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Wi-Fi EMS Fills Niche When Full-Scale EMS is Too Much

November 7, 2012 By Linda Hardesty

Cambridge Engineering now offers a Wi-Fi energy management system to provide two-way remote communication for real time monitoring and control of its direct gas-fired industrial space heating and make-up air heating systems. The Cambridge Internet enabled EMS is designed for heating warehouses, distribution centers and other industrial buildings where a thermostat is not enough and a full-scale automated building management system is too complex and expensive.

The Wi-Fi EMS offers secure wireless remote Internet access and live Internet weather feed, night setback recovery, flexible 7-day programming, 365-day scheduling, summer ventilation mode and remote computer monitoring on a web-based EMS portal.

Detailed information on the settings and operation of each direct gas-fired heater is available through the EMS portal. Information is provided for both building energy management and heating equipment maintenance. Email alerts help avoid costly downtime and unplanned service calls.

The Wi-Fi EMS interface board is factory installed and pre-tested in the Cambridge heater. Wi-Fi EMS retrofit kits are available for existing Cambridge direct-gas fired heating equipment in the field.

A recent column in Energy Manager Today explains how small automations can save money.

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