What Energy Managers Need to know about Procuring Natural Gas: Guidance for 2014 Natural Gas Contracts

Wednesday, September 25 - 02:00 PM EST

Watch Hess, Lux Research, Inc., and Energy Manager Today in this one-hour energy management webinar.

As an energy supplier to over 21,000 customers on the East Coast, Hess has over 80 years of experience in the energy industry. Hess Account Managers offer daily insight to the many customers we serve. On the minds of many of its customers this Fall and Winter is procuring their natural gas contracts for the upcoming heating season. Hess’s knowledgeable Sales and Operations teams use decades of industry experience and their vast array of timely resources to guide customers on making the best decisions for their organizations.


John Deese, Director, National Accounts and Government Sales, reviews how to create the best strategy for your natural gas procurement needs based on your organizations goals. Through helping you define success and planning for it based on your buying horizon and risk tolerance, John will guide you like he does many of his larger clients.

Joe Bores, Manager, Commodity Services Desk, Natural Gas, shares some of the top trends to be aware of as you go into selecting a contract this season. Short-term trends include the effect of supply and demand balance, production, and industry changes that will affect the natural gas market.

Daniel Choi, Research Associate with Lux Research, Inc., helps you better understand both current and emerging technologies in the upstream gas sector that will directly impact how the world consumes this resource. With conventional production on the decline, the oil and gas industry is at a turning point, relying on new technologies and processes today more than ever before. Daniel will identify major market trends as well as give concrete examples of how some of the challenges are being met with new technologies. Emerging technologies will ultimately affect the overall supply of natural gas, and by understanding the dynamics of the upstream sector, listeners will be better prepared to plan their short and long-term strategies.