Plug Load Device Allows Companies to Measure and Control Energy Use 24/7

June 19, 2014 By Karen Henry

plug-it-energy-manageEnergy Systems Technologies Plug-IT remote plug load control device allows companies to measure and control energy use 24 hours a day across multiple buildings and time zones, thereby reducing energy consumption and costs, according to the company.

Companies can use their existing WiFi network to operate Plug-IT. The wireless device allows companies to measure and manage actual energy use at the plug load level, analyze the data to determine an optimal schedule and remotely program devices individually, in groups or by location.

Plug-IT works with the Niagara Framework software to allow connection of an unlimited number of smaller electrical devices, such as coffee makers, vending machines, photocopiers, computer displays, televisions and computers. The system also provides analytics based on a building’s plug load energy usage, which can help building engineers and end-users understand their energy consumption.

Companies that use Plug-IT may become eligible for utility rebates and meet the latest ASHRAE 90.1 standards for controlling 50 percent of wall receptacle plug loads.

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