Yahoo! JAPAN Selects Raritan PDU

October 16, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

yahoo energy manageRaritan’s rack power distribution unit (PDU) was selected to support the service infrastructure of Yahoo! JAPAN in Tokyo.

Yahoo introduced the Raritan intelligent PDU to its service IT infrastructure to monitor real-time power consumption so that decisions could be made quickly on where new servers and racks should be added to support expansion.

One issue for Yahoo was the inadvertent disconnection of power cables loosened by vibration and exhaust heat in the back of server racks. Raritan’s secure locking outlet on its PX2-1000 PDU prevents unintentional power disconnects in racks.

By deploying Raritan’s PDU, Yahoo can find power capacity to support server adds and changes.

In addition, the PX2-1000 series can:

  • Monitor voltage, current, power factor, apparent power (kVA), active power, and kWh units within the PDU.
  • Monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, airflow, pressure difference, and the rack status (open or closed) with sensors that plug into the PDU.
  • Cascade (daisy chain) PDUs through the USB connections.

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