Control the Balance of Power: The Future of Intelligent Energy Systems

Thursday, December 13 - 02:00 PM EST

Load response programs are allowing industrial, commercial and institutional customers around the country to enjoy significant revenues and savings like never before. Those benefits can be used to offset their overall energy costs and serve as a source of funding for other energy-saving projects. The next step in the evolution of these markets is real time participation in demand response programs through software as a service.

Watch Don Bray, Executive Director of Joint Venture Silicon Valley’s ‘Smart Energy Enterprise Development Zone’ initiative (SEEDZ), describes how high-tech industry energy customers, solutions providers, municipalities, institutions and utility interests are collaborating to build the power network of the future in Silicon Valley – characterized by the highest levels of power reliability, quality, affordability and sustainability.

Del Hilber, Constellation’s Executive Director, shares how you can use VirtuWatt™ online applications to track current energy usage, usage trends and current market values.