Energy Efficiency Requires Engineering Efficiency

Thursday, June 26 - 11:00 AM EST

Keeping up with energy needs in a changing world is an incredible challenge. We are contending with environmental, health, safety concerns, market viability, economic needs and demands, as well as a growing population and warming planet. These global energy concerns translate to business needs and engineering challenges. The entire energy sector is challenged to do better and innovate across the value chain.

What does this mean? This means that we not only need to bring new energy technology to market (natural gas, small modular reactors, alternative energy sources), but we also need to bring more efficiency and discipline to the design, delivery, maintenance and operation of this technology.

Engineering efficiency is an essential component for facilitating energy efficiency. In this webinar, Frost & Sullivan will highlight motives and incentives for adopting new energy technologies. The motives discussed will range from regulatory, consumer, and commercial and industrial standpoints as well as some of the challenges experienced today. Climate change is incentivizing local and federal governments to set targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions through renewable portfolio acts and zero net energy initiatives.

Watch this webcast as Frost & Sullivan, IBM and Energy Manager Today discuss how systems engineering can bring the entire energy sector the discipline, accountability, and traceability required to innovate continuously and with speed.