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