Energy Procurement in 2014: Products & Programs to Optimize Savings

Wednesday, March 26 - 02:00 PM EST

Watch ConEdison Solutions and Energy Manager Today in this one-hour energy management webinar. During the past few months we have witnessed some of the coldest days on record. For example, a January 31, 2014 PJM release stated, “In its nearly 87-year history, this January’s prolonged cold was record-breaking. Eight of the 10 highest winter demands for electricity ever recorded in the PJM region occurred last month as the extraordinary arctic cold gripped a large part of the U.S. and all of PJM for extended periods.” In such extreme conditions, customers tend to use much more electricity, which means their bills are likely to be noticeably higher than normal. In addition, power prices tend to spike, creating a more volatile energy market and further impacting energy bills.

Energy procurement in a highly volatile market requires different strategies and approaches as compared to procurement when power prices are relatively flat and stable, as has been the case for the past several years due to the low price of natural gas.

Frank Felder Ph.D., Director and Associate Professor, Rutgers University, discusses the current state of the retail energy market, including recent weather, and economic and regulatory influencing the energy supply market.

Steve Wemple, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Con Edison Solutions, provides an overview of Demand Response programs and opportunities that can be used to improve energy management and save money.

Kevin Martinsen, Director Commodity Services, Con Edison Solutions, discusses retail energy products and solutions that customers and channel partners should consider in a volatile energy market.