Risk Management – Planning for Ups and Downs

Wednesday, April 15 - 02:00 PM EST

Recent development in fracking, which brought on the shale boom, has drastically changed not only the way natural gas is extracted, but also its pricing dynamics in the open market. While higher natural gas production has dampened prices, daily price movements have become increasingly more volatile as the market wrestles with supply and demand balance.

A prudent risk management plan is needed to safeguard users against volatility in the budget, as a result of volatile market prices. Fully protecting against rising cost by fixing prices may not produce a low-cost budget, and total exposure to open market prices may yield a much higher than expected budget. A step-by-step risk management plan that culminates into an actionable risk policy would provide an achievable balance toward managing the energy budget in a volatile environment.

Watch Siemens, Energy Manager Today, and an expert panel in this on-demand, one-hour energy risk management webinar.