ViZn Integrates Battery with Princeton Power Control System

July 14, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

ViZN-energy-manageViZn Energy Systems launched its ZAC energy storage system to benefit commercial and industrial customers and solar PV integrators. Deliveries of initial customer units are scheduled for Q4 of 2015.

The system integrates ViZn’s Z20 zinc-iron redox flow battery with Princeton Power System’s inverters, grid connects and auxiliary components into a single-unit system. The ZAC is available in several sizes with optimized inverter and controls ranging from 320 kWh to 960 kWh and includes a simple AC connection for meter or utility interconnection. ViZn will spearhead the sales and marketing of the new system.

Financing through LFC Capital is available for all ViZn solar+storage installations, including installations using the ZAC platform, up to $5 million per project. The LFC Solar Ownership Program uses a traditional lease with purchase options. In addition to electric savings continuing well beyond the seven-year lease term, the monetized value of LFC’s tax benefits are shared with customers.

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