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Transformative Wave

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1012 Central Avenue South , Washington state, USA 98032
Phone: 855-867-2333
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Transformative Wave's game-changing technology, the CATALYST, is a sophisticated HVAC Retrofit and Building Automation Solution (BAS) that can meet organizations where they're at in their journey to energy management. When installed to rooftop-units (RTUs), it transforms HVAC assets into smart machines. By combining a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) with Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) and both Advanced & Predictive Economization, the CATALYST significantly reduces energy usage by up to 50%.

Enabling customers to go beyond HVAC asset control, the CATALYST solution can grow into a BAS that enables control of other building assets such as lighting and refrigeration. Developed on an open-source platform, the CATALYST can integrate with existing or legacy technology, or be deployed as a complete BAS.

Advanced Rooftop-Unit Control (ARC) Retrofits: Field Demonstrations Validate Energy Savings

With advanced RTU control (ARC) retrofit technology, roof-top unit (RTU) performance is improved through the addition of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Demand Control Ventilation, Advanced Economization, and Predictive Economization. ARCs have been tested to determine how they perform in various climate zones to validate their ability to lower energy consumption. Download this white paper to learn more.

Improve Occupant Comfort & Reduce Energy Costs Through Humidity Control

Learn how poor HVAC humidity control can lead to discomfort even when the space's temperature is at the set-point. If humidity control is a pain point, we empower you with retrofit strategies you can implement now, that achieve that critical balance between improved dehumidification and lower energy bills.

How the IoT is Reshaping Building Automation

Much like any new technology, how the 'Internet of Things' - or IoT - will impact our personal and professional lives is only starting to be imagined, but what will it look like for Building Automation Systems (BAS)? This white paper defines the Integrated IoT Ecosystem for the building automation industry from interoperability and device connectivity to insightful user interfaces and more.

Packaging LED & Advanced Rooftop Unit Control (ARC) Retrofits for Maximum Performance

Packaging LEDs & Advanced Rooftop Unit Control (ARC) Retrofits together can help your company hit its energy savings goals, improve the lighting and thermal comfort within your buildings and be cash-flow neutral or positive from day one. Learn the benefits of bundling these initiatives in this white paper.

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