Virtus Achieves PUE Below 1.2 at London Data Center

August 11, 2014 By Karen Henry

Energy Manage Virtus logoVirtus Data Centres has deployed Excool’s indirect air-cooling technology at its LONDON2 data center in Hayes. Coupled with Virtus’ energy-efficiency measures, the data center has achieved a site power usage effectiveness (PUE) below 1.2.

Using Excool, VIRTUS will be able to minimize the amount of energy required to run its cooling system and maximize the amount of IT power available to customers.

Excool deployments are modular, enabling Virtus to roll out additional cooling units in direct proportion to the number of racks and cabinets customers purchase and achieve a low PUE much earlier on in the data centers’ operational cycle. Excool uses indirect adiabatic and evaporative cooling technology, adding moisture to outdoor air to cool the data center. Advanced indirect “air to air” heat exchange techniques ensure the external and internal data center atmospheres never meet, safeguarding against contamination.

Virtus announced that it would be deploying the new cooling technology at its new LONDON2 data center in late 2013, with the goal of bringing site PUE to below 1.2.

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