Wavelength Conversion Particles Increase Solar Output

September 9, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

solar energy manageHitachi Chemical will begin selling wavelength conversion particles for solar encapsulant sheets that help increase the conversion efficiency of solar cell power generation.

Hitachi says a mass-production system has been established to begin sales.

These wavelength conversion particles consist of phosphors contained within acrylic resin particles, and work by converting short wavelength light (ultraviolet light) that could not previously be used for power generation, into long wavelength light (visible light). Solar cell modules that use solar encapsulant sheets (wavelength conversion film) made of these particles are expected to increase conversion efficiency by up to around 2.2 percent, according to the company.

The particles are also dispersed throughout acrylic resin without affecting the durability of solar cell modules. There is no need to alter the manufacturing process when the particles are mixed into solar encapsulant sheets by manufacturers.

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