Smart Building Technology: The Key to Comprehensive Building Performance

Tuesday, December 10 - 02:00 PM EST

Watch Siemens, Navigant Research, and Environmental Leader explore the most effective state-of-the-art technologies and services that enhance building performance through improvements to energy efficiency, energy supply, and operational sustainability.

David Hopping, Vice President of Building Performance & Sustainability at Siemens Industry, Inc., describes the benefits of a multi-phased energy efficiency strategy that emphasizes thorough planning and evaluation in order to set the right targets. He will also detail the most effective ways to achieve those targets through a coordinated implementation effort with long-lasting benefits as a result of on-going service and extensive measurement.

Eric Bloom, Senior Research Analyst at Navigant Research, discusses the broad markets for energy efficiency retrofits and technologies. He covers the evolution of traditional energy efficiency services such as energy efficiency retrofits and energy performance contracting. He also highlights the role of new technologies such as building energy management systems (BEMS), demand response, and others in the next generation of strategic energy management.

Craig Engelbrecht, Director of Remote Services at Siemens Industry, Inc., discusses how to take full advantage of technological advancements leveraging new systems based on big data, smart building analytics, and automated demand response that can make buildings less expensive and easier to operate.