Xerox PARC Working on Cheaper Photovoltaics

March 30, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

commercial solar Energy ManageThe MIT Technology Review reports that researchers at Xerox PARC are working on a digital printing process that could reduce the cost of mass producing concentrated photovoltaic systems. The process could increase efficiency dramatically by using lenses to concentrate the light onto small cells in the panel.

The piece says that prices of photovoltaics have fallen in recent years. This approach, however, could accelerate those reductions. The story says that much of the cost of current systems goes to wiring, installation and permitting. Increasing efficiency will cut down on these expenses simply by reducing the number of panels required to collect a given amount of energy.

Solar energy is growing in low- and middle-income communities, according to GreenBiz. The organization cites a study from Kevala Research to make the claim.

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