Walmart Expands Relationship with SolarCity

November 25, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

walmartWalmart hired SolarCity for the installation of new solar projects at facilities in up to 36 states over the next four years.

SolarCity has completed more than 200 solar projects at Walmart locations since 2010. SolarCity has also installed and tested energy storage projects co-located with solar power generation at 13 Walmart facilities since early 2013, and will be incorporating 10 additional storage projects in the next year.

Since the company’s last announcement in 2013, SolarCity has installed nearly 50 solar projects for Walmart including:

Arizona – 10 carport and 2 rooftop projects totaling more than 5 MW

California – 12 rooftop and 3 carport projects totaling 6.3 MW

New York – 4 rooftop projects totaling 1.6 MW

Oregon – 3 rooftop projects totaling 283 kW

Puerto Rico – 13 rooftop projects totaling 2.9 MW.

Walmart is also at the forefront of commercializing storage technology and was a pilot customer for SolarCity’s energy storage system for businesses. Since early 2013, Walmart has tested 13 battery storage projects with solar installations across California to provide stored electricity to lower peak demand charges. The next 10 solar energy storage projects will each use a larger battery, expanding battery storage capabilities as well as further reducing energy expense.

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