WattStopper Offers Digital Lighting Management

August 12, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

WattStopperWattStopper launched a suite of Digital Lighting Management (DLM) fixture-integrated control products to provide a scalable way to incorporate individual fixture control into open office environments. The control products can be configured to meet the latest code and building requirements and changes, as well as expand into a complete digital control infrastructure.

Ideally designed for offices, healthcare and education facilities, the DLM fixture-integrated controls include: an individual fixture controller; a zone controller for power and connectivity to DLM sensors and switches; and a power booster to support large numbers of fixture controllers.

Automatic configuration meets energy code requirements out-of-the-box without commissioning, and the products work with all of WattStopper’s DLM digital control platform, including all software.

In addition, the system enables the freedom to specify the preferred fixture for each application on the job and allows up to 99 automation groups, each with the ability to respond uniquely to commands via sensor, photocell, switch or other override.

The system can also integrate with building automation systems.

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