Virginia Governor Establishes Energy Council

June 12, 2014 By Karen Henry

McAuliffe energy-manageVirginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (pictured) signed an executive order on June 4 establishing the Virginia Energy Council. The Council will assist in the development and implementation of a cohesive, comprehensive and aggressive energy strategy for Virginia and deliver recommendations for the Virginia Energy Plan, which will be submitted to the Virginia General Assembly on October 1, 2014.

Objectives of the plan include accelerating the development and use of renewable energy sources such as solar and offshore wind, increasing energy productivity through greater efficiency and promoting a diverse energy mix.

Specifically, the Council will be tasked with, among other things, receiving and evaluating input offered by Virginia’s residents and businesses related to the Virginia Energy Plan; ensuring that energy costs for Virginia consumers remain highly competitive; ensuring that existing energy sources are used efficiently; developing strategies to increase Virginia’s renewable energy economy and grow the state’s energy industry; and identifying opportunities to expand the state’s energy infrastructure and increase the reliability of its existing energy infrastructure.

The governor will appoint between 20 and 25 members, representing all areas of the state’s energy industry, to serve on the Council.

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